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    As expected, the "impossible" EmDrive doesn't work. “We found out that the cause of the ‘thrust’ was a thermal effect. For our tests, we used NASAs EmDrive configuration from White et al. (which was...
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    Nvidia bringing the 1050 ti back from the dead to meet demand Just in case the thread title wasn't enough: "The Pascal-based NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti is a card that hasn't been spotted in the green jungles of NVIDIA's AIB ecosystem since the past two years. Like a phoenix...
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    Intel DG1 GPU Teardown, Failed Benchmarks, and Why It Won't Work on Most Systems

    "Wallossek [of Igor's Lab] managed to get his hands on a complete OEM system with the original DG1 SDV (Software Development Vehicle). In order to protect his sources, Igor only shared the basic specifications of the system, which includes a Core i7 non-K processor and a Z390 mini-ITX...
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    Phison announces new USB SSD controller Not a USB-SATA or USB-NVMe bridge, an actual direct-to-flash controller. "For portable SSDs, Phison is introducing the U17 and U18 controllers. The U17 uses a USB 3.2 Gen 2x1 (10Gb/s) host interface and a...
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    EVGA RTX 2070 XC Ultra - bad fan

    I bought this, I dunno, probably more than a year ago. Lately, one of the fans has started rattling. Are there generally replacement fans available or am I likely to be out of luck and have to strap a case fan onto it or somethign?
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    Your (Apple) Computer Isn't Yours "This means that Apple knows when you’re at home. When you’re at work. What apps you open there, and how often. They know when you open Premiere over at a friend’s house on their Wi-Fi, and they know when you open Tor Browser in a hotel on...
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    First leaked zen 3 benchmarks

    Edit: fixed link after SiSoftware apparently moved it. TL;DR: these are all compute benchmarks, not FPS comparisons, but they all show 20-50% increase over Zen 2, and some of...
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    Apple blocks WordPress iOS app updates because they weren't getting a cut of free purchases. Since you can get a free domain from WordPress through the app, you have to give Apple a cut. But the domain is free. Nonetheless Apple blocked WordPress from updating the app. So the developer had...
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    Another "rate my soldering" post

    Hope nobody minds. I'm trying to build a keyboard. The way I'm making it involves low-profile switches, so the diodes are installed on the opposite side from the switches, and soldered on the diode side, not the leg side, to minimize the leg protrusions on the switch side. The pictures aren't...
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    Deformation during printing

    This is Inland PLA on the PowerSpec branded Duplicator i3. Bed is set to 60 degrees, extruder to 200. Ideas? I'm still new to this and have only printed half a dozen things. A keyboard plate I printed, about 149x120mm, with a bunch of holes in it, and 3mm thick, didn't do this, although I...
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    Rate this soldering job?

    I'm not sure if there is a more appropriate sub forum, but this seemed the least off topic. I am thinking about hand wiring up a simple keyboard and decided I needed to refresh my skills, as I haven't soldered in decades. I bought one of those cheap kits you get at places like Fry's. This is...
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    First print!

    I picked up a Duplicator i3 plus yesterday at Micro Center and set it up this morning. The instructions were fun, especially with stuff like not mentioning to plug in the cable to the print head. Anyway, after some time spent leveling it, I printed the smallest/fastest file it had, an M3...
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    WD Sets the Record Straight: Lists All Drives That Use Slower SMR Tech "The backlash has been swift, and now WD is striking a conciliatory tone with its customers in an update to its blog. The company also divulged that it is also shipping SMR technology in some of its WD Blue and WD Black...
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    AMD Finally announces the B550

    In an aside at the end of an article talking about AMD releasing a couple of quad-core Ryzen 3 parts on Zen 2, there is this: "One of the often talked topics, since January, is when AMD is going to launch its more mid-range B550 motherboards for the Ryzen 3000 processors. Today AMD is...
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    Minecraft RTX beta dropped today at 1PM Eastern

    It's only the Windows 10 version, and you have to opt in to an Insider beta program via the "Xbox Insider Hub". You all know what happened the instant it went live, right?
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    The NUCs are back in town

    Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit (Ghost Canyon) Review: In Its Compute Element This is a shell around the Compute Element seen a few months ago. It's got an i9-9980HK, Wifi 6, dual thunderbolt, dual Ethernet, and a 500W PSU. But...
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    WD quietly starts putting SMR in consumer Red drives Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) suffers from reduced write speed, sometimes a lot. WD doesn't advertise which new drives in the 2TB-6TB range use this technology. Only way to find out is to buy one and discover...
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    Hey, we haven't had a nice benchmark cheating scandal in awhile, so here's one! MediaTek--not phone vendors--is shipping in firmware a file that boosts CPU speeds in benchmarks. It's been detected in a bunch of phones from several different vendors, going back up to 3 years. When caught, they seem to...
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    Ryzen 4000 release date rumors (and Comet Lake) Tom's quotes a subscription-only DigiTimes article saying that Ryzen 4000/Zen 3 desktop CPUs were supposed to be announced in May at Computex, but now will release[1] "after August or September". [1] article says...
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    High core count Comet Lake's gonna run hot.

    Maybe they should rename it Lava Lake. A leaked slide (so take it with the usual grain of salt, though) shows the 10-10900F (not the K!) with PL1 of 170W and PL2 of 224W, using as much power as an RTX 2080. Note the PL2 was at an all-core 4.5GHz. The good news is you won't need a heater come...
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    11th-gen Core CPU possibly leaked, unless it isn't.

