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    My laptop's screen is broken, how can I get my files from my laptop?

    Hello The screen of my laptop is not working but the laptop does. How can I get my files from that laptop? I have a usb-c cable to connect to another laptop but nothing shows up. I am not sure if it's because it's a work laptop and mounting usb is disabled. Any idea? Thanks!
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    Phone wifi drops, what is the cheapest alternative?

    Hello My mobile phone wifi drops all the time. It must be faulty and I cannot do much about it. I only want to make calls over wifi and nothing else. What is the cheapest possible way to do that? Thank you
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    My laptop's wifi adapter is faulty, are there any alternatives?

    Hello My laptop's wifi adapter is faulty and I think it's because the driver is faulty but it is now obsolete and not updated. Is there any other cheap alternative to connect to wifi with good speed and stable connection? I was thinking of something small that I will plug and play. Any...
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    How can I connect three laptops to a fourth one?

    Hello I want to connect three laptops to a fourth one and operate all the four from the fourth one. I need full operation, i.e. video, audio, hotkeys, etc. I also need minimal latency. Can you suggest please what hardware/software do I need? My budget is limited, I have seen online some in...
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    Wrist Watch Sound recorder

    Hello! I want a covert sound recorder and I think the ideal is a wrist watch. However, I cannot find a good one with the following characteristics: 1) hardware switch to initiate recording without having to look at the device 2) covert recording without any lights or other indicators while...
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    Wrist Watch Sound recorder

    Hello! I want a covert sound recorder and I think the ideal is a wrist watch. However, I cannot find a good one with the following characteristics: 1) hardware switch to initiate recording without having to look at the device 2) covert recording without any lights or other indicators while...
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    Looking for downloader

    Is there a GUI method that will download a list of urls that to access them you need to enter login information in a form? Also, I need it to delay x seconds between each download and if possible to search the webpages of the urls in the list so that if it find a link to a pdf/ppt etc file to...
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    Laptop with spill proof keyboard

    hello! is there a laptop that is spill proof? I am looking for the cheapest with 8gb or more, 13-14in, ssd only and touchscreen or can i put waterproof keyboard to my yoga 20175? thNks!
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    Is this laptop a good option? it has everything I want, but I am worried about the quality?? any idea?
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    What is the cheapest 16GB RAM laptop?

    Hello! What is the cheapest 16GB ram laptop? thanks!
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    How can I download files in that way?

    Hello! I need some help please I want to download a list of urls from a website that I have a login and I login via a form (I suppose it uses a cookie to authenticate). How can I load the urls to a program and have it download them for me, using the cookie from the web browser? Also, I need...
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    Is any of these good?

    hello! I need a new phone I need it to have at least 3GB RAM, as my current Note 2 struggles with 2GB RAM also I need it to have decent removable battery and decent screen under sunlight ofcourse with no other issues, ie clear loud voice calls etc can you advise me please of any? are there any...
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    Rejuvenate my android

    hello! my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is getting very slow is there a hardware degradation that I can do nothing about and I need to buy a new phone? or there is someething that I can do? if I need format, how do I do it given the huge amount of settings, apps, files, data I have? thanks!
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    speed cameras

    Hello! is there an android solution preferably for Google Maps Navigator to alert me of speed cameras? I need it to be always activate and to warn me automatically, not relying on me to open it first. thanks!
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    encrypt folder

    hello! is there a robust way to encrypt a folder/file? I want to open/access it with a password after I logon to windows but it should be unaccessible by any method in case my laptop is stolen or hacked any idea?
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    free online backup

    hello! I want a program that will monitor specific files and folders for changes and it will upload them to the cloud when something changes and also keep some previous versions as well is there anything free without hideous limitations? thanks!
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    blue light blocking

    hello! I want to block blue light from screens to aid sleeping the idea of glasses is a bit cumbersome, so I wonder if any screen filters would do the desired 99% blue light blocking is there any for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Lenovo Yoga 13.3" (I think, how can I check?) laptop? thanks!
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    ctrl_z in MS Office 2016

    hello! how can I assign the ctrl_z to undo stuff in MS Office 2016? I cant BELIEVE they removed the most important keyboard shortcut! thanks!
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    MS Office Use at Home

    hello! I recently bought the MS Office via the Use at Home scheme, which is a discount for employees of companies that use MS Office. Unfortunately I could only buy the Office 2016. Is there a chance that I can get the Office 2013? Thanks!
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    snipping tool

    hello! in win 7 or something, there is a very useful snipping tool that turns on with Win key + S. Can I have this in Win 8.1? I need a SIMPLE tool like that, not some bloatware with thousands of controls thanks!
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    research mobile device

    hello! I am looking for a mobile device to research in a cafe. I want it to have: 1) long battery life more than 5h 2) sun-resistive very good screen 3) wifi and 3g 4) able to browse the web 5) able to view pdf, doc and edit them any suggestions please?
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    unroot note 2

    hello! I want to unroot my Samsung Note 2, but I can't find the firmware! I tried this But it gets disconnected! Any help please ? thanks!
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    why I cannot post in general hardware?

