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    Intel legacy BIOS support removal?

    Dual boot OS system and want to upgrade motherboard with minimal changes. I'll worry about UEFI the next time around. If anyone has a 400 series chipset motherboard (Comet Lake), can you check your BIOS?
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    Intel legacy BIOS support removal?

    Back in 2017, Intel announced it would remove legacy BIOS support and CSM, and force everyone to UEFI. The dates were "2020".
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    Coolermaster GeminII S524 CPU cooler equivalent?

    It's this guy: I like it.. Wanna keep it. It has that vent for blowing hot air out.
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    Coolermaster GeminII S524 CPU cooler equivalent?

    My case, and preference. Micro-ATX board and equivalent case. Some of those towers just barely scratch the side panel. Others may work. Who knows, but I'm tired of playing that game when I order something. I found what works, and will stick with it.
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    Coolermaster GeminII S524 CPU cooler equivalent?

    It's the height above the motherboard I liked with the Coolermaster. I think the Noctua will work, especially if I can swap out the 120mm fan for a standard height.
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    Swapping motherboards - Existing Windows 10 install

    So normally when I upgrade my PC, I reinstall my OS. I'll be doing that shortly again but without the OS reinstall. I'll have a new motherboard, CPU and RAM. Chipset going from Q270 to Q470, with CPU from Skylake to Comet. I'll be keeping my SSD's and other peripherals. Are there any...
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    Coolermaster GeminII S524 CPU cooler equivalent?

    I was just looking at that, and it works because there is a "High-clearance mode" which puts the fan on top. Perfect.
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    Coolermaster GeminII S524 CPU cooler equivalent?

    I'm building a new PC and want it equivalent to my current one, just with next-gen parts. ie. The particular ASUS motherboard is 2 generations newer. Same with CPU, etc. My favorite CPU cooler doesn't seem to be available anymore...
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    A good membrane keyboard? (The k is going on this 1)

    Low profile keys? That looks like a crappy laptop keyboard.
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    How long do keyboards last?

    My Gateway Anykey keyboard lasted me 20 years before I got around to replacing it. It was still working when I did, but wasn't as pretty.
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    Networking with Ubiquiti

    With Ruckus you pay for enterprise software on a top notch chipset. In this case, the Qualcomm Atheros chipsets. Everything else is below that. You will pay for it though. I have the Ruckus R610 3x3 802.11ac wave2 with MU-MIMO. Bought used on eBay. Never a problem...
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    Windows 10 system image backup - opinions?

    Terabyte Unlimited's suite of products for me. Never fails.
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    Best OS or NAS OS to run Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin off of ?

    Same here. I run SnapRAID under Windows. The C: drive with the OS and all my applications gets a proper image backup once in a while, but the other drives store mostly static data where SnapRAID really shines. The benefit there is a normal file system, so I can move things around or massage...
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    WOW Cable rant

    Found it: It's the Broadcom. Me=happy.
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    WOW Cable rant

    WOW cable tech came out today and replaced my (bought) Motorola modem with one of theirs. Initially he brought the same Intel Puma modem I had before this, so I asked if he had anything else. He then brought in a Technicolor CGA4234VGW. It's a wifi-router-voip thing but you can turn all that...
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    Can we get CD-R made in Japan in the near future?

    I still have a spindle of Taiyo DVD-R and CD-R discs. At my current rate of burning 1 disc per year for some random need, I think they'll last me forever.
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    Networking with Ubiquiti

    This is a pretty heavy Ubiquiti forum but I'll be the voice of dissent. I'm not really a fan. They put a pretty interface and nice features on consumer grade hardware. The different between Ubiquiti and my Ruckus access points for instance is night and day. I can't speak for their other...
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    WOW Cable rant

    Hmm. That's good to know. I'll see what they send me and if its another craptastic modem I'll go out and find a nice DOCSIS 3.0 modem. I only have 200Mb so I don't need 3.1, and I found some ramblings on the interwebs that might suggest the Motorola MB8600 3.1 support is borked.
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    WOW Cable rant

    My issue is WOW (perhaps other ISP's are nicer) isn't in the "install your own modem" business any more.
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    WOW Cable rant

    A few weeks ago my perfect ARRIS DOCSIS 3.0 modem died after a couple years of good use. 'Just a cable-modem with no WiFi, which is what I wanted. I called WOW to have them come replace it and they installed a router+Wifi combo thing with the known bad Intel Puma chipset. I was not happy. In...
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    Best OS or NAS OS to run Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin off of ?