    CPU leak shows Intel beating AMD and Nvidia (at counting) "[T]he Core i7-1185G7 is a flagship Tiger Lake processor." Probably a 25-28W quad-core. The article's pretty funny, taking some swipes at...
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    Guild Wars 2

    Anyone out there playing this with a fast Intel CPU, preferably something like a 9900K with an all-core close to 5GHz, and also something like an RTX 2070? According to lore, the game's renderer is somewhat single-threaded. In particular, if you get into a crowded world boss fight with 50+...
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    Tech Jesus goes on a tear about size.

    Joke title aside--I will edit if anyone complains, but I thought it was funny--he's complaining that nobody seems to remember there are any specifications for motherboard size beyond ATX, and so motherboard and case manufacturers basically make up their own (EATX, BTX, EEATX, etc) and then...
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    Neil Young has issues with the MacBook Pro and he's eager to tell you about it.

    Neil Young says the MacBook Pro has ‘Fisher-Price’ audio quality "It’s not about money. It’s not about hits. It’s about quality. It’s about sound. It’s about museum quality. It’s...
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    Keyboard problem

    I have a Corsair Strafe RGB Mk.2 plugged into a 2-port KVM I've been using for several months. Last night I turned one of the machines on and switched the KVM to it, and the keyboard (mostly) doesn't work. No keypresses seem to register. But the lighting still works and if I change it in iCue...
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    This seems like a bad idea.

    Nooo! My tempered glass side panel!
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    [Linus Tech Tips'] Response to YouTube's Shenanigans - Floatplane is Finally Here!

    Subscriber-only tech video Youtube, basically. LTT's videos have been posted on Floatplane, usually a week earlier than on Youtube, for a year or so; now they're opening the site to other creators. For something like $5/mo/creator, you can get ad-free high-res videos. It won't be to...
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    Intel: "we never meant to say we were cancelling the Pentium G3420" "Intel regularly updates customers on product changes via our Product Change Notification (PCN) process. On December 5, a PCN was erroneously posted on product discontinuance of the Intel Pentium...
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    CPU-Waterblock mate

    This is a Corsair H150i pro and a Ryzen 3600x that I just separated. The cpu temps hit 90C in prime 95; my 1600x under a kraken x52 never got that hot. It looks like I could use a bit less paste when I reattach the cold plate, but other than that does the mount look ok? When I took the Mobo...
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    Inland PCIe 4 x4 1TB NVMe drive, $169. Saw some of these at the Dallas store yesterday, as well as some name-brand drives.
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    Another Intel vulnerability!

    Weakness in Intel chips lets researchers steal encrypted SSH keystrokes Data-Direct IO allows peripheral devices to access the CPU's L3 cache directly. Researchers...
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    Does this past application look like it was ok?

    My 3600x idled fairly warm, around 45C. Since the case I'm using is designed for watercooling I just decided to lean into it and got a Corsair H150i. Planning on mounting it on the top as an exhaust. Will put probably 3 side intake and 2 or 3 bottom intake fans to complement.
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    Ryzen 3600x voltage - weird?

    I'm running an Asus rog strix x470-i gaming with the most recent bios and I just dropped in a new 3600X. There seems to be a bit of a weird thing going on and I wonder if anyone else is seeing anything like it. The BIOS sets the voltage at 1.450, and HWInfo64 (latest beta, just downloaded...
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    Air cooler for mini-itx Ryzen?

    I was re-cabling the back side of my case this weekend and let some magic smoke out--the SATA port for the CPU water pump partially melted. Fortunately I saw it after just a couple of seconds and shut the thing down, and nothing else seems to have been damaged. I ran out to Fry's and picked up...
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    NZXT Kraken incompatible with USB hub?

    [never mind. I had a cable plugged in wrong.]
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    Overclocking - component configuration?

    Last year, I built a system with a Kraken X52 cooling a Ryzen 1600X in a Corsair Obsidian 250D case, but the case was a few millimeters too narrow to fit the stock fans, so I got a couple of 15mm Prolimatech static pressure fans, based on recommendations from here. I just upgraded to a Corsair...
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    How is this TIM application?

    I'm upgrading my motherboard. Just took off my waterblock, and this is what the mating surfaces looked like after about a year. Does it look OK? Should I have used a bit more TIM?
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    Got new GPU, now I can't overclock the CPU?

    Apparently the last time I updated the BIOS on my Ryzen 1600x, I lost the overclock settings. Coincidentally, I upgraded from a GTX 950 to a 1060 this weekend. I put the new card in Sunday night, then Monday I tried putting a mild OC back on the CPU (just 3800MHz). As soon as Windows started...
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    Joined the delid club!

    I had a 3570K mildly overclocked on a Gigabyte board since around 2013. Earlier this year it quit booting. I could go into the BIOS and see all the drives but it wouldn't actually boot Windows. Since it was that old I took the opportunity to replace it with an 8400, and since it wasn't...
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    Overclocking, voltage, and BCLK

    Can overclocking cause BCLK to drop? I've got a Ryzen 1600X in an Asrock X370 Gaming ITX/ac, and I notice that the higher the multiplier I set, the lower the bus clock drops. It's not a lot, but at 4GHz and 1.35V fixed, the clock is down to 98.8 or so; at 3.8GHz, it was around 99.5. Would...