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    ** Need info in Loop Routing **

    Routing as follows: ** Loop Sequence ** 1. Iandh SteathRes 225 Multi-Option Reservoir > Top 2. Bitspower Black Sparkle Dress Kit & Top > Bottom of IANDH 3. EK-Waterblocks EK-BAY SPIN Reservoir - Acetal 4. RAdiator / XSPC RX360 - 3x120mm Radiator Rev. 2 > 5. CPU > 6. GPU > Also...
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    Low Flow to High Flow info tips and suggestions for H2o

    High everyone Im looking to switch from low flow to high flow in my loop (Compression). Ive done some research on the fittings and planning to get the: 1. Bitspower Matte Black Rotary 90 Degree Compression - 1/2 x 3/4in - BP-MB90R2LCPF-CC5 2. Bitspower Matt Black 1/2in. Compression...
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    OCZ VERTEX2 or Agility 2 for 1st SSD purchase Info

    Hi Everyone .. need some tips and info on 1st SSD Purchase ... I was @ Microcenter and Frys the other day and comparing products and both agents suggested to get is something over 200 Read/Write Speed. So I cam across both of these: 1. @ Microcenter = OCZ-Agility 2 OCZSSD2-2AGTE60 2.5 (...
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    EVGA Mobo Recommendation ( New Build )

    Hi Everyone I need some input / recommendation on a stable EVGA Mobo. This will be a second build i wanna do. As you can see on my Sig which was my gaming rig but my son took over that. Looking for something fast reliable and trouble free. Will be for gaming and light overclocking as for now...
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    Is it a GTX 470 FTW 012-P3-1472-AR

    Needing Info on this 012-P3-1472-AR if its a FTW card. I bought one at a very good price NIB sealed and now the person is wanting me to sell it back to him. Reason i bought it matches my current GTX 470 and planning to SLi. So basically wanting to know if it is a FTW version. Thanks in advance
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    GTX 470 FTW SLi or Not for Gaming

    Hi Everyone. I need info and suggestion goin SLi or not for gaming. Main PC gaming is Call of Duty and Black OPS is just around the corner. Will it gain...
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    Radiator Info for In / Out Ports

    Hi everyone ........ Does anyone have any info on a radiator that is made for the In / Out Ports that is made differently for todays radiators. Todays radiators that have side by side In / Out Ports that one im talking about that has Ports 1 on each side of the Radiator .. Hope that makes...
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    H2O Info for CPU / GPU Inline Temp Sensor info

    Hi Everyone... I need some info on Temp Accuracy. As you can see the picture below is similar to what I have. I have Both my CPU and GPu with the AquaComputer Temperature sensor hooked with these on. Base on accuracy on temperature is this accurate as it flows through or Should add a temp...
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    Fill-Port info (Danger Den)

    Hi Everyone ... Fill Port info .... I just re-build a whole new Gaming rig. through the years i never installed a Fill-Port. So i decided to install one see if it's an advantage for me. Base on my SIG below i have the Corsair 800D. I drilled the whole 1" per DangerDen instruction. I...
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    1TB HD Suggestion

    Hi everyone Need suggestion purchashing 1TB 2TB HD base on quality & reliability Micro-Center has good pricing on OEM's for under 80 and Frys has also about the same price but NIB. Brands are Seagate Barracuda's and Hitachi's @ Fry's / Hitachi 1TB Serial ATA 300 / 7200 Rpm Seagate...
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    Copper vs Nickle Plated GPU Block

    Hi everyone..... Preference.... Has anyone experienced or tested both Copper & Nickle plated Gpu block. I just placed an order for the Aquagrafx Gpu block for my GTX 470 Anyone tested or preference which cools better in performance Copper vs Nickle plated. Heres the block i ordered ...
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    Graphic Cards / Slang info

