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    Intel Plans To Battle AMD Ryzen 4000 In 2020 With Mass of Hyper-Threaded Processors Including 5.3GHz

    How is it a sidegrade? I'm just trying to squeeze a few more FPS out of my cpu bound games and from what I can see reviews are saying even an "old" 9900k would do that for me. Upon further digging, it seems like the sidegrade would be going from a 9900k to a 10700k. That said the article in...
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    Intel Plans To Battle AMD Ryzen 4000 In 2020 With Mass of Hyper-Threaded Processors Including 5.3GHz

    Coming from a i7-7700K thats been rock solid at 5ghz for a couple years now, is this going to be "the" processor(s) to get for single threaded performance in 2020? I'm excited to bump my 24/7 speed up 300-500mhz to get more FPS. Most of the games I play are unoptomized (like VR DCS world, or...
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    Valve Index

    The most crisp in the center, but in that same video when you watch the cars passing by the driver, it looks like the index has a crisper FOV all around even if its not as clear as the reverb in the center. Hard pass on the reverb at the moment with all the issues people are reporting. Might...
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    Nvidia drivers 430.86

    So you can no longer watch 3D movies on a TV via HDMI out? Whats the alternative?? I still bust out the 3D glasses every now and then.
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    New HP Reverb headset

    Not sure the ultra high res is going to be enough to make up for whats looking like one of the most polished VR experiences to date in Valves court. DCS is one of my focus titles, but I think I will be content with not having the highest res in DCS (for an iteration, until the next wave of...
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    EVGA Geforce 2080 Ti XC Gaming + 1600W EVGA SuperNova PSU - $1129

    Says in stock but when you try to checkout the power supply gets removed from the cart because its out of stock... hate newegg sometimes
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Is the socket location standardized? I can try to remount it, I'm almost sure this was the only way to clear other obstructions (ram, PSU or case, cant remember). I use the PC daily for work and I'd like to minimize downtime... if it doesn't fit is there a smaller AIO cooler these days that...
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    I have a M1 build thats been solid for ~3 years now, but now I want to add a GPU for faster rendering. I have a ASUS 1080ti strix in my gaming rig and I could use this as an excuse to upgrade that soon, but looking in the M1 it doenst look like any card would fit? When I installed the DarkRock...
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    need help: keep losing sound from my ZxR on my PC (software problem)

    It also happens on the AE-5, but luckily it hasnt hit me yet (*knock on microchips*). Instead I have a bug where I have to switch my settings from headphones to speakers and back everytime I turn on my computer. You know what creative tells people to do who complain? Disable fast boot, change...
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    Fortnite (Epic games) + Schiit Magni + Sound Blaster ZXR + EnGenius Wireless AP

    Fortnite by Epic Games - 1 standard edition game $25 --------------------------------------------- SOLD Schiit Magni headphone amplifier - $75 shipped Comes with AC adapter (not pictured) --------------------------------------------- SOLD Sound Blaster ZXR card $100 + actual shipping What you...
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    Anybody here use one of those mouse bungee/holder thingys ?

    Works just as well to hang the cord behind your monitor using a ziptie, sticky tape or whatever else you can rig up. If your desk faces a wall its not visible to anyone either so it can look like ass and no one will know.
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    Creative Labs Sound BlasterX AE-5

    I have a ZXR but it disappears from device manager every once in a while... I wonder if this would be a downgrade. It would be nice to have a card that always works. Think they will make a more expensive version of this with a daughter card like the ZXR?
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    Logitech releasing wireless charging mice/mouse pads

    The new high end mouse looks like a copy paste of the g900, and once again has a terrible button layout and not enough buttons for anything but CS GO. When will they make a no lag wireless mouse with several thumb / pointer finger buttons?
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    Wireless G502-like mouse?

    Nope, waiting on what logitech releases next with g900 performance myself. Im convinced they deleted buttons on purpose so they have something they can add later and get people to upgrade. G900 is good for csgo... anyother game with lots of controls? Youre SOL
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    Gear VR: Intriguing, exciting, disappointing, expensive, immature?

