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  1. guitarslingerchris

    Enclosure Builds! Show off your setup!

    Well I just wanted to show off my latest, of many many, changes to my printing setup and I decided this might be a good way to get this part of the forum going a little bit better as I forget it exists constantly. Rules: 1. Post a pic, if you want to comment on someone else's setup then show us...
  2. guitarslingerchris

    External Radiator..?

    So I think I'm going to embark on building an ITX rig for my living room for playing VR and just general awesomeness. I plan on using some type of interesting ITX case that will most certainly not have room for the cooling I want so I'm planning on using an external radiator. I was thinking...
  3. guitarslingerchris

    3D Print a Reservoir

    So I had a thought for my first "big" project with my 3D printer to be printing a badass reservoir for my next watercooling build. I'm thinking spiral design or some sort but who knows it might be something I can do in vase mode with a stupid amount of volume. Anyways, I have some basic...
  4. guitarslingerchris

    [H]ot!!! Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection Blu-ray $35 shipped!

    Stolen from Woot! of all places... Use the coupon code ANYCODES5 to take the already excellent $40 price down to $35 shipped. Amazon was willing to give me a $10 promo code to apply to their copy...
  5. guitarslingerchris

    AT&T iPhone 4S 32gb Black - Ends 2/10/13 @ 10:24PM CST - $0.99 My eBay My Heatware
  6. guitarslingerchris

    Android Music Players/Playlists Questions

    Nevermind, I'm a dumb!
  7. guitarslingerchris

    Dual 30" Mount

    I am going to brave the risk of making a new thread for something I'm sure has been covered ad nauseam to make sure I get what I'm after here. I am looking into getting a new desk for my new room with lots of new things in it and among those is my new U3011 that sits next to my trusty old...
  8. guitarslingerchris

    Help Me Migrate!

    Okay, so long story short my server has changed forms many times and at times, like now, it's my only personal Desktop. Problem I ran into before that got me to where I am now is that I ran out of space and did not have money to invest in a significant new setup so I offloaded data and dropped...
  9. guitarslingerchris

    Denon Dx000 Officially Discontinued

    Sad day but I had kind of guessed this was coming after somewhat following the April Fool's thread about the Denon D7100 for awhile.
  10. guitarslingerchris

    ATH-A900 Detachable Mic + Cable Mod

    I've seen this mod done several times now in one form or another, almost always on the open variants of the Audio Technicas and there's good reason for that, but I pulled through and accomplished what I set out to do. This is what I spent most of my Saturday doing. Between realizing I didn't...
  11. guitarslingerchris

    Asus Xonar Essence STX temperamental???

    I don't have alot of time to elaborate, yet, but until I can respond in more detail has anyone had issues with this card just disappearing under Device Manager when you install new hardware or change things in your system? Tonight I tried to install a cheapo SATA II PCI-E controller card and...
  12. guitarslingerchris

    Headphone rewiring and more

    I did a little bit of searching here and I'm not really finding what I want to know. I have a pair of ATH-A700s that needs to be rewired and I was going to go ahead and do my HD-555s at the same time and possibly some other mods to them. I also have a CmoyBB headphone amp I've been running for...
  13. guitarslingerchris

    Gigabyte GTX 480s in stock @ Newegg! Hurry! I got two!
  14. guitarslingerchris

    Project: Cobalt

    This build is one of impulse I suppose. The hardware was doing perfectly fine in my modified Lian Li PC-65 but I have been wanting a Corsair 800D ever since I saw them. I bought one and well, this just happened. Specs: Corsair 800D Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 Asus P5Q Pro 2x2gb Corsair Dominator...
  15. guitarslingerchris

    ATI CCC and Adjusting Picture Size on HDTV

    I apologize in advance if this is mentioned elsewhere but my searches gleaned no useful results. Hardware: ASUS P5Q Pro Q9450 @ 4.2ghz 4gb DDR2 1066mhz X-Fi Xtreme Gamer VisionTek HD4870 Dell 2007WFP Samsung LN46A550 Vista Ultimate x64 ATI 10.1 Drivers My problem comes from a recent upgrade...
  16. guitarslingerchris

    Best 1/2" ID 5/8" OD tubing?

    Just put together my new setup only to find out that the Tygon R-3603 tubing is complete crap for making bends. I had to route tubing a completely different way than I had planned and luckily, no not lucky at all, my radiator apparently has a leak so I have to wait on another one and I am...
  17. guitarslingerchris

    5970 CrossfireX Benches!

    Just got my 2nd card in a couple hours ago and I have just begun to put them through their paces. So far it's all stock just to see what they're capable of. My specs are in my sig, in a little bit I will be adding one of my BFG GTX 295s for PhysX to get some real Vantage scores :D 3DMark...
  18. guitarslingerchris

    502 Bad Gateway error

    Anyone else getting this ALOT?
  19. guitarslingerchris

    NFS Underground 2 low FPS w/ GTX 295 SLI

    Like the title says, I'm running a pretty swell setup, but I just installed NFS Underground 2 to play through it again and I get pretty horrible framerates even at 1280x1024 or 1600x1200. I used uniws.exe to patch the game to 2560x1600 and I get the same horrible framerates, along the lines of...
  20. guitarslingerchris

    MCP655 won't turn on

    Like the title says, my pump won't turn on! I had it running for the last 2 days straight for leak testing, powered by my trusty old AT psu, while I was working on other things and then last night I began to work on it again. All I can possibly think of that I did to the pump was to mount it...
  21. guitarslingerchris

    Best way to remove paint?

    Well, I have an older Lian Li PC-65 that I had painted the majority of the interior glossy white several years ago, and it's time for that to come off. My first thought was sanding it down, but even drilling out all the rivets that would be an especially agonizing task and I'm certain it...
  22. guitarslingerchris

    WARM? Sans-Digital 5-bay e-SATA external RAID enclosure $189.99

    Not sure if this is hot or just warm, but I bought the 4 bay version of this in December for $249.99 and it's been absolutely excellent and I'm trying to scrounge up money to pick up one of these at this price! $189.99 w/ Free...
  23. guitarslingerchris

    eVGA X58 w/ SLI and PCIe 1x slot...

    A quick search I did so far has given me mixed information and I was hoping to clear it up here. I'm running an eVGA X58 3X SLI board with a single GTX 285 right now and the 2nd in the mail. The problem is, I already had to move my GTX 285 to the 2nd PCIe slot on the mobo to fit my X-Fi...
  24. guitarslingerchris

    Project: Subtlety

    Ok, so I've been meaning to build this case for about 4 years now, and over time the design has evolved. What hasn't changed was that it would be built around a Lian-Li PC-71 chassis and made to suit my tastes and be totally badass in a subtle way. Being the person I am, I regrettably...
  25. guitarslingerchris

    Removing the Lian-Li logo from PC-71B

    Anyone have some helpful advice on the best way to remove this? I snapped a pic with my terrible camera, but if you're familiar with the case then you'll know what I'm talking about regardless. It seems like the "sticker" itself is aluminum and it sits in an impression stamped for it. The...