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    QNAP Nas causing Windows Explorer / Apps to become unresponsive

    I have a somewhat strange issue where after a certain length of time, my QNAP nas file server will cause my whole PC to become unresponsive. I have the NAS share set up as a network drive in explorer. When the PC starts becoming unresponsive, turning off the NAS will return performance to...
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    Gigabyte 3080 RTX Gaming OC vs Gigabyte 2080 RTX Gaming OC

    I just installed my new Gigabyte 3080 RTX Gaming OC and did a couple of before and after benchmarks with a few games. The most impressive performance increase was with Middle Earth: Shadow of War. This is also my first ever benchmark video, I am by no means a professional, just wanted to share...
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    The Riftbreaker - An action-RPG, RTS, Tower Defense Hybrid

    This game looks like a really fun genre blend. Coming sometime 2020 "The Riftbreaker is a base-building, survival game with Action-RPG elements. You are an elite scientist/commando inside an advanced Mecha-Suit capable of dimensional rift travel. Hack & slash countless enemies. Build up your...
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    PGA TOUR 2K21 tees off this August

    I was kinda surprised to see this pop up. I thought the franchise was dead in the water, but it looks like HB Studios, the developers of The Golf Club have been contracted to develop a new PGA tour game. It will release on PC along side consoles and Switch...
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    GOG Galaxy 2.0 Open Beta

    Apologies if there is already a Galaxy 2.0 thread. Didn't see one from a quick search. Just a heads up, the platform has now entered open beta and can be downloaded here.
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    Got the upgrade bug :P

    Haven't put it thru paces yet but.... From: I7 4790K @ 4.4ghz w/ Noctua NH-D15 | ASUS Maximus Hero VII | 32GB Corsair LP DDR3-1600 | Gigabyte RTX 2080 Gaming OC | Corsair Obsidian 450D | Corsair AX750 PSU | Sound Blaster X AE-5 | Marantz SR6009 AVR w/ Edifier s760d Satellites & Def Tech ProSub...
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    R7 370 - Displayport 4K 60hz???

    My work PC has an R7 370 which supposedly supports 4K @ 60hz. I have it connected to a Philips BDM4350UC which also supports 4K @ 60hz. However, I can only get 30hz max with the GPU and monitor over Displayport. I have tried forcing a custom resolution in the AMD settings, but it says the...
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    Saw this was just released on Steam and is getting pretty good reviews. Some comments on the game: "It's Fallout... In Russia" "For those that loved Fallout 1&2 and just want some more." "Fallout 5 is amazing!" Sounds like it could be pretty decent for someone looking to relive their old...
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    Red Faction: Guerrilla Remastered

    The space asshole is back in the Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-MARS-tered edition. I couldn't bring myself to include that horrific pun in the thread title. Everyone who owns the original on Steam will get the remaster for free on the July 3rd release date. I haven't seen a full list of what has...
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    Excel Email Virus Damage Control

    Hi all - A work colleague has inadvertently opened a malicious Excel email document and I am trying to gauge what kind of damage may have been caused and any further measures we need to take. The colleague has already had a good grilling and a crash course in email security 101. When they...
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    Gsync & FreeSync TVs (ever a possibility?)

    We all know monitors are all the rage with that technology, seems a shame it would be limited to such small scale displays. Obviously demand is a major factor and not a lot of PC gamers use TVs as their main displays. I would like to see this happen though. Plausible?
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    "Sky Force Reloaded" Old school SHMUP

    I picked this up last night after reading the glowing reviews on the game, and I am not disappointed! Old school shoot 'em up action with a great RPG-lite upgrade progression system, collectibles with temporary and permanent bonuses, multiple ship types with unique bonuses, great graphics and...
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    Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition

    I noticed this pop up on steam, but was surprised to see no reviews or even a forum for it? I've heard Elder Scrolls Online has had it's fair share of criticism in the past.. Is the criticism warranted, or is ESO just the victim of mob mentality? I got an uneasy feeling in the back of my head...
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    Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Bass Redirection?

