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    Cooler for my 2013 i7?

    How much do you want to spend? There are boatloads of solid hsf and aio that will work(being from 2013 doesnt matter). Your case is big enough to mount pretty much anything.
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    The FPS Review has released an Intel flavored enthusaist build guide which is pretty on point...

    Id go option 2 and swap in a 2080ti. That should put the total right at $2500.
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    Chieftek is back?

    Hot damn, i thought i was the only one in the world who had one of those beasts! The fact that you still have the loop is friggin amazing...and in such good condition! a piece of koolance history ;) I sold mine off along with a box full of 80 and 92mm fans 10ish years ago.
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    Off the shelf compressed air in a can...

    The best are anti static make up brushes. You can get them really cheap from any pharmacy. Or just steal a couple from your gf.
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    So do you wait for 3060 / 3070, given they ~seem~ relatively close, or get a 2060 / 2070 Super today?

    Would you rather suffer thru months of quarantine with a 1050 or rage thru it with a 2070?
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    Running 9900K with 2666mhz ram....worth it to upgrade?

    Have you tried ocing it yet? If not you may as well before you buy new, it may save you a few bucks.
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    Help! GPU showing 100C at Windows boot

    with one of my rigs i found that if im in the bios, some of the case/rad fans didnt come on. I thought something was borked for sure until i realized It was due to them being controlled by software vs the bios. So they stay off until the software is loaded during the windows boot. The only way...
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    Airflow Recommendations

    I chose A, thats what ive always run and had the best overall results with. Top and back out. Front side and bottom in. Id like to see if you have better results with C in that monster case. It may help keep your vrm temps in check better than A might.
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    Looking for advice on radiators and/or pump

    You may just need to up the rpms on your rad fans or worst case get some fans that have better static pressure(im sure youve thought of that). Eks got some real poor performing radiators out there. The xe and ce rads are really solid but im not impressed with their other rads(thin ones). I agree...
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    corsair h55 aio liquid refill

    I wouldnt run straight distilled in it. I would go with some swiftech hyderx or something glycol based from the auto parts shop. Running mixed metals- copper cold plate and aluminum rad is going to inevitably ruin the two parts without some kind of inhibitor in the fluid. If possible popping...
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    RGB RAM: BIOS Control?

    The gigabyte software should control the memory rgb. If not gskill has software of their own.,-Royal,-Neo)
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    Radiator and other preparation before building my loop

    Hwlabs does a really good job of cleaning their rads so i would just do a quick flush with distilled. Shake it up really good and drain into a white or clear bowl to verify. I do my leak testing in the case with papertowel at all of the fittings. I first double check that every fitting is nice...
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    Seasonic has a new take on cable management.

    I cant see my ever having enough space for it vs the three cables i currently use in the part of my case you can see. Ive got rads in the only places it could fit. The other two sata cables i use are hidden behind the mb along with the fan controllers they power. Shrug. Maybe in my aircooled...
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    should I be happy with this ram oc or keep pushing either frequency or timings here? (3000mhz cl15 kit at 3600mhz cl16)

    Thats a solid oc. If your happy with perfomance call it a day...if not keep pushing. Its your rig afterall.
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    Optimus and EK reviews at TPU. I hope we are not seeing a trend.

    Ek has been jacking their prices up for a couple of years now. I bypassed getting an ek gpu block for the first time in 10 or 12 years for that reason alone. The price for anything rtx was/is ridiculous. I use their configurator to find the block type i need and buy from other vendors now. Heck...
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    enough cooling?

    Does that block cover your cpu properly?
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    9700K vs 9900K in gaming 1440P only!

    If you need/want multi threading go 9900 if not go 9700.
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    EK Res: Anti Vortex Protection?

    Sadly its true. Alphacool doesnt do a very good job of cleaning their rads. I had a ut60 that was fithy right out of the box. After flushing it for what seemed like hours. It finally came out clean. I sold it before i used it. Just couldnt trust it. The person i sold it to hasnt had any problems...
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    Suggestions for new build

    How do the rails look like underload? If you dont have a multimeter. You can usually pick one up for $20.
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    EVGA RMA support.

