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    Official Prime Day Thread

    Please share any deals you find today in this thread. I'm sure we all rather have one thread than 100 separate ones by the end of today. Went ahead and upgraded my 1st Gen Paperwhite. Kindle Paperwhite wifi $79.99 -...
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    PC interfering with IPTV while off/sleeping

    I've been trying to figure out wtf is going on for a few weeks now. Ever since I built my 2700x PC, whenever it is powered down or goes to sleep, my AT&T Uverse tv service gets very laggy and pixelated. The moment I turn the PC back on, everything is fine. My network is setup like this: ATT...
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    Ryzen 2700x $280

    For time's sake, I'm going to shamelessly link to the Slickdeals page for the deal. Coupon: PLAN2SAVE (must use ebay app) According to the comments, this may be only good...
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    Logitech releasing wireless charging mice/mouse pads I'm not going to lie, this might just be the best use of wireless charging that I have seen. If reviews come back decent, they can take my money.
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    Xenoverse 2

    Anyone else picking this up? My brother and I grew up on DBZ, and we bought the original Xenoverse on a whim with zero expectations. We ended up having a blast (in no small part due to the massive amount of nostalgia) and played way more than I ever thought we would. We're both looking forward...
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    Playstation VR price/release announced TLDR $399 in October. Requires separate PS Camera. Move controllers also sold separately.
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    Worth waiting for Broadwell-E?

    So after 4.5 years, my 2600k seems to finally be showing the first bit of age. Since Broadwell was never released to retail, I don't know a whole ton about the improvements over Haswell outside of the iGPU performance. Do you guys think it's worth waiting a few months on BW-E, or should I just...
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    Thin, horizontal lines on right half of screen

    The TV I'm using with my HTPC has suddenly developed these lines. It only affects the right half of the screen. I don't think it's the HTPC since the lines also appear on the the TV menus. Any idea what could be causing this? It almost seems like lines dividing pixels or something. Here's...
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    Suddenly have "limited" wifi on Windows 10

    I went through the upgrade process this evening and everything was working just fine. After I restrestarted my PC to install some drivers for my monitor, I suddenly am stuck with a limited wifi connection. I've tried resetting the adapter, restarting the PC, and using a different connection...
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    Grandia II HD coming to PC One of my favorite JRPGs of all time is finally getting a makeover! I played an embarrassing amount of this game on Dreamcast back in the day. This will likely be a day 1 purchase for me.
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    Ori and the Blind Forest $4.99 (Steam) Considering this game only went down to $10 or so for the Summer Sale, this is an awesome deal. One of the best metroidvainia style games to come out in a long time. EDIT: DEAL IS DEAD. APPARENTLY A PRICE MISTAKE.
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    A8 7600 vs i3 4370

    I'm in the process of speccing out a HTPC to replace the cable boxes in my house (via HDHomerun Prime), and I am stuck choosing between these CPUs. The main function of the system is going to be streaming live TV to my main TV and bedroom TV (Xbox 360 extender), DVR functionality, streaming...
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    Windows 8.1 won't boot after GPU change?

    Heres my story: So I was having issues with my new 290x, and I have a feeling it was due to the drivers acting up after I switched from Nvidia. I also had Amazon ship me a replacement card just in case. I decided to throw a new SSD in the system and do a fresh install of Windows on it...
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    Steam down?

    I was just on Steam when I had to close it to update my NVidia drivers. Whenever I try to log on, it tells me it's unable to connect. The Steam webpage also doesn't seem to be loading right now.
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    So I think my h220 pump just died....quick question

    So I've been running my h220 for months with no issues at all. Today, I started playing FFXIV and after a few minutes I started getting horrible lag. Loaded up a hardware monitor, and sure enough, my CPU is running at 98C! Anyway, I'm not 100% sure how to make sure it's the pump. The first...
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    Amazon PSN Store Didn't see anything posted about this here, and I just read about it myself. I think this is HUGE for PS4 though. Anyone wanting to go the digital route will now have an alternative place to buy content that will...
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    Soooo, 780 Classified vs 290 (non-X)

    So I just go an amazing deal on a 780 Classified from an Amazon price mistake (ended up with the card for about $345). Naturally, 2 days later the benches for the 290 come out, and it looks to be 8800GT levels of epic. Anyway, I'm having a hard time deciding whether to keep the Classy and OC...
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    Cooler Master V1000 PSU $129 AR Pretty good deal on a PSU that reaches Platinum levels of efficiency. I've been looking...
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    Xbox One officially drops mandatory Kinect I suppose it is definitely officially the "Xbox One(-eighty)" at this point. Now, if they decide to offer a Kinect free version for $399, then I might actually jump on the bandwagon. A lot of my friends...
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    GMG 4-packs on sale

    Shamelessly going to just copy/paste the thread from over at SD. Green Man Gaming has several 4-pack PC Digital Download Games on sale. Save an extra 20% off with voucher code GMG20-4B9NY-L4FEN. Thanks DJ3xclusive Prices after discount 4-pack Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed $12 4-pack...
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    Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless 7.1 Headset $69 or $79

    Found this while browsing Slickdeals. Apparently the lowest price ever for the headset. Amazon has the headset for $79.99. LINK Newegg has the same price, but if you go here, you can get a free $10 off $50 promo code to bring the price down to $69. Code is valid through 7/5/13. NEWEGG LINK...
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    Trouble trying to offset OC my 2600k

    I finally decided to stop being lazy and try to get my 2600k OC'd in offset mode instead of just running it at 4.5ghz 24/7. The problem is, I can't seem to get the CPU to actually go up to the speed that I set the turbo multipliers. Currently, it will downclock itself to 1.6ghz when not under...
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    Netgear R6300 beamforming?

