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    Le Eco 4K 44" w/HDR for $500

    Hey all, This year has been crazy good when it comes to 4K TV deals. But, I think this one takes the cake. I told my family about this TV, ended up buying me one as well. Theirs came in, it is absolutely amazing! The sound and picture quality are both exceptional and it has HDR. It Also has...
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    T-Mo Iphone 7 Plus Data Issues

    Hey all, I have finally received iPhone 7 Plus this Saturday after preordering it ages ago. Overall, super quick and nice camera. However... major issues with cellular. At my house in D.C. everything seemed okay, but the second I drove out to Maryland to my parents summer home in Lusby, issues...
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    PS4 vs PC, Project Scorpio?

    I am sorry in advance, I am not trying to start a war between PC vs Console here. I have always been a PC Gamer, but ended up playing casually on PS4 since I was so busy and wasn't in a position to upgrade at the time. I have been seeing a trend of games being developer for consoles and then...
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    Fastest Nationwide carrier?

    We all know that Verizon is probably has the most reliable network in the states. But, is it the fastest? With their LTE roll out, their network screams fast, but it isn't everywhere yet. Who do you guys think has an overall fastest network in the states?
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    Open World MMO's?

    What are some of the good upcoming MMO's, or ones that are currently out which feature large open worlds and good graphics? I really liked WoW at first, specially for its openness. LOTRO was fun as well. I may end up going back to either one, but is there anything else out there? GW2 looks...
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    Elder Scrolls Skyrim World Size

    I know that Oblivion has always been known for its vast open world, and from what I have heard, the new game is supposed to be huge! I am mainly building a new PC because I wanted to play it maxed out :). How does the game world of Skyrim compare to MMO's such as WoW or LOTRO? I know that it...
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    Dlink DIR-655 Problems

    I have had this router for roughly 3 years now, and have always had some hickups with it. Lately. it has been getting worse, and I am really not sure what to do. I have Comcast highspeed with peak download speed of 35mbps. I do not have anything hardwired to it, but on WIFI it is a nightmare...
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    Sprint getting worse by the month?!

    I've had about 5 smart phones on Sprint now, it seems as if with every month I am getting a bit more dissatisfied. My mom is also on Sprint, not under my account though, seems like she's having similar issues. Buddy in Atlanta (I'm in Denver) is complaining too, so what gives? My 3G download...
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    Looking for ~27 LED DIsplay

    Hey everyone, haven't been on here in ages! Just ordered me parts for my new rig, got tired of my laptop and wanted something amazing to game on, specially for the new Elder Scrolls. Anyway, I currently have ACER G24 display, which I do like and have had it for a while. I have been thinking of...
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    Just got a 360, few questions

    Hey guys, my PS3 took a dump on me few days ago... Ironically it happens the day after I buy a brand new LED TV. I decided to get Xbox this time around, I don't game on consoles much, but a lot of my coworkers play the 360, figured I'd pick it up instead, and the deal on the new 250g Elite...
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    Driver's will not install

    Couple of days ago I began to have some issues. My browser would freeze everytime I would try and play flash videos ( videos, youtube, hulu). That was the case for all browsers, I tried Opera, FF, IE9, Chrome. I figured since I had hardware acceleration enabled that I would go ahead and...
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    can you guys help with a/b testing please

    Hey everybody, I'm doing ab testing for a project on an old site I've done, purpose of it is to just learn about a/b testing. If you could just go to the link below from as many different pcs as possible, id appreciate it. Posted from Epic 4G
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    Windows phone 7 vs Android

    Just looking for some opinions as to what people think of Windows Phone 7... I have been an Android user ever since it was released, love the OS. I currently have the Vibrant, and it is indeed a good phone. I was never into IOS for many reasons, so not really interested in that. I have used...
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    Mozilla Seabird....

    This has to be the coolest concept ever....!
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    My site now live! Feedback? Let me know what you think, what I could change. Still early stages of beta, I plan on getting my contact form working sometime tomorrow!
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    Final Fantasy beta won't download?

    Hey everybody, please see attached screenshot. Basically, I signed up for the beta, went to download the client. Steps 1 and 2 went by real fast, although the download speed has been 0kbps...bug? Now, step 3 is stuck at 98.3%. Look at the time remaining, it's been like that for at least an...
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    Good MMO?

    Played WoW, played LOTRO. Loved both when I played them, with lotro going F2P, I am not sure I want to be a part of that. What's there to play? I haven't gamed much at all in few months, been kind of out of the loop. I like good graphics, scenery, something that LOTRO had, fun classes. I...
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    HP Envy 1011nr & Recovery, Help!

    I got an HP Envy 1011nr the other day. Well, I usually end up formatting my laptops and putting my own copy of Win 7 Ultimate on it because I really do not like all of the bloat these companies throw on them. That's what I did, formatted the OS partition and installed Win 7 on it. Downloaded...
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    Operation FlashPoint PC vs PS3?