    Hi Everyone ... My apologies for asking this. I see in the video cards on certain models that have: 1. FTW 2. EE 3. Fermi The one I do know, lol, OC or Superclocked on the Video Cards. Just curious what they mean and is there one of the 3 that is better and wise and what not to get...
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    Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 (Rev. 2.0) Search

    Hi everyone Base upon research this is the ideal new gaming rig in gonna bulid / Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 (Rev. 2.0) However in research i see that the revison 2's where released this year in June and has big difference in improvement over the Revision 1 Question is has anyone recently ordered...
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    Potential New Gaming Rig

    Its been awhile since i bulit a gaming rig. From my sig you can tell. Just want some opinions on this potential build im about to submit. So feel free to chime in and basically need advice and opinions ......... Samsung SyncMaster P2770H Case: Corsair 800D PSU: Corsair-HX 850W Pending...
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    EVGA GTX 280 / Compatibility

    Need some Info / Help... Im about to purchase a GTX 280 for a really good price. (Sig) Base on my CPU type / P4 940 D 3.2ghz @ 2gig of ram will this handle running on my rig or is it gonna suffer lagg / slowness and not get the full potential of the card. Thanks in advance
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    Recommend me a Soundcard for Gaming and light music and Movie

    Hi everyone Im in the market for a new soundcard. Im debating getting either: Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer or the Creative XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series . At my local Frys, X-Fi XtremeGamer is going for 99.00 and the Creative XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series is going for 149.99. Anyhow i did...
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    PS3 Online Multiplayer

    Greetings In less than 24 hrs im buying a 60 gig at my local Sams Club store. I was just wondering, is there a Fee when you play online / multiplayer like you do in Xbox, or is it free. Thanks in advance
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    PS3 info .... Suggestions

    Hi everyone ... Im needing advice on purchasing a PS3 for my son ... I notice that theres different range in drive sizes for PS3. What are the difference on 20, 60, 80 gig's ? What features are different from one another. I asked a friend and he stated that to get the 60 gig cause you can...
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    Nvidia control panel lock-up

    Hey NVIDIA Fans ... Just Yesterday i reformatted my system due to an annoying pop-up error / dll file after uninstalling IE7. Went through the windows updates security patches etc .. Each KB file i DL’d and kept an eye out for the Nvidia control panel. B4 the reformat, as i opened up the...
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    Possible Upgrade / Nvidia .. Opinion needed

    Pls Delete
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    Thinkin of goin NVIDI Route / Need opinion

    Hey Everyone I need some opinion on one of the 2 EVGA’s. Thinking of going in the NVIDIA route and see what it has to offer when it comes to gaming. Here are my choices:
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    XP-Pro x64 edition

    So this past Saturday got myself a copy of a X64 edition at a Computer expo in Pomona for $ 69.00 So diggin around looking for drivers. So far so good. However i seem to notice each driver i install theres 2 folder * program files / * program files x86. For the first couple drivers i install...
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    Aquasuite 4.42.14 FINAL

    Hey everyone I DL'd this version and looks nice but one question though. Is it suppose to start automatically once windows start ? That normal, makes my PC load slower at start. Is there anwhere in the setting to disable the automatic load when windows start. Thanks
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    XP Pro x64-bit anti-virus compatibility

    Hey Everyone What Anti-Virus program(s) supports the x64 bit XP Pro ? Symantec or ? What do you recommend ? If your XP Pro 64 bit user what Anti Virus program thats supporting your XP Pro x64 bit. Thanks in advance
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    Seagate 500gb Info: Drive Difference

    I just installed my Seagate 500gb / SATA. I have 2 other sata seagate's 160gb each. When i installed the 500gb it created it's drive " F ", in sequence : Local Disc ( C ) <!!~~ font color / BLACK Local Disc ( E ) <!!~~ font color / BLACK Local Disc ( F ) <!!~~ font color / BLUE Im just...
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    Recommendation for a Wireless USB

