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    Best Way to Move a Rack

    Loaded racks have jacks with wheels that are easy with an elevator and flat surfaces. Stairs even with a stair climber dolly is prob pushing it for safe migration.
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    What is your backup GPU?

    Backup gpu is basically running headless with teamviewer from laptop to desktop.
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    What Paste Application Method do You Use in 2020?

    This, and if this is a system I plan to keep in play for a long time I try to do a test mount and do a visual inspection of how this looks (I know would need a microscope, but you can get a decent idea of what is happening).
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    CORSAIR A500 High Performance Dual Fan CPU Cooler 49$ base price - 29$ after rebate -15 hours left!

    It fits the lian li tu150 just barely, also mine was severely uneven and needed lapping to make flat. Otherwise keeps a 9700 non k super chilly even at sustained load and quiet. I really dig the ml fans and worth the cost for those inmho.
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    I have a msi gaming plus z390 should I upgrade

    Honestly unless you need more cores(9900k?), you are looking at a very minimal bump as everyone above suggests. Luckily cases do not appear to be price inflated as much as the other pc components. Z390 mobos are super inflated, as are psu's and gpus, but a 3080 will give you the most bang for...
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    Best Mainstream CPU for $200-$250

    Honestly the i7 10700 is right in that range and a beast for $. 8c16t right around 225$, beats a 3600 and better value than 5600 and slots in the new 1200 boards. Since the 5xxx apu's are oem only I would bet they will be way over priced like the 4xxx apu's. At the very least unless you have a...
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    Time for a HW Upgrade, What are real world performance differences?

    Honestly not sure you will see a huge performance on 1 and 2. Nvme can however give you a huge boost so at 6gbps you are effectively limited to 550mb\s vs pcie 3 nvme which can hit over 2gb\s. It really depends where you bottlenecks are though if you get a tangible increase. Personally I would...
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    Roku Ultra not good enough for 4k media server stuff? Anyone with experience?

    Yeah run plex on my roku ultra fine 9ver wifi even, prime, netflix, disney have yet to have trouble with speed. Now time to time there does appear to have audio picture sync issues but that is a well documented issue.
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    Old Asus M2N68-AM Plus RAM issue

    I'm if I recall correctly with those boards you have to crank up the voltage to get dual channel, and sometimes the memory controller or north bridge voltage like .1 volt or so then set the timings right.
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    Intel Core i5 2540M & Intel Core i5 3320M

    You have to have plex pass and then enable in settings.
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    Fried Mobo or PSU?

    I would think the psu has overload rail shutdown, but if you have a spare unit it would be good to try out. also maybe try unplugging the psu form wall for 30min. If not that then look for blown fuses on mobo.
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    AMD Misses Big CHANCE

    I think based on rumors of zen 4 an apu on every chip would go a long way for AMD.
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    Anyway on a desktop pc to use my integrated graphics on my i7 7700k processor and my EVGA Nvidia graphics card ?

    I think you would also need to go into nvidia control panel and force intel graphics on plex app
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    RVZ02 question.

    You can actually fix an atx psu in it with som modification, but tight. Si it has vertical room, but not that much room
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    Enermax Liqmax III RGB 240 Liquid Cooler $35.99 AMIR

    Mir are pretty good with enermax / lepa in my experience at least when they were in frys, but basically a Visa prepaid gift card.
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    Enermax Liqmax III RGB 240 Liquid Cooler $35.99 AMIR

    Did they ever fix the liquid issues with these getting all gunked up like after a year?
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    My PC sometimes makes cracking noises when the case heats up

    I do not have these issues but my case with glass side panel has rubber grommets the glass sits on, any was less thermal load. You could always run with side off to see if it is that.
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    Best way to remove cooler on AM4?

    You guys got it...heat twist, but sad AMD has not figured this out since like forever....but please don't go lga like intel.
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    [DEAD] Macrium Reflect Home 20% off - $55.96 Single - $111.96 4pack - till 4-11-2021

    Reflect free is the go to form me for physical boxes, interested in the more features
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    GameStop to Sell PC Hardware

    I remember this store was awesome I think next to a similar store called Ebx, would get random games from here. That being said I personally hate physical media these days, so if gamestop, microcenter, best buy or who ever could somehow figure out how to be price competitive with pc hardware...
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    Anybody know of an FTP program with dark mode?

