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    Ubiquiti Sanity Check

    I have to upgrade a network. 9k sqft "house" lots of stone and hard materials. I need 3 AP's, a router, and a 24 port switch. IDK if I should get an edge router with POE to power the AP's, then use an unmanaged switch for the other devices, or go with an EdgeRouterX and get a switch with POE...
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    Radeon Vanguard open beta tester spots.

    *Radeon vanguard open beta tester spots* This is open to all AMD GPU users though. We use Discord, and we usually have weekly driver builds for all products, even mobile. There is a dedicated bug reporting channel, which is moderated by AMD, and is a fantastic resource. PM your email address...
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    App or program to receive and send text message on PC for business.

    It's a small business and the contractors send their time sheets to the phone number instead of faxing or emailing and I have 3 users that use the Verizon app to save the time sheets and talk to the contractors. I'm looking for an app that will allow multiple users to send and receive text...
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    pfSense help

    I'm confused I have a comcast SMC gateway/modem with a static ip of DHCP Disabled I have a Domain controller/DHCP server. IP is My DHCP Address pool is 192.168.10 - 99 for my pfSense box I have a 2 NIC's for WAN/LAN WAN is set to DHCP - it picked up a
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    Windows 10 pre-installed games wont go away

    What in the hell is going in here? I right click and uninstall, they go away but the icon comes back. If I click on them they don't even open. Anyway to get these to go away? They are just annoying to look at. I've ran all the powershell commands I can find that relate to this. Any ideas?
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    LG LED TV with shadows on screen?

    LG 50LN5400 has some dark shadows on the screen. If I reduce the back lighting they kind of go away, and when I increase it I can see them pop back. Is the panel shot? The TV is only 2 fucking years old.
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    iPhone 5s, 9.3.2 to 8.xx?

    9.3.2 is a POS on my 5S. I have Sprint as my carrier. Can I "downgrade" from 9 to 8 if I get the correct .ipsw? Not looking to jailbreak unless I have too. The firmwares in show GSM and Global. I don't know which one I need. I suck at this.
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    No reception for channel in WMC. But direct to TV is fine. OTA HD Antenna

    I'm using WMC on win 7x64 (I know I know). Last year I could get channel 29.2 in WMC it would come in just fine. Something changed and the only time I can get that channel is when I use the antenna directly to the TV and not through WMC. For the record I have two different TV's with two...
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    AMD RAM kits. 16GB kit for $80. 8GB kit for $40 hot hot
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    Hot/Warm? Diamond R9 290x $279. Free Shipping Not only did I buy this, I went to my local Frys and had them Price match. I still had to pay taxes, but I wanted...
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    ASRock enables CPU overclocking on H87, B85 motherboards

    I haven't seen this posted yet. I first saw it on Toms.
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    MSI Reflex SSD's

    I picked up the 120GB at Frys today. $119 with $20 Rebate. No info on MSI's website and their tech support has no knowledge of these. Funny. I guess I will be testing it tonight...