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    Google replacing Google pay with less functional, entirely different app with same name, old service dead on April 5 (in US) Google being Google. if you have a balance and liked the convenience of Google pay, this is worth a read. Big changes to the service. it no longer uses your actual Google account. It’s all...
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    Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 888 during Tech Summit

    new details: just borrowing this table from anandtech’s article for the quick side by side with snapdragon 865. SoC Snapdragon 865 Snapdragon 888 CPU 1x Cortex-A77 @ 2.84GHz 1x512KB pL2 3x Cortex-A77 @...
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    Comcast data caps are coming in January all over the place

    Friend with Comcast just got a letter about this change. Of course he doesn’t have another option for an ISP in his area, and of course he’s working from home and his kids are schooling from home, and of course new consoles with digital downloads for the games just launched. Starting in March...
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    warmer! Newegg WD Black SN750 nvme 500GB $63

    Not counting the usual low prices on Inland drives at Microcenter, this seems to be a pretty good price for a drive that's roughly on par with a 970 evo?
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    share your old motherboard collection!

    I was going through some files recently and stumbled upon old NVIDIA press stuff from the early / mid 2000s. Way back then I was doing hardware reviews as a freelance gig and had gotten a bunch of stuff from them. The hardware is all long since gone, and almost all the photos I had from that...
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    Done: Eero secure / secure plus subscriptions 50% off I set up some eeros for my mother in law and my parents (2 of the regular devices was enough to cover both houses) and have been pretty happy with them so far. The secure service provides whole network malware traffic detection and malicious url...
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    NUVIA says they have an ARM processor for servers in the works that's way better than everyone else

    Basically: some former Apple and Google processor engineers decided to found their own company to do ARM processors for the server space. Anandtech decided to post their latest ad as a news article. The company claims that their processors will be "+50% to +100% peak performance of the other...
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    3700x $285 eBay bin Dunno how long it will last As pointed out this does include the standard warranty and the shipping is free, so it’s $10 cheaper than Amazon. Not hot but every little bit helps.
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    Ended:Extremely Rare NVIDIA promotional briefcase

    the market has spoken! This rate item was worth... $310! I couldn’t find a buyer here so I guess we’ll see what the market says it’s really worth! $1! no reserve! 24 hours to go...
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    Radeon 5700 (Visiontek reference model) $279 @ Dell

    checked listings on Amazon and Newegg after someone mentioned that this wasn’t actually a typical sale price. visiontek brand, reference model RX 5700 for $279 on sale. Been a pretty common price drop so far so if it isn’t showing when you check, check back in a day...
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    5700XT on Ubuntu (18.04 and 19.10) impressions, anyone else tried?

    Picked up a 5700XT recently and popped it into my Linux system to see how things looked. Display is a 43" 4k TV (Visio E43-F1). 18.04 obviously hasn't been updated with kernel 5.3 and mesa 19.2 yet, so the only option there is to install AMD's driver package...
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    Z390 Aorus Pro, weird issues after trying to add a NIC

    My setup: Z390 Aorus Pro, i9-9900k, 32GB (2x16GB). Board has 2x256GB NVMe SSDs in it, a dual Realtek NIC in x1_1 slot, GPU in x16_1 and a (currently empty) m.2 expansion card in the bottom x16_3 (x4) slot. 2x2tb hdds, 1tb ssd on SATA ports. keyboard, mouse, headset, xbox 360 controller adapter...
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    dead: Visiontek OCPC GeForce RTX 2070 $430 @ Dell

    Roughly $70 off average selling price for these - not hot, but maybe, pretty decent deal? Not familiar with the line or Visiontek's current reputation but figured someone might be interested.
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    not so hot: ebay 970 pro 512GB NVMe $33 shipped (looks like it was a hacked account)

    ebay has sent out emails to buyers: ------------------------------- Your recent eBay transaction may be from a compromised account You were recently involved in a transaction for the following item: 254042871137 - NEW Samsung 970 PRO 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive SSD MZ-V7P512...
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    dead: 1070ti $400, 1080 $430 @ dell

    EDIT: deal dead, prices went way back up, and with the 2070/2080 announced today I wouldn't pay retail for one of these anyhow.,7729/geforce gtx 1070ti: 1080...
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    warm: Sapphire Nitro 64 ($600) at Amazon, Vega 56 ($500) going in and out of stock

    Note: these are the standard Nitro cards, with two power connections and the "regular" heatsink, not the limited edition ones with three power connections and the vapor chamber cooler. This one for the Vega 64:
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    buying new RGB kb / mouse - any issues running steelseries & corsair apps together?

    TL;DR: as title, anyone running a Corsair keyboard with iCUE and a Steelseries mouse/headset with Steelseries Engine and seen any problems? I've found some dated references to issues but nothing recent. --- Been using an old logitech illuminated keyboard (I know, I know) + rival 300 for a...
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    2400g GPU clock gets stuck after installing Ryzen Master

    I wanted to see about tweaking some settings on my 2400g last night so I installed Ryzen Master. Noticed much lower framerates in Unigine Heaven after the install, without changing anything in RM. GPU-Z was reporting the Vega 11 clock speed stuck at 400MHz, wouldn't go any higher. Even after...
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    480GB Micron M500 m.2 SATA SSD $97 shipped ebay BIN I bought one of these earlier in the week alongside the other SSD deal I posted here. I received the drive today and just got it installed. The drive came sealed in a static baggie...
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    Smallest case for Ryzen APU & Wraith Stealth?