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    longest battery life

    Hello! I need a mobile pc to work at cafes, with full keyboard/touchpad, but I needed to have: 1) the best screen under sun 2) the longest battery life Any suggestion? maybe specific technology? thanks!
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    is Microsoft Surface 3 truly amazing?

    hello! I am interested in the new Microsoft Surface 3, which seems very tempting for a laptop replace. Can you tell me please how does it compare with my Lenovo Yoga 13" 6GB laptop? what should I expect from the Surface in terms of power and limitless productivity? also, are there...
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    battery life champion device regarding browsing the web via 3G/4G or wifi?

    hello! which is the battery life champion device regarding browsing the web via 3G/4G or wifi? thanks!
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    function keys annoyance

    hello my lenovo yoga has the annoying thing where I have to hold the Fn button and then click the F1, F2 etc keys is there a way to reverse this? thanks!
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    function keys annoyance

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    ethernet to usb

    Hello My ultrabook doesnt have ethernet slot, can you point me to an amazon uk link of an adaptor that will accept ethernet cable and send it to my ultrabook via usb? So that I can connect to the internet from my ultrabook to my landline Thanks!
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    battery life smartphone champion

    Hello! Which is the battery life smartphone champion? I am a heavy 3G, wifi and phone call user and most phones dont last even half a day! Thanks!
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    sim to usb

    Hello! I want an as tiny as possible sim to usb adapter in order to transform my laptop into mobile phone Any hint? Thanks!
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    Win7 -> Win7/Win8 dual boot

    hello I have no empty partition and I have Win7 in my system. I now want to make it dual boot with Win8. Can you advise me please about the procedures and tools needed for the fastest and safest way? First, Win8 Enterprise is the only free evaluation, or there is a Pro VL evaluation...
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    wireless audio

    hello! I have speakers with 3.5mm male jack that I plug into an audio source to hear music however I am looking for a wireless connection, ie. to connect something to that 3.5mm male jack and make it communicate with a bluetooth mp3 player is it possible? it would also be nice to communicate...
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    Intel i5 3337U vs Intel i3 3227U

    hello! is there a real life noticed difference between these two processors? Intel i5 3337U vs Intel i3 3227U thanks!
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    Lenovo Yoga 13 vs Dell XPS 12

    Hello Which has the best screen? Lenovo Yoga 13 has a screen: 13.3" HD+ LED Backlit 1600x900 Dell XPS 12 has a screen: 12.5" Corning® Gorilla® Glass 170-degree viewing angle Full HD (1080p) 400-nit Which would be of best clarity and sharpness? Particularly for text and...
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    ipad questions

    hello! I need a business portable computer and I am willing to consider ipad for this role, due to its excellent indoors/outdoors screen visibility and its battery life. A) maybe a bit off-topic, but do you know any devices with similar characteristics? retina-like or better screen and...
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    biggest hybrid

    hello! I am looking for an ultrabook/tablet hybrid (with any mechanism, eg swivel, detached screen, etc) afaik, the biggest is the Lenovo Yoga 13 can you confirm this? also, do you have any news about future releases in this sector? thanks!
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    custom ultrabook

    hello! 1) are there any ultrabooks > 15"/15.4" ? 2) if not, where can I create a custom 15"/15.4" ultrabook? 3) are there any ultrabooks with dedicated graphics? or if there is any with these specs: 1) 256GB or more SSD only disk 2) dedicated graphics (or which is the best...
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    Win7 is a very bad OS

    hello! I use Win7 and I notice that after a period of idling, system becomes very slow, as if idling causes memory garbage to be collected which slow down the system I want to leave my system idle and run it as if I have just restarted it is there a way to do this? any other OS or any...
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    is this SSD superior?

    hello! is this SSD superior than the best regular desktop SSDs ? (eg. the Samsung 840 Pro) it's price is nice too! thanks!