    Hi all - I've got the sound card in title and have recently brought a new AVR and sound system. However, I am unable to get subwoofer playback with MP3s and other stereo sources. Games and movies all have full 5.1 surround. Apparently a setting called Bass Redirection resolves this on other...
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    Advice please: Q Acoustics Q7000i & Marantz SR6009

    After years of dutiful service my z5500's are slowly dying. Since there are no comparable computer speakers available I am opting to upgrade to the AV receiver / standalone speaker route.This is the set up I am considering. Q Acoustics Q7000i Marantz SR6009 I am looking at the Q Acoustics...
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    Planar Conquest: MoM Spiritual Succesor

    I had completely forgotten about backing the kickstarter for this game and had a pleasant surprise this morning when I noticed it was added to my Steam library. Essentially the game aims to be a close replica to the old 4X, Master of Magic. I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but so far it...
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    Forced: Showdown

    Anyone given this title a try yet? Seems to be getting good reviews. Looks like an interesting mix of deck building game and twin stick shooter. Graphics and art style seem nice. Steam Page
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    The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians (RPG)

    Upcoming dungeon crawler in the same vein as Dungeon Master, Legend of Grimrock, Might & Magic etc. Apparently it is more battle focused than puzzle focused. Looks like it could be good. Will probably pick it up on launch day and will report back with impressions. Due Nov 6th Steam...
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    Rebel Galaxy

    Anyone else looking forward to this one? It's from the creators of Torchlight and is a space exploration sandbox/RPG. The devs call it a space western and is cross between Freelancer/Privateer + AC:Black Flag + Sid Meier's Pirates! + Star Control 2 with a healthy dose of Firefly. Due for...
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    Battle Chasers: Nightwar

    The kickstarter has already been funded after 72 hours. Always been a fan of good JRPGs. "Classic JRPG combat meets action packed dungeons and stylish storytelling. Use skills and strategy to survive a lush, brutal landscape."...
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    Internet bandwidth monitoring across whole network?

    We've had a large spike in bandwidth usage over the past couple of months and I'm trying to find some software that will report bandwidth statistics for each workstation in our network. Is there a good solution that doesn't require software to be installed on each machine?
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    Anti-theft Software

    Hi all - We recently had a brazen idiot walk in and steal a laptop from an unsecured office. We're looking at installing security software on our workstations and laptops that has features such as remote data deletion, system locking and remote tracking. Are there any solutions that come as...
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    Steam: Possible to filter out Early Access titles?

    I've done some googling and hunting around the web store and client store but can't find any option for hiding Early Access titles from areas such as "All New Releases" and "All Upcoming" titles. Personally I never buy early access games and they kinda clog up the search results! Has anyone...
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    The Witcher 3 Giveaway Thread!

    I've got a free copy of The Witcher 3 to give away since I own a Titan X and already bought the game. So, the deal is, I'll give the code to the person who can come up with the best "I deserve a free copy of The Witcher 3 because..." within 24 hours of the posting of this thread. Top rated...
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    Titan X 24GB RAM requirement

    I was surpised to see the 24gb RAM requirement for Titan X on the nVidia website. Some users have scratched this up as a typo, but apparently nVidia & EVGA reps have confirmed the 24gb requirement is correct. This is supposedly due to the large 12gb VRAM. It seemed odd as I don't recall...
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    Titan X 1080p with DSR

    We all know that the Titan X is currently the best single card available for 4K gaming. For those of us with lowly 1080p displays, does the Titan X 4K performance still translate well whilst using DSR? Real world example. Watch-Dogs or Crysis 3 @ 1080p with DSR 4K downsampling? Will that 12gb...
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    Deathtrap - Tower Defense / action-RPG

