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    Why are graphic cards without a shroud bad?

    I hear that graphics cards in pre-built PCs aren't as good as ones that have a shroud, but why is that? And why don't they have shrouds then?
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    How to re-install OS without pre-installed garbage?

    I believe if I restore Windows 7 from the installer image on the drive that it will delete all the files on my drive. If I borrow a legitimate Windows 7 DVD, can I use my current CD key to re-install just the OS without all the pre-installed garbage and losing all my files?
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    Shrunk a partition and got 2 unallocated

    I shrunk a partition and expected to have one partition and another unallocated. Instead I have one partition and TWO unallocated. For some reason it divided the unallocated partition into two random size partitions. One of the unallocated is 230GB the other is 746GB. I can create a...
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    I need a SATA to SATA and LP4 adapter

    I need a USB 3.0 card that has a 4 pin molex connection, but I don't have any available power connectors. So I think need something like a SATA male to SATA female and LP4 female cable. I've searched and can't find what I need. Does it even exist?
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    Is a hard drive a computer?

    A hard drive has a processor, OS, memory, storage space... Do you guys consider it a computer?
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    RAID seems like a real pain.

    1. Apparently WD Red drives are important because normal drives can drop out of the array. 2. ZFS you need a ton of memory that should be ECC since 1 bit gets flipped in memory it can corrupt the whole array. 3. If one drive fails, it's not uncommon for a second drive to fail during...
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    Moore's law and CPUs

    I've been out of the hardware world for a while, but I remember in the 90's CPUs were: 100Mhz 133Mhz 166Mhz 200Mhz ... Every single release was +33Mhz. How does that work? You're telling me every single breakthrough in CPUs just happened to be an additional 33Mhz, or consistent with...
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    C++ vs. C++ .NET

    What exactly are the differences between C++ and C++ .NET? It seems like I hear C++ is faster and more cross platform. If I want to learn to write Windows software, does that basically mean I should learn some kind of managed C++? Is that going to be easier writing software?
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    DirectTV tuner + Synology?

    Is it possible to attach some kind of DirecTV USB tuner card to a Synology NAS to record TV shows?
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    Best to build your own NAS or buy WD/Seagate NAS?

    Should I build my own NAS or buy a WD or Seagate NAS? Sometimes open source is a better choice than commercial, but I don't know much about NAS to know which route I should go.
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    What can I do with all the hardware I have?

    I have a big old HDTV DirecTV with 5 TVs connected to it (and DECA) so there are now 5 "MediaRender" IPs showing up on the router. 2 WDTV Lives 2 Ipads 3 Android phones Multiple computers External USB hard drives Right now I have the WDTV and external hard drive connected to the TV. I...
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    Where to get a good punch down tool?

    I'm probably going to need a punch down tool to rewire some ethernet outlets in my house. I'm searching Amazon and am surprised to see they cost more than crimpers! Why do they cost so much, and can someone recommend one? Also, can I reuse the jacks if they are wired wrong, or do I have...
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    Logging of Asus N66U

    I'm thinking about getting an Asus N66U, and saw it has parental controls to limit the time kids can spend online, but is that it? Can it filter sites, or at least log them?
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    Free video editing software to make text bubbles?

    Does anyone know of free video editing software that can make text or speech bubbles?
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    Win OS installed on HD but I need to upgrade hard drive

    I don't have a Windows 7 CD, but Dell put the installer in the recovery partition. What is the best way to upgrade my hard drive, and install Windows?
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    Who has the largest network in the world?

    Which company has the largest network of computers, and how many computers does it have? Do you think the largest network could be owned by criminals operating botnets?
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    Can't get stereo speakers working on TV

    I've had an old stereo connected to my computer and the audio has been working fine. Now I'm trying to use the stereo with a TV instead of my computer and it's not working. The TV has an input to use head phones and I've taken the same cable I've used to connect the stereo to my computer and...
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    Would this Windows XP CD work on any computer?

    I'm not a student and am looking for Windows XP, but don't know if CDs like this would work on any computer or just Dell.
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    CoreRestore, HDSafe Recovery Card, etc.

    Anyone have experience with hard drive restore cards or hardware that can restore your hard drive to a previous state after a reboot such as CoreRestore or HDSafe Recovery Card? I heard good things about CoreRestore, but I don't know if they went out of business or what because I can't find...
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    HD keeps disappearing in Windows XP

    I have a 400 GB WD SATA drive that keeps disappearing in Windows XP after days or a few hours. The way I get it back is by shutting down and reconnecting the SATA cable. I tried taping the cable to the drive but that only lasted a few hours before it was gone again. The drive has lost...
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    Computer crashed now hard drive gone

    My computer just crashed/rebooted and now my secondary but biggest 400GB WD SATA drive isn't showing up in Windows or device manager. Does anyone know how I can get it back? Please help!
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    Is this a defective PSU?

