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    Android: Dual clocks in notification bar, without root?

    How do we do this? Galaxy S9
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    500gig SATA SSD for an older laptop.

    Pretty much just don't read reviews at stores for tech products. You can't trust what the masses are saying. Stick to hardforum and proper review sites made from techies. But yeah, if you're looking at the lower dollar deals, then of course they aren't the best. But yeah just buy a Samsung...
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    CrystalDiskMark HDD benchmark comparison: 750 GB WD RE2 GP Green, 5TB WD Elements, 8TB WD Elements

    Also crystaldiskmark measures in empty space so when used on HDDs with data on them, the results aren't showing the drive's top potential. The software is better for SSDs or empty volumes.
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    Advise need in building a 15x8TB Raid array.

    These are common software raid options.
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    Samsung QVO budget drives

    For storage purposes they are fine, compared to hard drives they are much better of course, but performance suffers compared to TLC drives. I wouldn't use them as a system drive. For a game volume though, I don't know if there would be a real world performance difference vs a TLC drive...
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    How long do you use your phone before you replace it?

    You can download an app called accubattery. If you charge to 80% or less it supposedly saves more than double of the lifespan of the battery. It has an alarm to notify you when it's at 80%. I use a wireless charging stand and just frequently put it on there during the day when I'm not using...
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    So, it turns out that 5700 cards won't work on Windows 8.1...

    LTSB is very fast and lightweight without all the extra crap you don't need. I don't regret switching from Win7 and I held out for a while. I use hundreds of apps and only a couple that are over a decade old don't work, though with tweaking I could probably make them work. But, no big deal.
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    Is $700 a good price for these specs?

    What brand and model is it
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    Raid-0 for SATA ssds: worth it?

    It depends on what you're doing on those drives
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    3rd Party Fan Control Software

    I second this.
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    Nvidia Quadro P520 Maximum Displays?

    Anyone know how many displays you can run off of this? Can you run 1x4k and 2x2k all at 60hz? What about 3x4k at 60hz? Or 1x4k and 4x1080p all at 60hz? The laptop screen would be off plugged into a dock. What about the Quadro T1000?
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    Shucked External - Parameter is incorrect

    open a cmd as admin and run these commands diskpart list disk select disk "number" without quotes clean convert gpt create partition primary select partition 1 format FS=NTFS quick assign letter=whatever you want exit
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    Goodbye Disk you served me well

    you can get 500GB ssds for 50 bucks. if you want cheaper than that, you can get much larger on HDD, used.
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    Shucked External - Parameter is incorrect

    Delete the volume in disk management. then create a new volume, format, and good to go.
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    How long do you use your phone before you replace it?

    2-3 years. S11+ will be my next upgrade. Old phones like the S3 aren't compatible with many apps in the google store anymore. I still have my old one laying around and tried it recently. It's basically obsolete and very slow, except for calls and texting, email. etc.
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    NEW- 1TB 860 EVO $48

    If the deal is ridiculous, I wouldn't trust it.
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    What do you do with your old 1TB/2TB drives?

    I finally got around to selling my stack of old 3TB and 4TB drives. But I sold them in bulk so it was easy. I still have a few 1TB, etc, that didn't get a lot of usage. I'm giving them to family members to use as backup drives.
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    Pool Drives Without Data Wipe?

    Agreed, Stablebit Drivepool will do it. Just create a pool with the drives and then move the files from each drive into the newly created folders on the individual drives that the software creates. If you want to view it as a single drive, remove the drive letters for the two drives and mount...
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    Do we still need spinning drives?

    Family and friends should be on SSDs man. Even my grandparents are on SSDs
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    Do we still need spinning drives?

    If you can fit everything on a SSD within what you're willing to spend, then go all SSD. If you have a lot of media files like many videos, then HDDs are useful. What a lot of people do now is use SSDs in their rigs and HDDs in a NAS/Server.
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    Will I notice a real world performance hit using SSD over NVMe?

    It depends on one's definition of, real world. There are plenty of apps that can utilize the bandwidth for a massive performance increase. But for basic tasks like MS office, internet, random little things, and whatnot, no there's not much of a difference in that case.
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    8TB HGST Ultrastar He10 4Kn ISE in a desktop PC?