    Hey everybody, I am currently without a video card and am really wanting to play this game. I am a PC gamer, duh, but haven't really gamed for awhile. Anyways, I have a PS3 and was thinking of getting a game for that instead. However, I could also get myself a card to play it on PC, but am...
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    PS3 Wireless Problem

    I have been having this really weird issue with my PS3 for a bit now, I think it started after last update. It can't obtain IP from my routher, yet it sees it just fine. To fix it, the only thing I can do is restart my router and it would work just fine. I tried reconnecting PS3, disabling...
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    NBA Live 10 Demo

    I downloaded it the other night on my PS3 as I usually get a new NBA game every year :). Last two years it has been NBA 2k series for me, but this impressed me. Check it out, at 1080p it has to be one of the most gorgeous PS3 games I have played!
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    LOTRO Free for a week!

    Just got an email about LOTRO having a welcome back weekend. If you played the game before, give it a shot ;). I think I may download the client.
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    Upcoming MMO's/Other games?

    Wondering what is on horizon. Aside from AION and maybe GW2, nothing really cool seems to be on hte market. I am sure GW2 won't be out till 2011 and AION I really am not too excited about, just want to see MMO implemented on CRY Engine. The Star Wars crap is crap to me as I hate the setting...
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    Just got Hawx

    That game is quite fun, I suck though. Can't seem to get the aiming part down yet :P. But anyway, it is gorgeous on DX10 and runs really well. I recommend picking it up for anybody who likes combat flying. The ground textures look pretty dang good too!
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    COD5 Map Pack?

    Wondering if anybody have any ideas in terms of when we are going to be getting this. I Know that console got it last week and we were promised it "soon".
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    Good headset?

    Well, seems like my 4th one is broken :(. I used to chew on cables, but stopped at number 4 :D. But this shitface decided to just die :mad:. My last two were the overear logitech ones, worked pretty well. Took some getting used to, but was fine right after. The volume control on this one seems...
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    Darkfall is awesome!!!!

    Wait, where the fook is it? lawl @ everybody who says how amazing it is going to be. What happened to January release? February? March? Oh man.
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    Grand Ages: Rome Demo (AWESOME)

    Has anybody tried it? I downloaded it few hours ago and WOW.... This game is soo awesome. City Building RPG with stunning graphics, must have! FilePlanet Link: FileFront Link...
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    COD: WaW Zombie, how far did you get?

    Me and a buddy have been playing some zombie mod for COD: WaW. Very well done, I like the idea of a point system and ability to buy guns. It does get very challenging past level 7, good times. Too bad once you restart, you are stuck doing nothing in early levels :P. I have yet to try it with...
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    Call of Duty World at War My Beta Impressions

    Well, I posted similar thing in the other COD thread which is very negative. It really doesn't do this game justice as I find it very fun. I am going to post my impressions here as I have a feeling that my reply in the other thread will get overlooked by many. Why do I like the game...
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    My Far Cry 2 Quick Thoughts, AWESOME

    First, let me state that this game looks GOOD. Maxed out with 4XAA I can actually run it really well on the rig in my sig. The first 20 minutes of it were such a blast, it's not even funny. The whole area feels live, you feel as if though you are part of the world. Weapons are great too,m the...
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    COD4 Surpasses WoW on Xfire

    Screenshot, or it didn't happen. COD4 has never surpassed WOW on xfire, specially not on days when WOW servers are up! :p
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    1701 A.D. Gold Edition

    I have heard of this game at release, I know that it got good scores. Right now, I am in Hawaii and I saw a copy for $29.99 at Gamestop. I almost picked it up, however I was not sure if the game is right for me. I am a huge fan of Age of Empires 3 series, I am looking for something similar; just...
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    IGN Spoer AU Review

    Link. They give it 9.2 out of 10. Spore looks to be a good game afterall; something that surprises me even. They mention that this game's lasting appeal is only limited by your imagination; now that's sick!!!
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    I beat Crysis, no really

    Well, if you guys ask RonFTL he will tell you that I never EVER EVER beat Single Player games. I basically check out the gameplay and graphics, then put them down. I think it's mostly because no game in the last 2-3 years has really captivated me; nor provided enough to actually keep going. I...
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    AOC Buddy Key?

    Can anybody send me one please? pm me :).
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    Empty COD4 Server List

    Well, ever since today I do not see any freaking servers in my server browser, it's all empty. I have tried resetting filters, disabling Antivirus/firewall; no luck. I have attempted to connect to few friends via xfire, 1 of 10 timed out. Has anybody else had this issue...
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    TL-60 vs T7500?

    I currently own an AMD Turion TL-50 laptop which I am going to either sell or upgrade. I have upgraded HDD and RAM in the past, I find the CPU a tad lacking at 1.6ghz. Well, I have some guy who might be interested in buying this laptop for $750, which would allow me to go ahead and buy Acer...
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    What will happen come October?

    Anybody have any clue? If Nvidia announces a die shrink here in hte next few days, could it lead to a higher price drop? Reason I am asking is because I currently have no videocard. I sold my 8800GTX on Ebay while it was worth something. At this time, I am seeing alot of great deals on...
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    Steam, no font; ideas?

    Well, my stem began looking like this over the last few days. I basically do not see any text, anywhere. Not sure what has caused it; anybody have any solutions? I have tried reinstalling steam, I kept all of the files however since I did not want to re-download all games; didn't help any.