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    Custom Case Skins?

    Anyone have a source for custom case/large laptop skins? A search of the forums hasn't shown any and I'm not having much luck with google at the moment. Thanks, Derf
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    Best driver for PPD?

    Which 8800GT driver 175.19, 177.84 or 177.92 will give the best results/PPD?
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    M2N-Sli & GTX 260 = hard lock

    Greetings, I've run into a problem neither myself or EVGA can seem to resolve so I'm asking for your help. My system: Asus M2N-Sli Deluxe, AMD X2 5600, 2GB DDR2-800, Corsair TX750 & Win XP SP3. Up until 2 weeks ago I was running 2 8800GT (256mb) in Sli with no problems. 2 weeks ago I got a...
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    Volt Modding Fans?

    After 2 dozen fruitless searches of the forums I have a request: Does anyone have info to share on modding 12 volt fans (250mm in this case) to run at lower voltages without using a rheobus?
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    Project: Das Cubenstein

    Greets all, After reading hundreds of worklogs, advice posts and asking a few questions I've finally decided to build my first case. I have no welding experience so I'll be using wood (.5 inch M.D.F.) for the main structure with pine for supports and some metal for drive mounts. This will...
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    Source for removable motherboard trays?

    Anyone know a source for removable motherboard trays (like the ones found in many Lian Li models)? I have searched all the retailers I know of and only performance-pcs lists them but the have been out of stock for a long while. I do not care what brand or material they are. Thanks in...
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    Thread size question

    Does anyone happen to know what size threads the screws used to mount power supplies into cases are? Thanks, Derf
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    Learning to paint thanks to Crimson Sky

    I've decided to learn how to paint my own cases thanks to an article written by Paul Capello in Maximum PC magazine last year: I started with a stock Maxtop case (5 or 6 years old) but forgot to take any pictures of removing the paint. I can only work on this project 1 or 2 days a week so...
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    Bondo Info/Tutorial

    Wondering if anyone knows of a tutorial for people using bondo for the first time? I'm fairly new to case modding but after watching some of the Bigg Dawgs (Crimson Skies, Mashie, Top Nurse Etc..) out there do it the right way I'd like to move my skills to the next level. I've never used bondo...
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    Source for inexpensive 120m fans?

    I am looking for a few 120mm fans and do not care to pay 10.00 each w/shipping. I live in Kennewick, WA. and have close access to: Umatilla, OR. + Richland, WA + Pasco, WA. Any help is appreciated! :)
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    My first mod w/worklog

    If you'd like a quick laugh then take a look at the photo-worklog of my first real mod project: Home of the 9001 Derfs! It's filed under Derf's New Puter Enjoy & many thanks to everyone here for the info, advice & motivation to try this! :)
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    Question from a n00b

    Finally registered after lurking for several years. My question is how to add my sig? I've enabled sigs in my options but don't find a listing for it in my profile. I'm sure the answer is obvious so I'll apologize in advance for my n00bness :D