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    Free Stuff TAKEN - You must pick up - Sterling Heights MI

    I'm tired of looking at this crap in my basement. I will never get to using it. I don't remember what CPU is in the motherboard but it looks like there is (2) 2GB sticks of ram in it. It all worked the last time I messed with it, which was a long time ago. If you come and pick it up - make...
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    $25 off eBay Coupon

    Found this in my eBay messages today..... A special $25 coupon just for our first members Thank you for being with us from the very beginning! Here's a coupon for you, plus a look back at your history with us. Code: HAPPY25 Ends 9/10. Min. spend $25.01. Special offer just for yo
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    YMMV: WD Elements 12TB $186 - Plex Pass Users

    I bought a couple 12TB WD Elements drives to replace the 8TB drives in my Plex server last week. If you have a PlexPass, there's a Perks link at the bottom of the Plex page that will give you a 20% off coupon for the WD store + WD gives you 10% off your first purchase at their store. Some...
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    Can only access BIOS via DVI

    Howdy- My son's PC is an Asrock x470 Gaming K4 with EVGA 1070 FTW and 2700x (no integrated graphics). Initially he had a single LG monitor connected via DisplayPort. He found an old Hannspree 20" monitor I had in the basement and was excited to set it up for multi-monitor so he could...
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    Dead Intel DH67CL Motherboard after attempted RAM upgrade ?

    Howdy all- I bought an Intel DH67CL Socket 1155 motherboard new 7-8 years ago and put it into a system I built for my brother-in-law with a G620 CPU and 2x2=4GB of RAM. When his hard drives started to kick the bucket, I gave him my old FX8320 16GB RAM system I was using as a Plex server ...
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    X370/470 Motherboard with "cool" RGB for my son

    Howdy- I am building an 2600X system for my son. I want it to look cool to him- he's 11. :) I got a Corsair 460X case with the RGB fans and am trying to pick out a quality motherboard with RGB illumination for him. Hard to find what the different options out there look when...
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    Lenovo Tab2 A10 10" Tablet $145 FS - 1920x1200 Screen

    Bestbuy on eBay. Nice thing about this, besides the price, is that the return policy for the Bestbuy eBay store is that you can return/exchange things at any Bestbuy location. This same tablet is on clearance in their B&M locations for $170. My son is so happy because he just killed...
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    What to do with Bitfenix Prodigy ITX ?

    I have a Prodigy that is in perfect shape that I have been having a hard time even GIVING away. I have a couple PSUs and an old OCZ SSD I could use in it. I'm pondering just getting some cheap hardware to throw in it . But what could I use it for? I already have a Plex server that also...
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    CnQ and Overclocking FX8320 to FX8350

    Hello- I'm going to be building a new system as a Plex server. It will have an FX8320 and I am planning on overclocking it to FX8350 speed. Will I lose any of the power management features of the CPU by doing this? The system will have a lot of idle time and I don't want it to be to...
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    BAMT or similar for Folding @ Home ?

    Hello - Back when I was into mining, I loved using BAMT. Setup was so simple, fast, easy, and FREE. Is there anything similar to BAMT that I could just run off of a USB stick for Folding, with a single GTX 970 GPU (no plan to use the weak CPU I have to Fold)? Thanks, CxP
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    HD 103SJ 1TB x2 Thermaltake PSU HP Touchpad & Touchstone

    My auctions are here: Make me an offer. I would like to do a deal outside of eBay to save on fees but if you want to go through eBay that's OK too. My Heat and eBay feedback rating speak for themselves. Heat...
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    Qty=2 Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB

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    WARM? : Fire Phone $189 + Free Year of Prime (Then Resell Phone for Profit)

    Hello- Amazon has the Fire Phone Unlocked GSM 32GB for $189. Is this worth just buying the phone for $189, getting the free year of Prime and then selling the phone?
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    Build Suggestions

    7 year old system just died so time to refresh it. It will be used mostly for web browsing and playing flash games in the brower but with some mild gaming thrown in once in a while. Nothing heavy on the gaming. If he wants some serious gaming he will get a graphics card later but no time for...
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    Fractal Design Define R4 $79 Shipped Free