    I had a power supply that wasn't supplying enough power to the Evga GTX 280 video card so I got a new PSU that could handle it, and after connecting everything and turning on the computer the video card's orange/red light came on and the monitor wasn't getting a signal. I finally connected a...
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    4 memory slots must install 2 at a time?

    I have a Dell SC420 which has 4 memory slots and a maximum of 4 GB memory, but do I have to use either 2 or 4 slots? I only think I really only need three 1 GB sticks of memory, but this site says I have to install memory 2 slots at a time.
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    Moving XP license to another computer

    My ancient computer with Windows XP kicked the bucket recently, so is there a way I can install XP on another computer since I'm not going to use the old computer anymore?
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    Should I purchase this $1,300 computer?

    My computer is 8 years old and started smoking yesterday so I want to get a new computer that will be able to play FPS games like Far Cry 2, Crysis, etc. I'm thinking about purchasing it from CyberPower What do you think about these specs? Is there something better for the money? Total...
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    Disable routers multicast UDP 1900 traffic?

    My Wireless WRT54G router keeps sending a lot of multicast UDP port 1900 traffic. How can I get it to stop?
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    What's a good alternative NTP client for XP?

    Windows XP's native NTP client only updates once a week which isn't going to work. Does anyone know of a a good free alternative? I also need to know how I can get a Red Hat box to synchronize to the NTP server more frequently as well. Any help is appreciated.
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    CLI tool to add program to autostart on bootup?

    I need a command line program that can add another program to automatically load when Windows XP loads. Probably by editing adding a registry key at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Anyone know if there is a program that can do that?
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    I need a free telnet server for Windows

    I'm working on a project and I need a free telnet (not SSH) server that runs on Windows. I tried KpyM, however it is handicapped unless you purchase it. I need one that is fully functional (even if it is for a limited amount of time) and I need to be able to login as many times as I want...
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    Built in Windows command to extract zips?

    Anyone know if there is a command that comes with Windows that can be used to extract compressed zips?
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    What's your patch management policy?

    Hey guys, I have a few questions on patch management... 1. How are you guys assessing risk posed by vulnerabilities? 2. How quickly are you patching low medium and severe vulnerabilities? 3. How are you testing patches before you roll them out? I'm curious as to how you guys are...
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    Can Group Policy enforce the Security Center?

    I'm not familiar with Group Policy, so is there a way to enforce that clients have the Windows Firewall and Automatic Updates running?
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    Are there any cheap but good DX10 cards?

    I'm thinking about getting a HIS Hightech H195PRQT256DDN-R Radeon X1950PRO 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 IceQ3 Turbo HDCP Video Card, but am wondering if there is a DX10 card that is better than that for around the $185 price. What's the cheapest DX10 video card?
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    Any suggestions before I place my order for a new PC?

    I haven't built a computer since 2001 so I need some help. What do you guys think of this setup? Do you see any compatibility problems? Anything I should change? Any bottlenecks? Case: Antec Performance TX640B Black Steel ATX Mini Tower Computer Case 400W Power Supply $145 Mobo: Asus...
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    SATA compatible with SATA II?

    In I think 2004 I bought a Dell Small Business Server which came with what I assume is a SATA drive, but if I buy another computer which uses SATA II, will I be able to use the SATA drive that came with my Dell computer with the new SATA II computer?
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    If you have an IP address, how do you find the physical computer?

    If you have an IP address of a computer or user that is causing a problem on your network, and you need to find out which physical computer is using that IP address, how do you do it? What's the quickest and most reliable way?
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    Excessive collisions and slow speed with 10Mbps hub

    I have a Linksys router and attatched to it is a computer, and a small 5 port Linksys 10 Mbps hub. Attatched to the hub are a couple computers. When I try to transfer files from a computer connected to the hub to the computer connected to the router the collision light is solid red and it only...
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    BIOS doesn't recognize HDD but OBSD install does

    I'm trying to put together my old computer and got a used mobo and am having a lot of problems relating to the hard drives. My latest problem is that I have connected an old 10GB IDE hard drive that I know works, and the BIOS won't recognize it, and will only *sometimes* recognize my other 60GB...
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    Hard drive space is half what it should be

    I just installed a used ASUS A7266E mobo and am using an IBM Deskstar 60GXP 60GB and was using WinXP when I got a kernel panic and couldn't load Windows anymore and I can't install Windows XP because it gets to the partitioning part and doesn't list any of my partitions and says "Setup cannot...
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    Kernel panic now HD is gone

    I just got a used ASUS A7V266E mobo and was using Windows when the mobo started beeping and gave me a kernel panic, now my hard drive isn't being detected by the BIOS or the Windows XP installation CD. I want to reinstall the OS now, but is there any way I can do that?