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    AMD agrees to cough up $35-a-chip payout over eight-core Bulldozer advertising fiasco

    "AMD has agreed to pay purchasers of its FX Bulldozer processors a total of $12.1m to settle a four-year false advertising lawsuit. Considering the number of processors sold and assuming a 20 per cent take-up by eligible purchasers, that works out to $35 a chip, the preliminary agreement...
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    MSI GTX 2070 Gaming Z PCB quality - Skeptical

    Looking at the card I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I just can't grasp, how the hell do you have a variable thickness of a PCB throughout the same PCB. It seems the board shaves off a layer from front to back. Towards the end, you can visibly see the PCB is THINNER toward the power...
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    ASUS RMA GTX 980ti STRIX I bought from ebay

    Thought I'd share a story that recently happened. Bought a Refurb RMA replacement GTX 980ti from an Ebay seller that did not test the card apparently. Came here looking perfect and was dead out of the box, no display. Ebay seller wanted me to RMA to Asus.. I laughed and said sure pay for the...
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    Please delete

    Wrong thread, please delete
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    Pretty Warm: XFX RS RX480 4gb $160 NO REBATE @ NEWEGG EBAY

    Good deal on a non reference XFX. Good warranty support here on [H] from Mark @ XFX is worth it. Best of all, no rebates.