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    Ghostrunner Was browsing new synthwave on Bandcamp and one of my favorite producers, Daniel Deluxe, is apparently doing music for this upcoming game. Seems almost like a first person neo-ninja puzzle game drenched in dystopian sci-fi so a Cyberpunk/Mirror's Edge combo. Given...
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    Failed to load detection driver

    For fuck's sake. Picked up a Sapphire 7870 to replace my Galaxy GTX460. Removed nVidia drivers, rebooted, installed the 12.11 drivers with CAP2. Worked beautifully but had an issue in gaming and outside of it where my pc would lock up with no BSOD or dump file (event viewer = kernel power...
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    Newegg: Rosewill R5 Case $20 off + 15% off promo

    Down to $67.99 w/free shipping (some restrictions, of course) Promo deal ends the 21st, the $20 off has been on this case since it was introduced, I believe. No idea when that will lift. I was going to get a 600T but I might...