    This x100. Now for the pet peeve of mine. A NAS is not a Server. Once it does more than simply move files, it's a full-blown Server. A NAS doesn't really require much CPU. An application Server potentially does. I admit some of those "NAS" boxes are pretty powerful these days, but for...
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    Best OS or NAS OS to run Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin off of ?

    My home server is running Windows 8.1. It runs Plex and a bunch of other stuff. Why limit yourself to a NAS operating system? My older Haswell CPU doesn't take much energy at idle. The HDD's power consumption will be the same regardless. It's like those people who want to run a Plex server...
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    3DFX Voodoo 5 5500 AGP - 2 options, full box

    I remember things quite differently. OUTSIDE of gaming, the Voodoo cards had a RAMDAC that rivaled Matrox. The text quality was fantastic. The GeForce2 series however was a blurry mess.
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    pfSense 2.5.0 upgrade results?

    I did not do the upgrade yet, but wondering if it would be cleaner to install from scratch, add my packages, then restore a backup. It's in my house so I don't have to worry about remote connectivity. I admit I'm wearing a Windows hat while thinking of this. I did not do an in-place upgrade...
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    Dang. If I bought extra ammo and video cards a year ago, I'd be sitting pretty.
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    16:10 is back!

    Lemme guess, the HP LP2065? Great monitors.
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    How many SSD drives have you purchased?

    Since SSD's came out? Sheesh. Over a dozen I'm sure, for various computers. No idea. I only have one computer left with a spinning drive as a boot drive, and that's on purpose.
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    16:10 is back!

    What's in the marketplace is irrelevant, because that could easily be the opposite. So you believe, at a low resolution, that 1368x768 is superior to 1280x800? What would anyone need with that horizontal resolution at the expense of vertical?
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    16:10 is back!

    This is a post bordering on the Soapbox. For those sheeple who thought 16:9 was good for computer LCD's, you were always wrong. It was never a good idea. Finally some sanity in this world...
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    Membrane Keyboards and similar Mechanical keyboards

    Mechanical keyboards are louder than membrane. If that is a quality you like, take a look at Topre (Realforce) keyboards. They are the "high-end" membrane'ish keyboards. I'm using one now.
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    UPS selection: Least electrical overhead?

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    What router functions require heavy CPU usage?

    Router? Firewall? Which model? Many designs have ASIC's or hardware to process packets so it all depends. Generally management is in software and sometimes routing protocol calculations. Logging. It all depends.
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    Why is RAID 1 not popular any more?

    I can't remember the last time I used RAID 1 in a personal computer, but it's used in industrial devices all time. It's also used in Enterprise firewalls. That said, it is more rare these days with SSD's.
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Probably a repeat, but worth the repost nevertheless.
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    Pfsense Box - Hardware Selection

    I think your list is a good choice. The CPU says it supports ECC which is nice too. You can go crazy on extra cores with higher TDP as you mentioned, but I believe you hit the sweet spot. Personally I would go with something under 35W TDP, but I don't have your needs. That CPU single-thread...
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    Recommendation for Asus RT-N66U replacement

    There is nothing wrong with the ASUS routers. They're still one of the best consumer grade routers out there. The one you picked is fine, and it supports the ASUSwrt-Merlin firmware.
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    Which printer to buy? Where to start research?

    The latest, which is the I3 MK3S.
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    Which printer to buy? Where to start research?

    If you have not seen a Prusa, that isn't a fair evaluation. Despite the cost, they're actually easier for a noobie to use because everything is top shelf with a good ecosystem. There are fewer problems to troubleshoot or even worry about upgrading. OP. Do your research. Check Reddit and...
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    Which printer to buy? Where to start research?

    The Ender is a good piece, but a lot of people end up upgrading components to close to what a Prusa is. But yes, you've already honed in on the two good choices.