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    LG 48CX

    Take this with a grain of salt but early reports are looking promising in regards to those issues:
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    32" 16:9 monitor too big for Gaming?

    In general people are idiots as some people's circumstances do not allow for bigger screens. If you have the space bigger is always better I went from 32" to 43" with zero regrets.
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    240hz is best Quantitatively

    That only proves they are a specialized tool combined with their diminutive size means they aren't for everyone. Claiming the rest of us aren't enthusiasts because we haven't bowed down to the superiority of 240hz is ridiculous. The majority of us get more benefit out of a larger screen and 4k.
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    Need a midrange 4K screen with lots of real estate

    Just get the LG 43UD79 and don't look back.
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    People using 40-43" displays on the desktop, any drawbacks?

    I have a LG43UD79 and I previously had a LG31MU97. I love the 43" and I find it much more usable on day to day than the 31" was. I have the DPI scaling set 150 and I haven't looked back. If anything I'll be upgrading to something bigger in the future.
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    30"+ 4K IPS monitor buy or wait?

    Have you considered upgrading to a nice big 43" like the LG 43UD79? At 4k I find this to be much easier on my eyes than my dead LG 31MU97.
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    Jackholes Make Traffic Move Faster

    Risk vs reward and some people don't like merging and will happily sit in the lane going slow to avoid having to do so.
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    Cheapest card available for 4k 60hz office work

    4k 60 is supported on Intel's newer integrated graphics as well. Although I only discovered this convenient fact when my 980ti crapped itself.
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    Tesla Towing A Car Beats Alfa Romeo 4C In 1/4 Mile

    Given Tesla's quality issues one should not be throwing stones ;)
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    Xbox, PC Gamers Will Be Able Play Online With Other Platforms

    Then PC players will simply plug in a controller.
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    Just Cause 3

    Awesome, runs extremely smooth at 4k with a 980ti + 6700k with most settings set to high/max as that's what the game defaulted to. This game is such bloody good fun =)
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    Should You Buy A Sound Card?

    It's going to depend a lot on the headphones or speakers you are using.
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    The PC Industry Is Betting Big On Gamers

    Witcher 3 and GTA V run smoothly for me on high at Cinema 4k with a single 980ti.
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    Making The Swords From The Witcher 3

    Go see the video they did for the Kill Bill Katana best video they have done by far.
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    6700K in stock (US)

    Australia has plenty of stock of these processors.
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    Mad Max “Choose Your Path” Interactive Trailer

    Would look better if Just Cause 3 hadn't already spoiled us with that awesome interactive trailer.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4K Video Card Review @ [H]

    Long shot, do you guys have a 980ti SLI review in the works?
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    I have a Corsair H110i GTX. Any Questions?

    How loud is the pump on the GTX? Because I've read plenty of people whinging about Corsair coolers and pump noise. Who then proceed to recommend the Kraken x61 which is the same oem who makes the GTX.
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    390X coming soon few weeks

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    Introducing The Apple Pocketwatch

    Curved screens are the latest craze.
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    Blizzard's Answer To Stereotypical Female Characters

    But you see even Russia has hot female power lifters that don't look like men:
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    ASUS ProArt PA328Q 4K Monitor

    Looks like there's finally a review of this monitor with an expected release date in Feb:
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    LG Announces World’s First 21:9 Freesync Monitor

    Yay and it's 4k definitely looking forward to CES 2015.
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    The 5 Worst Video Games of 2014

    Given Ubisoft's titles need at least 4 months worth of work before release it could be a viable strategy.
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    Weird problem with my U2711

    I had something similar with mine and it seems to have gone away on its own.
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    Fight Animals with Your Bear Hands in Bear Simulator

    It did state at the start of the vid that's exactly what they planned to do. They are only asking for $29,500 and it's already been funded.
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    Google: Piracy is An Availability and Pricing Problem

    I am confident in the Australian Government's ability to complete ignore this advice and continue to implement draconian anti-piracy measures that won't work.
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    Mega Man Creator Launches New Game on Kickstarter

    I rather like the idea of letting a bunch of other people fund the game. Then laughing when developers get carried with poorly thought out stretch goals that extend development time. Granted the stretch goals for this game look to be semi realistic and don't completely screw with development...
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    Saints Row 4 Meet the President Trailer

    So a game that's being released on PC isn't a PC game? An xbox 360 game tweaked in a way to a run on a PC and being released for PC isn't a PC game?
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    Seagate Constellation ES.3 4TB

    Incorrect, Seagate bought Samsung's HDD division. WD obtained Hitachi's 2.5" drive division and sold the 3.5" drive division to Toshiba.
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    Amazon’s Giftwrapping Leaves a Bit to Be Desired

    Heaven forbid the following year you may be forced to wrap your own presents.
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    A Short History Of The GIF

    Haha great little vid.
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    Eurogamer gave FarCry 3 10/10

    Unlock some of the radio towers to the east of the starting point, on the map they will look they have an outline of a pig with a large front horn.
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    Lian Li PC-X2000FN Enclosure

    Interesting it looks like they just made an oversized version of their PC-Q25 case.
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    Eurogamer gave FarCry 3 10/10

    Schweet TotalBiscuit has released his WTF is Far Cry 3:
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    [CiP] MCE MbK

    Nice work, congrats on the front page feature =)
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    Soul by Ludacris SL150 & SL300 Headphones Review @ [H]

    I've got to wonder about the point of wasting time and resources reviewing garbage. I mean there are so many other reasonably priced headphones that would be worth spending time and money on. Like the Koss KSC-75's or some of the Fischer Audio range of headphones.
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    Looking for a good Download Manager.

    I've had good experiences with FreeDownloadManager and Jdownloader.