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    EVGA Cards in stock

    So there are cards available at EVGA right now as individually priced cards, not DIY or Bundles. One in almost every category including the Ti cards.
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    BlueRay video options to Acer X34 display

    OK, so I want to be able to watch my BlueRays from my computer/X34 when my wife is in the kitchen and the audio bothers her from the living room. The way I see it, I have four options although the first is sort of a cop-out, I'll list it first; 1. Get some decent wireless headphones and just...
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    Ignorant gamer needs some coaching

    OK, I know some shit about computers, and I'm a gamer. Nothing unusual here at all. Now I'm not crazy about audio, but I do miss the days when my Medusa 5.1s let me here what I believed was great positional audio. So now it's years later and I am long satisfied with my audio and don't know...
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    Is there a dedicated thread for Twitch Streamers or just Streaming content in general?

    Is there a dedicated thread for Twitch Streamers or just Streaming content in general? My girl is getting into it and I am trying to help her by defining the actual requirements she will need to meet for good quality streaming.
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    Put away my Samsung S8

    I turned it off, pulled the SIM and dropped it into my old Motorola Droid Turbo. I just wish I had seen that glass piece of shit for what it really is before I swiped my card for it. BTW: When I was using my Droid Turbo, before I bought the S8, my wife and kids always complained that I had a...
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    NetApp Authentication / Encryption problem

    Alright my mates, time to shine. Here is the Background: FAS2040-4, Ontap 8.2.3P3 in 7-Mode. Was up and running fine with a pair of Win 2008 R2 DCs serving CIFS and NFS, the build and entire enterprise is actually only a couple of weeks old so sure to be some unknowns and not done yets. Here...
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    How much video card power would I need?

    I want to drive these two monitors with a single card if possible, I just need to know what kind of card I would need and then I need to figure out how much power I'll need for the card. One of these; Acer XZ350CU Black 35" 4ms HDMI Large Format Curved Monitor 2560 x 1080 (2K) 300 cd/m2...
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    I need a good open world replacement for Fallout 4

    The title sort of says it. I haven't even started Far Harbor yet and I know I'll get to it. I've been almost a week just preparing my character for it. But I also am looking for something new. I would like a beautiful new world to explore, I enjoy traveling. I enjoy digging into places...
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    Anyone playing Squad (TheSquad?)

    I spotted this one on Steam the other day, it looks like it might be a good one for me. Any of you guys have input on the game?
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    A watch for geeks

    I can't find a better place for this so I'll trow it down here and hope for the best. I know Smart Watches are possibly the biggest thing for geeks right now who are actually looking for a watch. But I don't really want a Smart Watch, or at least, I haven't found a Smart Watch that I would...
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    CPU choice

    CPU recommendations and why please. I am building a new gaming rig. I like things on the quiet side, not planning on OCing the CPU. I already have an ASUS Z97-E mobo and 16GB of DDR3 PC1600 RAM. I am looking at two CPUs. The i5 4690 3.5G And the i5 4690S 3.2G Please advise.
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    Wideest screen display for 1080P

    Guys, I use a Razer Blade Laptop and an external monitor on HDMI. The monitor I have now is OK, but I have that widescreen bug right now and want a more immersive display. I am looking for suggestions, something like a 29" that gives me as close to a Ultra Wide Screen 2K experience with a 1080P...
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    Upgrade time, looking for suggestions.

    Time to upgrade but I am out of touch. Guys, I want to upgrade an old gaming machine, the case is an older Lian-Li, the cube server one so more then enough room. I have drives, etc. I am looking at a Mobo, CPU, RAM, and Video Card upgrade suggestion that is relatively cheap. I have a...
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    Cooling the Blade

    I have a new Razer Blade 14" Laptop and it's running hotter then I am happy with. I am looking for suggestions guys. Here are the basic conditions; I mostly use it as a desktop replacement at home in AZ. Wife get's cold easy, ambient temp not lower then 78F. Under heavy prolonged gaming...