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  1. rudedog

    Problems with email (Gmail account)

    Not sure if this has anything to do with the google issues. but now twice I've been asked to verify or update my email ( the first time I was able to resend confirmation to my gmail account but this second time I never received the email. I'm receiving other emails and have...
  2. rudedog

    Warning Amazon: Arctic Silver (2-pack) being recalled

    Not sure were the best place to post this. Received a refund on my amazon account for the following Item: Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound (Pack of 2) Quantity: 1 ASIN: B00LT0ZWJE Sold by: Kristin Bryand I had purchased this late Aug early Sept and just received the following...
  3. rudedog

    Latest Droid to the family D-O

    D-O from the latest Episode 9 announcement. Printed between my two CR-10S and a CR-10S5. Below are some other droids for scale.
  4. rudedog

    Latest Firefox is disabling all extentions

    Seems something just happened over at Mozilla that has disabled everyone's extensions. Running latest FF and Windows 10 More info here User Kerft posted The bug is known. It will...
  5. rudedog

    Main site header and image issue

    The front page is throwing some errors this am (6:48 am EST) Connection failed: SQLSTATE[08006] [7] server closed the connection unexpectedly This probably means the server terminated abnormally before or while processing the request. could not send SSL negotiation packet: Broken pipe Using...
  6. rudedog

    Latest project- full scale 1:1 K2S0 from Star Wars

    Built using 98% my CR-10 (only mod, added dual Z and custom filament holder ) the remaining 2% my Makerbot 5th Gen. I only use Hictop filament in the CR-10 (so far I'm at about 10 1kg rolls of Black). He stands just over 7' tall and will be 7' when I finish his feet and cut his base down by 5"...
  7. rudedog

    2nd Video card for physics?

    I have a dedicated VR rig for my Rift . Currently it's running a single 980. Would adding another card just for physics help? I have a few cards laying around so it's not like I'm going out and buying something new. Also looking to pickup a 1080 for this rig and using the 980 as the physics...
  8. rudedog

    Will a Corsair H80 work with a 6700K

    Trying to figure out if I need to upgrade or get an adapter for my new build. Currently running an H80 with my old 2600K and getting ready to upgrade to a 6700K and was wondering if the current bracket will fit the new motherboard and CPU. thanks in advance.
  9. rudedog

    CoD2 Linux 1.3 files released

    If anyone has been waiting on the 1.3 linux files, Activision has just sent us the files and they are ready to be downloaded Download HERE
  10. rudedog

    EA's version of Steam EA Downloader

    My site is helping EA spread the word regarding, it's new steam like online game distribution. Where also giving away 10 download codes for the full version of BF2:SF For more info on how to win, drop my my site , contest ends Nov 17th EA Downloader...