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    Good mid range GPU

    I haven't payed much attention to GPUs for quite some time and am looking to upgrade a machine I have. What would be the best card to get around the 200 dollar range? I don't want to go higher than 225 dollars. The computer will be used for games like Starcraft 2, Battlefield, etc... at 1080p
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    Free copy of Neverwinter Nights Diamond

    Can be acquired on There are also a lot of other older games on sale.
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    Upgrade suggestions from a 2500K

    Im looking to upgrade my current rig- namely the CPU/mobo/RAM. I currently have an overclocked 2500K setup and the GPU is a GTX 980 and runs games well. I mostly use the machine for gaming but also sometimes use it for computational engineering / numerical analysis software. There have been...
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    Haswell-E upgrade?

    Would there be any huge difference going from a 2500k to a Haswell-E build? I mostly just use the system for gaming. Or is it better to wait and see if Skylake is a huge jump?
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    New GPUs from Nvidia and AMD?

    I've been out of the loop for video cards for a while. Are there any new Nvidia or AMD vid cards coming anytime soon? If not, is there an estimate on when new cards will come?
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    Upgrade question

    Currently have an OCed 2500k which I have had for years. Is there anything worth upgrading to that would make a big difference or anything new coming soon?
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    Need advice to improve sound quality

    I have a set of KRK KNS-8400 headphones and am currently using onboard sound with them. What would be the best way to use these to their fullest potential? I use them for music and gaming.
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    Humans Must Answer

    If youre a fan of vertical or horizontal shooters, than you may like this game. Ive gotten through some of the levels and it is a well made game. There are upgrades you can purchase and go back replay levels with better weaponry to get the hidden items or anything you missed...
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    7950 to gtx770

    Anyone go from a 7950 to a gtx770 or higher or anyone think it's worth it? Or should I wait and see what the 8000 series brings.
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    Next AMD and Nvidia cards?

    I plan on buying a new GFX card for a gaming system so am wondering what are the next AMD and Nvidia cards and if they will be around anytime soon?
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    SSD controllers

    Is there any advantage in choosing a Marvel based drive over a Sandforce based drive? I know there are other controllers out there as well so was wondering if it makes much a difference these days in terms of stability and performance.
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    Rayman 2 Origins

    Got it off of steam and it's a really nice platform game for those that like those types of games. Has co-op, looks great, and the gameplay is good. It's also DRM free.
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    Headphones and soundcard question

    Looking to get some new headphones and can go up to 200 dollars. I use onboard sound so the question is- is it worth it to spend that much money on headphones or would I need a better sound card?
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    7870 or 7950

    I've been holding out for Kepler but nobody knows when it is coming so am thinking of just going for a new card now. Currently I have a 5870 and was thinking of getting either a 7870 or 7950. Anyone have an idea on how much the 7950 and 7870 compare? Im thinking an upgrade to a 7870 from a...
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    Sonic CD on steam

    Sonic CD is on sale on steam. It is a very good old school Sonic game with excellent music. On another note, Sonic 4 ep 1 is there as well- has anyone played it and is it any good?
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    7000 series power reqs?

    Is it known yet what the power requirements will be for the 7800 and 7900 series? If not, anyone have a general idea on what they will be?
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    How well will a 1GB 5870 run BF3?

    2500k with 8gb ram. Looking at a res of 1980x1200.
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    How fast do power supplies degrade?

    Over the years, how much do they lose in terms of power they can provide?
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    Need HS/F suggestion

    Can someone recommend the best HS/F for a 2500k? I'm looking for pretty much a "box" cooler. I've been looking through a whole bunch but none really seem to stand out.
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    WTB: 4650, 4670 or equivalent Nvidia card

    Looking for 20-30 dollars shipped via one of those flat rate boxes since I need the card by Saturday.
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    Shogun Total War 2 battle mechanics

    Looking into getting Shogun Total War 2 off Steam since it's on sale. Are the battle mechanics the same in Shogun Total War 2 as they were in the previous Total War games or has anything drastically changed? I heard that battles are faster paced and take a shorter amount of time- is this true?
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    Most popular MMORPGs

    After WoW, what are the most popular MMOs these days?
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    WTB: 260 GTX

    I'm looking to buy a 260 GTX for about 75 dollars shipped. The card is a replacement for a friend and has to arrive in 2-3 days. So for shipping I would require USPS in one of those flat rate boxes. I assume a medium sized box would do the job.
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    WTB: GTX 260

    Looking for a GTX 260 in good condition for about 65 dollars shipped.
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    Dreamcast games on Steam Hopefully there is more to come.
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    WTB: 1gb PC3200 RAM

    Looking to pay about 15-20 dollars shipped for 1 stick of 1gb PC3200 RAM. Must be one stick.
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    Best 120mm case fan?

    I'm looking for something with good airflow that is quiet.
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    Silverstone PSUs?

    How are Silverstone PSUs compared to other brands? This is the one I was looking at:
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    Will this power supply run this system?

    4gb ddr2 Athlon X2 5800 @3ghz Geforce 9800 Would a 4 year old 330W Seasonic power supply run this system for gaming?
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    WTB: 1 stick of 512mb DDR1 PC3200

    For 10 dollars shipped.
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    WTB: 1gb stick of DDR1 PC3200 RAM

    Must be one stick.
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    Win2000 or WinXP

    I have an old PC I'll be using for old games as well as some web browsing. Which of these OS is more secure for web browsing?
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    6xxx series

    Does the new set of cards coming out have any extra features that the 5000 series does not have?
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    Lame Starcraft 2 plot

    There are *SPOILERS* in this post. After playing through the campaign, the missions were entertaining and I liked the variety but half of them had almost nothing to do with the plot. They could have made campaigns for each race instead of adding pointless missions were you just make money...
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    BNET 2.0

    So after 12 years SC2 is coming out and BNET2.0 doesn't look good at all. I played the Beta and SC2 is awesome hence a great game with a shitty online system. What was wrong with Battlenet? In my opinion, it was the best matching system out of any game I played. It was easy to find games, chat...
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    MSI laptops?

    Has anyone bought a laptop made by MSI? Seems to me they cost much cheaper than other brands for comparable hardware. I was looking at the MSI GX640 and it looks like a pretty nice laptop...
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    Best brand for laptops

    Is there a brand above the rest when it comes to laptops for quality? I'm looking into laptops but don't want one that will break down within a year or two. I know that risk is always there but I'm wondering if it happens more often than not for specific brands. I was looking into hp first...
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    New laptop suggestion

    I'm out of the loop for laptops and haven't payed much attention to them and am looking to get a new laptop with the intent of doing some gaming on it- the games are not demanding. I already have a gaming PC but need a laptop for other purposes. Is there any brand that sticks out the most and...
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    Need power supply for older system

    I have an old Celeron system laying around and need a new power supply for it. I know this is more than enough to power the system but was wondering if anyone knows about the quality of these PSUs? Diablotek DA Series 350...
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    Need some game suggestions

    I'm looking for either a more recent RPG or a turn based strategy game (doesn't matter how old). Any suggestions? NWN2 and Dragon Age I already played.