    Hi everyone Can someone recommend a wireless usb for a desktop. Something that has good signal and rarely any dropped signals. I was thinking of getting one of the ones that you can insert in the PCI slot but no can do, running crossfire which took all of the space for the empty ones. So if...
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    Installing Bulgin Vandal Switch to Lian Li V2000b Plus

    Hello Everyone I currently have the Lian Li V2000B plus case. Has anyone installed one of these in there Lian Li V2000's ? If so, what dremmel tool you use to open up that area up to get that screw unscrewed. With my old Lian Liv1000 its easier to unscrew the stock switch. Heres the picture...
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    3dMark05.... Score

    Hey everyone .. Still understanding this Benchmark thing. I benched my x-Fire x850 and nothing OC'd.just wondering if these are good scores: Yay o Nay ... Thanks in advance
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    Dell 2007WSP ... No DVI-D Cable

    Hey everyone My apologies if this is in the wrong section. This is regarding my Dell 2007WSP ( 20 " ) The monitor cable that comes with it is the white color housing and its the " DVI-D / Single Link " cable. Whats happening right now is that i just connected the x850 crossfire edition along...
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    Intel GA-G1975x

    Hey Everyone ... Dilema connecting crossfire video card. This weekend i connected my x850 crossfire pci-e master & slave. Fired up the system with no backfire on the beeps. All loads smoothly. Until when i turned off the PC i get the death screen, " No signal to DVI-D " Everything connected...
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    Ati Crossfire / No Signal to Dvi-D

    Hey Everyone ... I finally got the chance to Install my X850 Crossfire VC w / X850XT Pci-e. Everything installed correctly. When it asked to restart the PC, so i did. After i turned off the PC it recognizes no signal to DVi-D. I have the Dell 2007WSP 20" widescreen. I did a little search in...
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    PSU for X850 Crossfire

    Hey Everyone What is the recommended PSU ( Wattage ) to juice up the X850 Crossfire Set up. ( Master & Slave ) Video cards Thanks in advance for the replies
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    2 Video Card Set up info ?

    Morning Everyone Can someone assist me on starting up possibly 2 video cards for my set up. Currently im running a single Radeon Sapphire x850xt Pci-e. My sig is listed below. Should i get the same model of video card i have now or ? What gain and peformance will i get if i run 2 x850xt's on...
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    Dell 2007 Wfp / Dual LCd mount

    Hey everyone I just got my second 2007 Wfp. Do any of you have 2 Dell 2007 Wfp mounted to a LCd mount ? If so, what brand you have or model # . Ive seen some like the Ergotron Ds100 or the Or the ergotron " LX Dual Display Lift Stand " Also since the 2007 wfp has that bracket insert in the...
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    Average FPS on a Sapphire ATI x850xt

    Morning guys / gals I was wondering what is the normal FPS marks on a video card. I currently have the ATI x850xt pci-e, not OC'd. I found this program last night that reads my FPS while playing COD2 @ 60 Fps. Thanks in advance
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    My 2007 20" WFP ( Rev A02 ) / Pic

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    Purchasing a Dell from Ebay ...

    Im about to purchase a Dell 20” wide from ebay. As for warranty, I called dell and they asked me if the serial # was registered and I have a co-worker says as long nothing was registered you can submit the reg form on line to claim warranty. So what the deal and route. Will Dell honor the 3 year...
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    Viewsonic or Dell

    Morning Pc Fans Im debating on one of these LCD's for gaming. I do quite of gaming like COD2. I asked my friend who's an IT tech and suggested to get CRT. I did quite a search on forums. Some say Dell some say Viewsonic. Im looking somewhere in the LCD widescreens "20 or 21". I want something...
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    H2O T-Minus

    Hey Everyone I notice when it started to warm up a bit and base ambient temps. I normally play COD2 for the past 2weeks my h2o level dropped from 80% to 30%. Is it normal this time of year that h2o levels drops dramatically due to gaming and hot water flow. Thanks in advance for the replies