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  1. Commander Shepard

    OnePlus 9

    Looks like something's happening tomorrow (March 8)... Gotta get me a phone this year. OP 9, Pixel 6, or iPhone 13 are my top candidates.
  2. Commander Shepard

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Trailer for the 4K Remastered trilogy! Time for me to dust off my old N7 armor and get back in business!!
  3. Commander Shepard

    EXPIRED - JBL Studio 530 speakers $289.99/pair

    These are big bookshelf speakers at an excellent price direct from JBL/Harmon. Also a Zeos favorite.
  4. Commander Shepard

    Post Your Workstations 2021

    Happy New Year!! Guess I'm going for the Triple Crown of consecutive new year workstation threads. :smug:
  5. Commander Shepard

    Google Pixel 5 Pro

    This got leaked today. Appears to show a new flagship level Pixel with an "in display camera."
  6. Commander Shepard

    Sony Xperia 1 II

    I've been eyeing this one for a while. At $1200, it ain't cheap, but the specs are pretty impressive. However, its screen is only 60hz. For that price, it should have at least 90hz, if not 120hz. I've never owned a Sony smart phone and doubt this will be my first...
  7. Commander Shepard

    TCL 10L

    Looking for a budget busting phone? TCL 10L for $250. Might be decent. Might be junk.
  8. Commander Shepard

    OnePlus 8 launch April 14th

    Link to the launch livestream...
  9. Commander Shepard

    Pixel 5 early news

    Just saw this video on YT and thought I'd get the speculation/anticipation started...
  10. Commander Shepard

    Kanto YU2 powered speaker set on sale for $170 shipped

    These little jewels punch above their weight for PC audio. Normal prices range between $219 - $249. Quite a nice deal for $170. Applies to all colors except Bamboo which is $180 shipped...
  11. Commander Shepard

    Post Your Workstations 2020

    Guess I'll get this year's thread started, too...
  12. Commander Shepard

    Razer Viper mouse $59.99

    Right now, you can get this excellent mouse from Amazon for $20 off the regular price of $79.99. This is the wired version. I have the wireless Viper and love it. I just bought one of these wired Vipers as a spare...
  13. Commander Shepard

    Nova Launcher Prime on sale

    I posted this in the Hot Deals thread, but thought it belonged here in the Smart Phone thread, too. Found it on Reddit. Nova Launcher Prime now on sale for just $0.99!
  14. Commander Shepard

    Nova Launcher Prime $0.99

    I just saw this over at Reddit. Best launcher and one of the best overall apps for Android. Now, it's at the best price!
  15. Commander Shepard

    Google Fi and security updates

    Anyone on GF get the December update? Still nothing for my 3XL. Always got the updates by the 5th of the month when I was on T-mobile.
  16. Commander Shepard

    GSM Arena's Best Flagship & Flagship Killers 2019

    Featuring the very cute Angie!!
  17. Commander Shepard

    65" LG OLED as computer monitor

    I've always believed 40" - 43" was best for 4K monitor size, but this setup has me seriously rethinking my preferences.
  18. Commander Shepard

    Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard as low as $90

    This is a very good price for a very good mechanical keyboard. The K70 usually sells for around $180. Google Express has it for $109.99 or, with the Google code, JUNESAVE19, $89.99...
  19. Commander Shepard

    2-channel power amp recommendations?

    I've been using a Crown Audio power amp to drive my KEF LS50 speakers, but 2 of these amps have died in the last 6 months. I'm thinking I should look for something other than pro audio gear. I'd like to find something in the 200-250wpc range. Just a 2-channel, stereo power amp. No more D...
  20. Commander Shepard

    Spec Ops The Line $6 at GOG

    This is a very under-rated 3rd person shooter. Well worth the $6 bux.
  21. Commander Shepard

    OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

    Launch date is May 14. I like OP, but the phone prices have risen pretty steeply over the past few years. Still, I'm very interested in the 7 Pro. It or the 4XL will be my next phone.
  22. Commander Shepard