    I suppose the bottom line is that I'm debating between the r6300 and the ASUS RT-N66U. know the Netgear recently got new firmware with beamforming that supposedly increases performance significantly. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find even any anecdotal stories of just how much of a...
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    Dishonored $20.39 (activates on Steam)

    Coworker alerted me to the deal, but it appears it is front page at SD now. The game activates on Steam. Lowest price I've seen for the game.
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    PS+ question

    Out of curiosity, does subscribing to PS+ give you any extra bandwidth for downloading on PSN? I finally got around to starting Uncharted 3 last night, and it literally took an hour from the time I put in the disc to the time I actually started to play. The patch was only like 230mb or...
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    Bungie's new project: Destiny Pretty good amount of info in that link. It includes a video from Bungie that reveals their goals for the game and includes a tiny bit of in-game footage. I'd describe what's been revealed so far as a...
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    [H]ot!!!! Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 for $0.13 / year!

    DEAD Via SlickDeals. It has been confirmed that purchased keys will not expire unless activated, so you can just keep them in a safe place and apply a new one as they expire...
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    Extremely slow internet (wifi)

    I first noticed the issue earlier when I was trying to play DOTA2 for the first time today (though after thinking about it, it has been going on for about a week...causing me to try a new AV program a few days ago). Anyway, today I noticed that I was getting random lag spikes into the 1000ms...
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    Recommended 140mm fans?

    I accidentally broke one of the fan blades off one of my case's front intake fans while cleaning the case, so I figure it's a good excuse just to go ahead and replace both of the intakes. I'm looking for something with a good median between quiet and airflow. I don't have a massive OC to cool...
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    Considering SSD raid0...A few questions

    I currently have a Crucial M4 128gb as my primary OS drive. I primarily use my PC for gaming, and I keep my most used games on the SSD as well. However, I am starting to get close to the SSD capacity. I began considering just getting another 128gb SSD since there have been awesome deals on...
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    Official GW2 Screenshot Thread

    I'm surprised there hasn't been one of these made yet! The game is absolutely gorgeous IMO, and definitely deserves a thread like this. Feel free to share whatever. *I'm on my laptop, so I'll post some of my own later when I'm actually at my PC*
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    MMO mouse

    So after years of playing WoW, and with GW2 just around the corner, I have decided that I want to get a MMO mouse. The extra buttons are just too much of an advantage to ignore at this point. I've narrowed my choices down to the following, but I would love some input from those that have used...
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    NCAA Football 13 Pre-order $45 + FS @Amazon (360 only

    NCAA Football 13 Pretty good deal for fans of the series. I've always thought it was better than Madden, personally. Since I haven't bought it since 10, it was my year to update anyway, so I decided to jump on it myself. Pre-order also includes Nike Pro Combat uniforms for Army, Georgia (GO...
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    2600k vs 2500k vs 3570k advice

    So here's the deal. I got in on the $199 2600k deal at my local MC, but I ended up choosing to go with a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H since the only 2 bundle boards at the time were fairly "meh" in terms of what I wanted in a motherboard. This brings my total to $390+tax. Now, I mainly only push my PC...
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    Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 / 6

    Any opinions on these boards? They both seem to have a pretty good amount of features for their respective prices. The reason I am asking, is because I recently got a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 with a combo deal, and I am debating whether that is actually the board I want to go with. It has...
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    OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD $50 AC @ Microcenter (possibly $34 AC/AR)

    Microcenter is running another one of their Facebook coupon deals, and today it is for the OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD. Follow the link, "like" Microcenter, and fill out the form. You should be able to print the coupon after that.
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    decent 2.1 set?

    Hey guys. My fiance has been bugging me to get some speakers for my computer so she can listen to music while doing things around the apartment. I have my headset for gaming and whatnot, so I just need something decent for music. Price wise, I would like to keep it as cheap as possible. What...
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    iPhone 5 concept??

    Link Same pics can be found all over the place, but I thought this site had the best gallery. The first thing I thought when I saw this concept was, "If this is anything like what the real iPhone 5 looks like, no wonder Apple has been so pissy over the Samsung phones." This thing literally...
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    Thinking of going to Sprint...which phone?

    So my fiance and I are both in need of new phones, and we want to go ahead and get a plan together...that and my original Moto Droid is on it's last leg even though it's rooted and running custom ROMS. Sprint seems to make the most sense for us since I get a discount through work (I actually...
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    Dust 514

    Just stumbled across this game while reading up on the happenings at Gamescom this year. The concept actually sounds pretty damn cool IMO. Basically, it's a shooter that takes place in the universe of EVE online. The cool part of it though is that players of both games can apparently interact...