    With the launch of the new Ryzen APUs I thought this was worth re-visiting (there's an old thread here). I have an ISK 110 here I was thinking of using for a build, but it's questionable whether the Wraith Stealth (53.4mm) will fit in it. I seem to recall having an Intel setup in one a while...
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    512GB PM951 m.2 NVMe SSD $99 shipped ebay BIN

    I checked the rules and it said ebay BIN listings are allowed to be posted here. Spotted this earlier and thought it was a real steal: Seller has low feedback but all good, and browsing the feedback shows a...
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    Hades Canyon NUC - Kaby Lake with Vega GPU

    Interesting info, the "Vega" GPU may not actually be a full Vega GPU, or maybe it is, but some features don't seem supported:,36844.html Reviews...
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    low refresh rate when input switching on monitor (sometimes)

    I've got a Dell U3415W with two systems connected. One is a desktop with a Radeon RX 580, using one of the HDMI 2.0 inputs. Laptop is connected via displayport. Seems like when I switch inputs, from displayport back to HDMI, about half the time the system drops to 30Hz refresh rate. Can't...
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    Shuttle XH110G (3 litre mini ITX, H110 chipset, with single slot PCIe x16)

    Couldn't find a post about this yet - apologies if I somehow missed it. H110 chipset DDR4 SO-DIMM x2 m.2 2230 m.2 2280 single 2.5" HDD skylake/kaby lake 65W proc support 180W power supply Video from Shuttle here: They claim...
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    any inexpensive, small external GPU enclosures? Is there a market for one?

    I realize that most of the GPU enclosures out so far are for getting that GTX 1080 connected to your laptop for extreme speeds. And those are going to be expensive and large. I haven't seen anything like this but I'm wondering, given that a lot of the enclosures I've seen and thunderbolt...
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    chrome is blocking "more options" when try to edit thread?

    Dunno if this is related to the https changes you guys were/are making, but I just tried to edit a thread, click on more options and chrome throws an error: Chrome detected unusual code on this page and blocked it to protect your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, and...
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    Midweek Madness Steam sale: Saints Row series 75% off

    PSA for anyone who hasn't played these games yet. They are hilariously fun! The individual games are 75% off right now, DLC 50% off, or you can buy the whole package for a mere $60.
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    XFX Hard Swap fans - any solid info?

    I've got an XFX RX 470 RS Black Edition. Last night I was working on the system it was in and had it sitting on my desk. It's one of these new "hard swap" dealies, where the fan uses contact points on a PCB in the heatsink frame to get power, so they can be easily swapped out. I poked around...
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    UEFI RAID configuration on Shuttle XPCs possible?

    Hey all. Have a Shuttle SH87R6 here. Ran the latest BIOS update on it (2.05). With the BIOS set to "legacy" boot mode, and the SATA config marked as "RAID", I can get into the RAID controller to set up the RAID in the usual "CTRL-I during boot" manner. With the BIOS set to "UEFI" and SATA...
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    10% off some GTX 750, 960 and 970 cards at Newegg

    Newegg has a coupon code posted with a bunch of video cards that will give you 10% off: 10 cards listed right now, it seems. 10% off at checkout is pretty nice, so...
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    950ti specs?

    Just did a quick google and ran across this: I don't recall seeing rumours about the 950's specs, and the last I saw about it was when rumors were still pointing to a 960 with 1280SPs, 960Ti with 1536SPs and I think...
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    what's the closest you've made/seen a system run to the limit of its PSU?

    I was looking at the PSU calculator just now and it got me wondering. Most (all?) of us that frequent the SFF forum know that you don't need a 700W+ power supply to run a single GTX 970, and I think the days of manufacturers all recommending ridiculous PSU ratings are past us (EVGA recommends...
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    PCB repair?

    I was installing a heatsink the other day, a Xigmatek Praeton, and when tightening the nuts on the underside of the board my hand slipped. I wound up putting a small scratch (maybe 3mm) right by the 1150 heatsink mounting hole, which happens to run right along a trace for one of the DIMM slots...
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    AMD announces 4k Samsung displays with Freesync

    News here: Most important (emphasis added): So... ~4 months out. That's not bad - these might start to show up around the time gsync monitors are more commonplace. Or possibly, they might start to show up and...
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    Microcenter: i7-4790k for $250, i5-4690k for $180

    i7-4790K for $250 i5-4690K for $180
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    Dell U2715H (new standard gamut model, successor to U2713HM)

    [main post updated 12 Dec 2014] Reviews: TFTCentral: ----- Buy links: (Watch for sales! Dell always has sales going on somewhere!) Dell...
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    Your thoughts on DSR on 23/24/27" 1080p displays (and big TVs, too)?

    [not sure if this is more nvidia or display oriented, but I'm posting here since it's about an NVIDIA tech, apologies if it needs to be moved] So there's an article over at Tech Report that has some pretty handy comparisons of different AA modes, along with NVIDIA's new DSR method...
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    Forums keep showing "yesterday" and not showing posts?

    Anyone else have this issue? The front page of the forum shows everything's latest as "yesterday" at whatever time and posts since then aren't showing, but if you actually find a thread it shows all of today's replies. Also threads created since then aren't showing up. I'd normally just think...