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    A question about motherboard standoffs

    Here's a silly thought that I could use an opinion or or two on about motherboard standoffs: I have a Gigabyte GA-7PESH2 motherboard (SSI-EEB) that I am installing in a Cooler Master MasterBox case. Most of the standoff holes line up with the exception of three of them. For these, I used a...
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    Tyan S5220AG2NR Server Motherboard

    Tyan Computer S5220AG2NR, LGA 775/Socket T, Intel Motherboard
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    Gigabyte GA-EP43T-UD3L, Pentium e6500, 4GB Ram

    Up for auction is the board that I removed from my decommissioned htpc. Gigabyte GA-EP43T-UD3L Motherboard (Intel LGA 775), Pentium e6500, 4GB Memory I will have a Tyan S5220 server board and an XFX HD 5770 video card listed tomorrow as well. Eventually I will also have lian-li desktop case...
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    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5, Core i7-920, 12GB OCZ DDR3

    I have finally upgraded my main desktop, or I am in process rather, and have put the board, cpu and ram up for sale. Never abused or overclocked. GA-EX58-UD5 Core i7-920 12GB OCZ Ram Avocent DVI KVM Switch
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    Noob Question about Virtualbox-ose

    I toying with the idea of running virtualbox-ose on my Freebsd 8.1 server I'm working on. But I'd like the ability to put the server to sleep or hibernate for most of the day. My question is, how does Virtualbox respond when the host goes to sleep? Somehow I think I'm just begging for...
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    Perc 6/IR - anyone using one of these for a simple HBA?

    I did some searching and I can find a few references to the Perc 6/I, but not the 6/IR. From digging around on the web it seems this card is a 1068e based controller that supports raid 0,1 and jbod. These look like a...
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    Need help configuring firewall for whitelist in OpenSUSE

    I've got a client which I built an sFTP server based on OpenSUSE.. The server has been running well for a couple of years, but recently we determined that someone from out of the country was attempting to brute-force attack the server. How can I setup a firewall to implicitly deny all...
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    Sansung 2TB Echogreen suitable for HW Raid?

    Has anyone used these Samsung Echogreen drives in a hardware raid? I thought I remember seeing people on these forums using these without any form of tler or modification, although I can't find it now. I know everyone has had generally good results with them for pure storage, although I'm...
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    Mystery Adaptec / ICP Raid Cards on Ebay

    I stumbled across these on ebay: Adaptec ICP5805SL SAS/SATA Controller New I realize ICP is just rebranded Adaptec.. and the certain models cross over, but I can find no reference to these cards anywhere on the web The ICP5808BL is basically an Adaptec 3085, but the ICP5805SL sure looks...
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    Can anyone help me with a broken Adaptec 31605?

    Hello everyone, after years of lurking I finally have a question worthy of posting. I picked up a dead Adaptec 31605 off of ebay for $30..after examining it i discovered a couple of the smt chips near the pci-e slot have been broken off.. C450 was easy to identify, it is a capacitor and...