    No they still look like shit. But most people would argue the experience makes up for shit in your eye, and I would agree. If you arnt drawn in by the feeling of being in a video game instead of playing it on a monitor, and really just want better graphics then its best to sit this one out...
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    Should I get Playstation VR or Oculus Rift?

    Except you cant move around in the cockpit (leaning) with 6dof making it far worse... 4k is the only thing it has going for it.
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    Should I get Playstation VR or Oculus Rift?

    Oculus. No contest. Its even better than vive slightly if youre only doing seated experiences. 980ti is more than capable for the majority of VR content. The only advantage a 1080ti has is it lets you crank up the pixel density a bit more, or maintain 90fps in certain demanding titles to avoid...
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    Asus turbo in stock
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    FS For Honor / Ghost Recon Wildlands code

    I have an extra NVIDIA promo code for sale. You must have a GTX 1060, 1070, 1080 or 1080 Ti to redeem it, and you cannot have redeemed one already. Paypal $25 (great deal games are sixty dollars on Steam)
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    Yeah i guess it depends which one you go for as well. They all seem to be hard to get but some border on impossible. I tried for asus strix, then aorus xtreme and now i guess im on evga ftw3 unless i can get a strix before then.
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    this release blows I've probably wasted 6 hours just refreshing or setting up alerts and have squat to show for it
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    Been F5'ing like crazy all week to get that strix, but then Asus said another couple weeks... of course it gets posted tonight on my drive home from work with no notice or any indication that it was going on sale. Cant stand that shit after skipping the FE to wait for it.
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    Extend oculus headset cable length

    I'm using a 15' HDMI cable without a link box and having no issues
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    Oculus vs Vive IQ?

    They advise you to do that becuase they dont believe the average consumer is smart enough to not overload their singular USB3.0 controller on their motherboard. Their software is not (yet) able to alert you that you have exceeded the bandwidth of a USB 3.0 controller other than giving arbitrary...
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    Oculus vs Vive IQ?

    Who would spend thousands on pc components and vr hardware and then not go the extra .01 miles to have everything operating at tip top shape aka usb3.0? The vive comes with camera wall mounts, its practically a must for a room without shelving or bookcases. The usb cables need to go, it really...
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    Still in stock over an hour later
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    I dont think its sensitivity, its just everyone has a different configuration. 1 guy is using closed ear headphones with the PC under a desk or even in extreme cases in another room. Another guy is using desktop speakers he spent buku bucks on and has their PC on the desk next to their head...
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    Oculus vs Vive IQ?

    Did you get any errors or have to do any tricks during sensor setup with them 12-15 ft apart?
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    Oculus vs Vive IQ?

    The rift is really much better, and its a shame because of the facebook connection as mentioned. The Vive excels at roomscale but its a one trick pony. Assuming you manage to get your rift setup so that its *close* to the roomscale capabilities of the vive (you can never 100% match it with the...
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    Just got 2x 1080 ti....Should I get ryzen or wait for Intel?

    I7 7700k but only if your games are cpu bound and youd get at least 10fps upgrading, IMO
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    Two HDMI and two DP ports on some AIB partner cards eh? This will be good for current gen VR so we can plug in our headset(s) and a TV or projector at the same time without dongles or adapters... but i cant help but feel like this is a step backward. Its too bad oculus / vive don't flawlessly...
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    50% more fps in any game over 980ti if you believe the hype. Know that cpu bound title you play everyday, coded like ass so for some reason it only uses 40% of your gpu at peak? 50% more fps!
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    Its 100% true that Microcenter lets their employees do this. I spoke to one of them and confirmed. I agree an employee should get first dibs for all the hard work they put in at the store (assuming they want to use it and not eBay it), but I also think that store should publicly announce they...
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    I like how Newegg disables shoprunner 2 day shipping on hard to get items :shifty:
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    Yes they are back in stock on newegg
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    So any takers on if we will have as good of a heads up (Like today, Nvidia said 10AM PT) when the custom cards are released later this month? I'm guessing I'll be at work one random day, and when I get home grab a beer and surf the net I'll see they were sold out in minutes earlier that morning.