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  1. Choopyplz

    mATX Mobo suggestion for 10900k, or alternatives

    Looking for options because I find myself in a bit of a spot right now. I had started a build into a Silverstone SG09 a few weeks ago based around the 10900k, and I was using an Asus Z490 G wifi mATX motherboard. I ended up having to RMA the board to Newegg because it wouldn't post no matter...
  2. Choopyplz

    Scratches on Noctua base, worth saving?

    I recently removed my NH-D14 due to a system upgrade with the intention to reuse, but I noticed it has developed some scratches around the edges of the previous IHS. I've noticed them before, but this time it seems they have gotten more pronounced and are exposing copper. On one of the corner...