    The Fractal Design Define R4 can be had for $79 shipped free after promo code EMCPCWE56. Great deal IMO!
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    New P8Z77-I, Bunch of RAM, Router I'd like to do a deal outside eBay if I can to save on the fees!
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    Is this Samsung Ram not compatible with my 990FX

    Hi- I bought this RAM on eBay. SAMSUNG DDR3 4GB M393B5270CH0-YH9 My motherboard, Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 will not boot with this memory installed. All that will happen is my case fans turn on when I turn the computer on. I have other memory that the computer works just fine with...
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    FREE ShopRunner with Amex - Newegg

    Hi- Last night I ordered a video card from Newegg. Since I have an eligible AMEX Blue card, I decided to sign up for the FREE Shoprunner account to get free 2-day shipping. What are your experiences with ShopRunner? Thanks, CxP
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    2x R9 270 Mining Rig Water Cooling GPUs

    Hi- I've never done water cooling before. I have a mining rig currently running that'll be going into a Coolermaster HAF XB EVO case. I'm considering water cooling the two video cards. Do you guys have suggestions for a first timer? I'm thinking a closed loop solution will be best...
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    My Auctions - HDDs, Memory, CPU

    Here they are: 64GB SSD and 955 BE are already gone. ClockerXP
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    Howdy - I picked up an FX-8230 CPU and bundled it with a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P, the new Socket AM3+ recently released. Some searching indicates it'll be compatible with the newer 140W processors. Any thoughts on this motherboard/cpu combo? How do you think it'll clock in my little encoding...
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    PCI-E x1 Slots Not Working When Onboard Lan is Disabled

    Howdy- I'm noticing that on my motherboard, when the onboard LAN is disabled in the BIOS, nothing will work in either of the PCI-E x1 slots. When I re-enable the onboard LAN, the (Intel Gigabit CT NIC in this case) works fine. Is this normal for boards such as this one...
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    WHS 2011 with 8-Core AMD FX CPU

    Hi- My WHS 2011 box is also used for encoding and trans-coding duty. I'd like to upgrade to an 8-core CPU from a 4-core to speed up that work but I'm unsure if it will work. I've heard that WHS 2011 only supports quad core or lower in some google searching. But then there is someone here...
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    Best Budget 955 X4 Motherboard

    I was able to get a 955 X4 CPU for dirt cheap. I need a motherboard. The combo will be used in my headless server so a lot of features are NOT needed or ever be used. However, it would be nice if the motherboard has decent overclocking potential because the server might occasionally...
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    E3300 @ 3.3Ghz --> Q6600 For Video Encoding

    I'm considering swapping out my E3300 at 3.3Ghz for Q6600 (overclockability TBD) on my WHS v1 box to improve the video encoding / transcoding performance. Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L. Think it will be a worthwhile upgrade? I don't really feel like rebuilding the whole box as it is...
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    Please help me with my Infinity P965-S OC

    Processor: E6420 RAM: Geil DDR2 800 (Voltage 1.9v-2.4v) Motherboard: DFI Infinity P965-S with latest BIOS from DFI Website I'm new to C2D. Can you guys give me some pointers on where to start with this board? I tried...
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    4GB RAM w/ Toldeo Core Gets Me 100Mhz Memory

    I have an ATI Express 3200 motherboard with 4x1GB of OCZ Platinum PC3200. My ram won't run at 200Mhz unless I have only two of my DIMMS installed. With 3 or more, it only runs at 100Mhz. I knew there were some problems with the earlier A64's and larger amounts of RAM where the speed was...
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    PNY 6600 (non-GT) AGP Fan Control

    Is there any way to control the stock fan on an PNY 6600 AGP (non-GT) with software? I have not installed the card yet but I am anticipating it will be loud. I heard the latest nVidia drivers allow fan control but I have not tried it yet... Any thoughts or ideas ? Thanks, C