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    Qlogic FC card firmware error

    I have a Qlogic 4 port FC card and one of the port is complainting firmware error. I can see 4 ports but 1 of the ports show the firmware version as NA. Anybody know if there is a way to fix this ? I'm running comstar with openindiana and the problem occurs after a fault..
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    SCSI U320 to SAS

    I have a HP MSA2000 which is basically SAS/SATA disk cage normally attached through a SCSI320 cable to a server. Is it possible for me to attach this to a SAS interface somehow ?
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    ZFS Deduplication requirements and performance

    I have search though and there seems to be various formula throw up for the amount of ram required for deduplication. Is the ram requirement based on the actual size (block) of the pool or the amount of data (block) used in that pool. I.e. if my pool is 2T and 50% utilized, is it based on 2T or...
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    Setup and Performance

    I've read many posting here about different setup and the focus seems to be the hardware and how big the disks or total disks are. Anybody interested in posting on the setup (Type/Size of CPU,DRAM,FLASH,L2ARC,ZIP,DISK-setup) and how FAST their performances ? Both in terms of MBps and...