    Game of Thrones had its 'Mass Effect 3 Citadel' moment

    I don't watch GOT, but, as my namesake suggests, I'm a huge fan of the ME trilogy. Forbes posted this piece, earlier today, that likened last night's GOT episode to ME3's Citadel DLC. Forbes: GOT's Mass Effect 3 Citadel moment
  23. Commander Shepard

    Soundbar alternative: Fluance Ai60

    I hate soundbars and ain't interested in anything like a home theater. Found this Fluance Ai60 powered speaker system and gave it a shot. I'm very pleased with the sound and simplicity. Fluance Ai60 $299
  24. Commander Shepard

    OLED burn-in is real

    I was a skeptic of OLED burn-in until today. It took Tiger's red Nike shirt to convince me that burn-in ain't no joke. My LG OLED B7A is only about 1.5 years old. I run the pixel refresher every night, but obviously it didn't protect my screen. :(
  25. Commander Shepard

    Two new 43" 4K TVs on the way

    Let's hope they're good. My first instinct is to favor the Samsung QLED, but gotta wait for some reviews. Sony XBR-43X800G Samsung QN43Q60R
  26. Commander Shepard

    System Shock 3 Teaser

    Didn't see a thread for this, so I'm posting a brief teaser I just saw (y)
  27. Commander Shepard

    Bloody B930 keyboard $95 w/$45 off at Amazon

    Amazon has a pretty good deal on the Bloody B930 tenkeyless keyboard. Bloody uses optical switches instead of mechanical. Keyboard is normally $139.95, but Amazon has a $45 discount running. EDIT: Sign...
  28. Commander Shepard

    Got $$ to burn? $3000 and this 2080Ti is yours!

  29. Commander Shepard

    iMessage for Android

    At long last, iMessage is now available for Android. The app is called AirMessage. It requires a Mac computer but looks pretty good.
  30. Commander Shepard

    Two-factor authentication

    I've been trying to read up on this. Can't decide if it's something I should do. Thoughts?
  31. Commander Shepard

    2019 Samsung TV

    According to this article on CNET, Samsung has a 43" QLED on the way! It's the Q60R. :)
  32. Commander Shepard

    Might be the perfect mouse pad

    I got this desk pad from Amazon, today. It's thin artificial leather, measuring about 31"x15". It's the smoothest mouse surface I've ever used that also provides good control. Not bad for just $16 bux. Available in several colors besides brown...
  33. Commander Shepard

    The way, way, way too early Pixel 4 thread

    Found this article that claimed the Pixel 4 may be sans notch and chin. If true, it could be the best selling Android phone of the year, depending on its price, of course. I certainly would list my 3XL on Swappa and grab a 4XL if it's anything like this...
  34. Commander Shepard

    Laptop or Surface Pro?

    Work has given me a choice between a new Dell XPS 13" or Surface Pro. Budget limit is $1500. I can get a pretty damn nice model of either one at that price. Anyone go from a laptop to Surface? Pros/cons? I need to make a decision by the end of this week. Any/all comments appreciated!
  35. Commander Shepard

    Post Your Workstations 2019

    [H]appy New Year!
  36. Commander Shepard

    Next iPhone to have on-screen fingerprint reader?

    According to this piece in Forbes, answer is yes.
  37. Commander Shepard

    Fallout New Vegas: New California

    This long-awaited expansion went live the other day. Anyone try it? Downloading the files now.
  38. Commander Shepard

    Massdrop CTRL mechanical keyboard

    Massdrop began shipping their new CTRL keyboard, last week. Got mine, yesterday. On the positive side, the build quality is very solid. Keyboard has a good weight to it. I love the magnetic feet. Nice touch! Sadly, things go downhill from there. The aluminum body is a very light shade of...
  39. Commander Shepard

    iPhone lost at sea recovered by diver after text lights it up

    Two days after being dropped in the ocean, a scuba diver found an iPhone when an incoming text lit up the still working display.
  40. Commander Shepard

    Passive volume controls

    I've received quite a few messages/comments about my Emotiva Control Freak volume knob. It's one of the best audio purchases I've ever made, but Emotiva discontinued it several years ago. I've noticed some hissing and skipping with my CF, as of late. From what I've read, this usually means the...