    Yes I would get the HGST ultrastars over those WD Blue without a shadow of a doubt. They are superb drives, performance and quality wise. They should work fine with your mobo, as long as you get SATA versions.
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    Looking for an External RAID1 Solution that is very minimal to work with

    For the price when you factor in the qnap, you could also consider SSDs and put them internal. You can use windows raid 1, or even the mobo if it has it. It would ditch the heat, noise, and the reliability concerns of mechanical drives in an enclosure that might be moved around while...
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    Debating if I should upgrade Video Card

    Build a file server or something, instead.
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    How to make Win 10 Pro usable?

    Format and install LTSB. (y)
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    Whats next for HDDs?

    Here's an 8TB Micron for about a grand. Not long ago 4TB was that price...
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    Galaxy S9 Horizontal Black bar on screen

    Anybody ever have anything like this? It's very very faint, it looks like a security strip in a bank note. It just started yesterday. It's not enough to be a big deal, but can be a bit distracting sometimes. Is the screen going bad? I would take a pic, but it's too faint. Upon very close...
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    Galaxy S10+ Exynos, Thoughts?

    Thanks, yeah it's just the Exynos with the battery problem on the S9. =/ But they fixed it for this year, add that with the bigger battery on the + model, should be a huge difference. Just want to make sure there's no other issues.
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    Galaxy S10+ Exynos, Thoughts?

    Anyone having any problems like being reported in some reviews or is everything all good? I'm thinking of upgrading from the S9. The phone is great overall and wouldn't need upgrading, but the battery issue on this model is a joke. I read the snapdragon version is relatively problem free. But...
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    LSI 9201-16e on consumer hardware, fault

    While you are at it, I would flash P19. P20 gave me problems, issues with P20 seemed common when I previously got mine. I've been running P19 for quite a while 24/7 with all ports full and it's silky smooth. I also added a 80mm fan to the heatsink to help with heat issues, whenever all drives...
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    Slippery phone case

    I got the Spigen Neo Hybrid. It's perfect, slim, proven protective in forceful drop videos, and nice grip.
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    Do you like Android or iPhone better, and why?

    I've only had Galaxy Phones for the last 7 years, before that motorola. I've tried friend's iphone's a few times, even the newest ones. I didn't like it. I'm in the don't need to fix what isn't broken boat, I am completely happy and have zero reason to switch. It's fast, it has every feature...
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    Format two hard drives at same time?

    You can full format as many drives at the same time as you want. Total speed will be limited by the controller.
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    Upgrading synology - Any reason NOT to aim for overkill?

    Yeah definitely think ahead. Think about how long you want the unit to last and how much storage you plan to have by that time. Plus add on any desired free space for added performance and proper defrag.
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    Flash drive Slow Down

    It's the cache. You just need a faster drive. They sell fast ones, then also get the biggest one for better consistent performance. Or make your own with a msata and little external enclosure, this is a very excellent way.
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    9900k results - worried

    Yeah do the GPU drivers and make sure it's set at the highest refresh rate in the software. Sometimes it defaults at 30hz and that will cause mouse stutter and lag issues. So will a taxed system drive, but you are running SSD, maybe change the cable and check drive health in crystaldiskinfo.
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    NVME vs SATA m.2?

    NVMe is great if you can utilize it, and it's also nice especially in laptops where things like on/off hibernate is practically instantaneous. But in this scenario for a primarily gaming rig I would recommend the 1TB SATA M.2 over a 500GB NVMe for sure as the performance difference in that case...
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    I need a Blu-Ray writer that won't die after 6 months to 1 year

    I've got one of the LG ones too. I've burned about ~150 blurays both 25GB/50GB variety and it's still rocking strong.
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    PrimoCache & SMR drives

    Just wanted to give a little heads up about something I noticed this week. I bought a 4TB WD 2.5" external to copy some files onto for portable use thinking it was PMR. One hour into writing I realized it was definitely SMR, the speeds were bouncing and crawling (copying from a fast server)...