    I use bitverse, has sftp and shell capabilities if working on linux machines
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    Can you install a Ryzen 3600 into a powered on computer socket without damaging it?

    Wow, I am surprised that it did not immediately thermal load shutdown. But very cool in a pinch to test out functionality.
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    PC sound droping out and restarts when gaming

    Looks like you have a Realtek ALC1220, maybe make sure latest drivers and there is not anything funky with case front audio ports. If you Either unplug HD audio cable or disable front audio plug in detection in drivers. I had similar issue on my case where it would jump around.
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    Memory Lane: List some of your old favorites

    In regards to VR have any of you messed with dolphin VR, I could not get it fully working but Mario sunshine and metroid prime games are awesome, not sure if they had a starfox game though. Also so many games from these lists I have missed to add to back library.
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    Just purchased Valve Index, want to display VR view on TV in other room

    I think you can use wired for network and wifi for display no problems. Something like Or some variation on Intel Ax200 would work...
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    Just purchased Valve Index, want to display VR view on TV in other room

    What about miracast, try going to display settings and wireless display, and assuming you have the right wifi on pc and smart TV it should find it. You may need to pull view port to that display, and will be a little latency but at least people in room should be able to see.
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    Onboard wifi Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 vs PCI-E wifi card

    You can use tracert to say, or if you want true speed you could try iperf3 if you have another pc to act as a server.
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    Onboard wifi Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 vs PCI-E wifi card

    You could easily upgrade your on board wifi to say an Intel ax201 and get a boost there for sub $25 if you look on Amazon.
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    Questions about installing an Ethernet Jack

    For my opinion I would suggest finding a quality low voltage cable installer, we have a company at work that will do drops from server room to many floors for $100 a pop. Question though can you get a cable from upstairs to down stairs under 100ft say maybe just stapling to the base boards...
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    Power supply for r9 280x

    I would guess on stock it is close to 250w on the 12v rail to run, I have had luck in the past with a 7970 ghz( same gpu i believe) dropping voltage and getting a better power draw, so you are probably good with that psu.
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    Old Core2 duo, could it?

    I am not knocking ewaste resuse, but from a hassle of finding a older functional board (rememder capacitor issues plaged this time period) and the total parts might be a challenge and more costly than above linked board. Heck if you are wiling to abandon x86 maybe a raspberry pie 4 or other soc...
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    Wireless HDMI - TV to audio receiver

    So like something like this if you wanted to widi/ miracast route from pc. Note there are a bunch of ways to go here as the cards are m.2 pcie with...
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    Wireless HDMI - TV to audio receiver

    What kind of tv do you have as it might already have an app built in? Example my pc has a intel wifi ax200 and if you go to display setting win 10, connect to wireless display it can pickup Vizio or samsung tvs as a partner.
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    Memory Lane: List some of your old favorites

    Jackel arcade (mame) Raptor f22 best side scroller pc Original Wolfeinstein Sam and max (scrumm) TIE fighter Any civilization (3 is best) Super Mario rpg snes Shining force 2 (Genesis) Mike Tyson punch out Red Alert Dune (one after Red Alert pc) Morrowwind
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    Old Core2 duo, could it?

    Which chip do you have, but basically if i could accelerate h264 I would assume you would be golden. Something like this might blow it away though :
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    Wireless HDMI - TV to audio receiver

    If you have arc on tv to the receiver it should forward that input through the tv to the receiver. So in this setup you have your stuff plugged to tv and forwards to receiver, however you can also have all your devices on receiver and forward to tv input. Honestly the easiest way is like...
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    howto: viewing images on ipad from a Win10 computer ons mae local network

    I have a plex server setup and can setup photo libraries viewable to a ton of different devices like phones, media boxes like rokus, or even other pc's (through dnla or web browser).
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    AMD Misses Big CHANCE

    I am guessing either price or stock is limiting you? If stock well who could have guessed they would have 4 product launches of 7nm stuff that would sell out no matter what volumes they produce? I mean GPU dies, zen 3, and consoles. But I do fell you I was hoping they would have an 8 core zen...
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    DEAD-Seasonic focus gx and px 850 at BB on sale.

    Great deal thanks thinking of the 850 as well.