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    EVGA Warranty Troubles!

    Having nothing but trouble with EVGA within the past year. This is just one example I am currently dealing with now. I am not sure it is because I am in Canada? I hear of people getting free video card upgrades and such if none are in stock etc.. I personally have had nothing but issues with my...
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    Think someone might get a chuckle out of this :)

    Bought a used system, P6T7WS Supercomputer with case, hdd, h60, xeon w3520 (i think) and a thermaltake 600w TR2 PSU.. and its mint, i mean mint. no dust anywhere. When I saw the power supply, I thought to myself "something tells me this is not going to put out nearly 600w" I hooked up a 390x...
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    Odd responsiveness issue with Aero

    Hi all. PC is in sig. Very very odd issue here have not been able to find any information out there and I really do not want to re-format but I will if i have to. No new software/drivers/games installed. I just actually downloaded the two free BF4 expansions recently. Thats it. Problem is...
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    Convince me I need to update

    Hi guys. Hope everyones doing well. System in sig. Want to future proof/update (system is great now, want to ensure longevity) Which CPU / MOBO should I go for? budget not an issue however im not spending 1000$ on a cpu. I have everything else, going to be picking up a fury X or 980ti (or...
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    Artifacts in CCC? What is going on?

    Everything was going smooth, I installed 12.3 preview. Power went out at my place, had to reformat, installed 12.4..... this is what I see. I installed 12.4, even downgraded to 12.3... still there.. RMA time or what? 3D no artifacts that I can tell, just maybe bad performance.... wtf...
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    "No devices detected" periodically.. bad bridge?

    Hey all. I recently started having an issue where sometimes upon bootup both of my video cards (GTX460) would not be detected and it would default to the plain old 640/480 rez. I know my SLI connector was loose giving me issues in SWTOR but other then that there havent been any other problems...
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    Calling all fellow geeks: Which Gigabyte board for i7 build?

    Heyas! Havent been paying much attention to the offerings of i7 boards at all since my system is pretty fast as is... But Im getting some cash soon and I want to upgrade again. I HATE asus with a passion, but the RoG Max III looks tempting... I have always bought Gigabytes top of the...
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    Looking for help ! 4870 to new HDTV: no signal upon windows 7 load

    Hey guys. Bought a brand new 120hz philips TV. picture is stunning... anyhow.. Im trying to connect it to my 4870 512mb with the included DVI to HDMI adapter. When I boot my PC up, the BIOS screen is outputting at full 1080p, everything is centered and CRYSTAL clear. as soon as the windows 7...
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    Upgrade advice: 8800 GT to 280?

    Hey all. I want to upgrade but im lost as to what I should buy. Here are my choices: 4870 1gb gtx 260 SSC 216 core gtx 280 palit or even the 285.. I game at 1680 x 1050 but i also want a bit of future proofing, any suggestions? thanks in advance
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    Rampage II i7 and GTX 295 - bios error

    Anyone have a clue why my friends 295 wont work in this mobo? It gave him a bios error to start off with, he swapped out video cards, installed vista, updated bios... Now when he has the 295 in he can hear his system boot up but no video. Updated bios Using a 1600 watt power supply 6 GB...
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    Is it possible...

    That a stick of RAM that goes bad, not because of voltages, able to mess up a DIMM slot? Had a stick of memory that went bad, slot 3, ... now no memory works in that slot. My motherboard is great, 458 fsb almost 50% o/c etc but id hate to think its going, any ideas ?
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    8800 GT and Vista = unhappy customer..

    Hey all. Was wondering if anyone could corroborate my experience thus far.. 8800 GT = The best card for the price ive ever bought... If i could use it! I am running vista32, SP1. Vsync doesnt work, so my 70 fps looks like a slideshow. Alot of games I play wont let me enable AA. Anyone...
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    I bet no one has heard of this problem before.

    Hey all. I have probably the rarest problem (i think) there is.. I recently bought a Gigabyte 965 DQ6. Its only 2 months old. Good motherboard all in all... Weirdest thing has been happening. Everytime I type, move the mouse, access my harddrive, I hear a very strange noise, almost like...
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    Drivers for 7900 GT for VISTA???

    Hey guys and gals. Ive been installing/uninstalling vista recently to see if there are any good 3d drivers out yet that dont impact performance... In XP my video zooms along but in vista the framerate is drastically reduced by 25-40%. just wondering if there are any good vista nvidia...
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    DQ6 @ 251 FSB - hard lock ups??

    hey guys. had my dq6 running at 251 fsb on a 14x multi for a pd-820.. this put me at 3.5 ghz from a stock 2.8. my ram is running with a 2.66 divider which makes it running at stock 667 mhz. i set all voltages to +0.1 for a little stablility and my cpu overvolted to 1.41625 from a stock...
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    Gigabyte DQ6 Heatpipes..

    Hey guys. I love the board, but ive noticed the NB/SB/Vreg heat pipe gets extremely hot. Ive even tried taking out my PSU, under full load its almost searing to the touch, ive had one reboot due to the heat (im guessing).. I had it running at 251 fsb, to give me 3.51ghz on my pentium d 820...
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    Anyone get 5.1 sound to work on 965-DQ6??

    Hey all. The stupid program doesnt have a setting for 5.1 sound and when i put it to 8 channel it doesnt work properly, anyone else have this issue as well?
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    What memory to use for DQ6??

    Hey all. I finally got rid of that p5b and went with a high end offering from gigabyte. All in all its a good board but cant use my zalman with it, and had some initial problems.. But im looking for users that have this board and what kind of 800 mhz ddr2 they use, and how it works...
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    Which 775 mobo to get for OC?

    Hello guys, im looking for some opinions on a good stable board with alot of bios options to overclock with. Im running a p d 820 that i'd like to get to 4ghz before I buy my e6600.. I really want to stay away from ASUS they are terrible, I have had so many problems with my p5b its not...
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    help this is driving me insane

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    Guys I really need some quick advice. Gotta go back to the store in 2 hrs please help

    Hey guys. Thanks for looking.. Now on to my issue. Last evening I exchanged a p5ld2-vm for a p5b (non DLX) because of a bios corruption error (common) So I paid the extra bit to get a conroe ready board for my pentium D 820 (which i easily hit 3.4GHZ on my old board. I set up everything...