    I couldnt agree more.Yellowbeard was a solid dude. It was a sad day when he passed away. You could always count on him to help get your gear working again. Im a big fan of evga as well. It took a little over a week to get my x99 classified replaced.
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    DOOM Eternal: The Final Preview

    To buy or not to buy...with such huge differences of opinion im not sure if i should bother! The only version i ever played was the first. I honestly cant remember what it was like. I would buy the battlechest or whatever they call the full series so i can reacqaint myself but i dont want to...
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    Apple to release first ARM Mac without Intel processor in next 18 months

    Are these ARM units really fast enough to be taken seriously?
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Something something mechanical (its a great kb but i forget) and logitech g502.
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    Loop disassemble and rad storage?

    I pull my blocks apart to check that the fins and orings arent gummed up and to make sure they are dried out properly. Ive been unpleasantly surprised one to many times by a wet blocks after growth. I also use plugs in my rads and or put my blocks in plastic bags when i store them. In my...
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    Is this normal for rtx cards ?

    You could also try improving your case airflow.
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    What Paste Application Method do You Use in 2020?

    Well threadripper owners may disagree...the sheer size dictates a change in application for most.
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    Asus X99 mobos and nothing but grief on POST with waterblocks.

    Evga x99 classified with 6850 and corsair 16 gb ddr4 3200 and gskill 32gb ddr4 3200. Ek supremacy evo- hand tightened. Never tried another cooler. Runs fine at xmp with corsair or gskill 2x16gb ddr4 3200. Anything beyond 3200 results in crash or bios reloads failsafe settings. Cant run anything...
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    Best top down air coolers?

    From what ive read the noctua chromax L9i/a are the best combination of cooling, noise and looks for a low profile cooler.
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    Will AMD Ever Beat Intel in Single Threaded Performance?

    They have their best chance to pull ahead with 4000. Hopefully they succeed and we end up with a back and forth battle for the next 10 or 15 years.
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    Have 3000 should I get 3200?

    as was mentioned earlier those two kits likely run the same ics or very similar. being that you have them in hand i would pop them in and run thaiphoon burner to find out what ics they have. google the ics and see what kind of ocs others have gotten so you know what they may hit. you never know...
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    EK Res: Anti Vortex Protection?

    i had this with a pair of ddc pumps. it was a short cpu and gpu loop. i had a petras ddc top on the first pump. with a small alphacool res/top for the second pump with a single xspc rx360 rad cpu block and full coverage gpu block. if i left the 1st pump on while trying to fill the loop it would...
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    Radeon RX 5600 XT Launch Review Round Up

    Whats the result of his testing? I cant view the video right now.
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    I guess i would have to go with my 8800gtx.The performance jump was amazing and its been bullet proof. Of course i had to go sli immediately after getting the first one. Followed by getting a pair of copper blocks for them. That was my first of many wced sli rigs. Actually my current rig is the...
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    What is wrong with my curved videocard?

    You say you repasted the gpu. Im going to assume it didnt do this before you put new paste on? Im pretty sure you have it screwed together wrong. Just take it apart again slowly until you see it straighten back out. When it does, thats where you missed a hole or screw.
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    Looking for parts for CM Stacker

    If you cover shipping ive got a box full of both you can have. My stacker has been sitting waiting for me to do something with it for years. It would be nice to know they will get put to good use. If you need any other parts just let me know. CM Stacker stc-t01still know the part number by heart!
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    cooling GPU VRMs

    Youve got the right idea. The easiest quick fix is to zip tie a 120mm fan over the back of the card. You can get some copper or aluminum heatsinks for the fets but chances are the fan alone will keep them plenty cool enough. I used a mcw60 on a 580 and 980ti with a 120mm fan. You can make it...
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    Magic smoke

    Check your cables. I had a fan wire burn the plastic off itself instantly right before my eyes. Turned bright red as it flash burned down both ends, poof. About gave me a heartattack. It was awesome. Turns out i nicked it and a couple other fan wires when i cut the zipties(cable management at...
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    Square Trade Extended Warranty ... is it worth it?

    If its an asus mb, absolutely. $15 is definitely worth the piece of mind in my book.