    Has anyone grabbed Deathtrap yet? It's from Neocore, the makers of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Essentially they have taken the tower defense aspect from Val Helsing and developed an entire game around it. User reviews sound very promising. Steam Page
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    Red Faction Guerrilla Removes GFWL

    Well isn't this a pleasant surprise! Publisher Nordic Games who acquired the rights to the Red Faction franchise when THQ went bust, has removed the much despised Games For Windows Live and replaced it with Steamworks. Matchmaking and multiplayer, along with leaderboards, voice chat, and...
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    Killing Floor 2: Devs reference SoF during Gore Showcase

    The recent dev diary focusing on the gore engine for the upcoming Killing Floor 2, gave a nod to fan favorite, Soldier of Fortune. Looks.. :cool: bloody good. Killing Floor 2 Dev Diary 2: The Gore Part 1
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    Northern Shadow - Open-world RPG / City Builder

    Just spotted this over on RPS and I was impressed with how it's coming along! The goal is to fuse a Skyrim-like open-world RPG with a Banished-like city builder. If that sounds somewhat intriguing to you, check out the full interview on RPS here or the YouTube Trailer
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    Corsair Silver K70 - Dead LEDs

    Hi all, curious if anyone else has had problems with their K70s having faulty LEDs on random keys. After a few weeks the F12 and Pause Break LEDs stopped working and it appears quite a few others have been experiencing similar things over on the Corsair forum. It seems to be specific to the...
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    Samsung SSD 840 - Intermittent Failure to Detect on Boot

    A workstation in our office has a Samsung 840 128gb SSD that occasionally fails to be detected from cold boot. Latest firmware is installed. Is this a definite sign the HDD is faulty or could there be something else at play? The HDD is currently connected to the Sata3 6gb/s port. Would it...
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    Win 7 Losing Network Intermittently (Internet OK)

    This has me stumped. We have a workstation that keeps losing network access intermittently, seemingly at random periods during the day. Restarting the PC temporarily fixes this, as does disabling and enabling the network adapter. The following is a list of things already tried to fix the issue...
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    The Future of Darksiders & Red Faction IP

    As many of you will know already, THQ bit the dust and publisher Nordic Games acquired several of their larger IPs. Among them are both Darksiders & Red Faction. Nordic has expressed the current status of these two IPs to IGN in this article. It appears that while we may not see either of these...
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    Goodbye GFWL (and good riddance)

    MS has announced (inadvertently) GFWL is to be shut down on 1st July 2014. Here's hoping all our GFWL games still work when it goes offline! IGN article
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    The Witcher 1 - Top GFX Mods?

    Since Witcher 3 is on the horizon I figured it was about time for me to complete Witcher 1 (and 2 eventually). To spruce it up a bit I've installed: 1. Texturen Mod 2. Hi-Res Character Models 3. Perfect Rain 4. Perfect Blood These mods work great.. Are there any other specific GFX mods...
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    Armikrog Kickstarter (from Neverhood creators)

    For the uninitiated, The Neverhood is a stop motion claymation point & click adventure game with an awesome atmosphere, creative puzzles and a fun sense of humor. It's great to see a new game from the team that created The Neverhood. Amikrog kickstarter page Cutscene from the original...
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    Van Helsing - ARPG

    Shortened the ridiculously long full title from "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing" :rolleyes: Anyone been keeping an eye on this one? Looks like it could be a fairly decent addition to the plethora of Diablo clones out there. Gameplay trailer
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    Might & Magic X: Legacy

    The trailer only has a sliver of gameplay but it looks like they have gone old skool, harkening back to the days of MM3 & World of Xeen. Loving the voice samples of Sheltam from MM3. "I am sheltem.. Guardian of Terra"... MMX announcement trailer
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    3D Vision: Your best game experiences

    Having recently acquired a 3D capable monitor & 3D Vision 2 kit, I've been gleefully revisiting old favorites in my game collection to see what kind of results can be had with 3D. It seems most games will offer some level of 3D compatibility while others are outstanding. What games in your...