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    The Outer Worlds' Newest Patch Fulfills Lots Of Fan Requests

    Updated it, I still can't get 21:9 to work on Fullscreen, only windowed fullscreen and even then I still get black sidebars. I'm going to uninstall and reinstall I think, see if that fixes it.
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    WD SN750 1TB w/heatsink $139 + tax

    So yeah, no cancellation yet. Amazon Payment is useless. Will now contact credit card and make sure they either decline or reverse charges. Edit: Got cancellation confirmation "we would like to inform you that this Item# 41751537 you ordered cannot be processed and has been canceled as it was...
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    WD SN750 1TB w/heatsink $139 + tax

    Placed an order for it, final ordered processed at $229. Jerks. Trying to cancel via their customer support, or via Amazon payment (How I payed for it). Was warned by others about Tiger Direct being kinda shady. So if your ordered double check the email you received. That's where I noticed the...
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    Ten minutes of Half-Life: Alyx: The biggest VR goosebumps we’ve ever had

    Does sound interesting, but doens't look like I'll have achance to try it. Looks like it's an Oculus Rift only title, and I have a Vive Pro and a Quest. I'll have to wait for a steam or Quest version.
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    Ten minutes of Half-Life: Alyx: The biggest VR goosebumps we’ve ever had

    Red Matter has a slightly weird mechanic where you do low gravity hop type thing. At first I almost kept falling when it happened, but after a while it was ok, I'm kinda used to the teleport anymore, anything else feels weird to me now. The West World game you would move the analog stick and...
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    Ten minutes of Half-Life: Alyx: The biggest VR goosebumps we’ve ever had

    My play space has gotten smaller and smaller. Wonder if it will support seated play? From the videos it doesn't look like it.
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    Can "Autopilot" be added to your car (not just tesla) for $1000?

    This is nice! As someone that has Autopilot on a Tesla, love the idea of adding it to our second car. Will Order!
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    GeForce NOW Open for All

    I signed up for the Founder edition. Form my Laptop wasn't bad but there was some lag, might be my bluetooth mouse tho. Will be interesting to try it from Shield TV tonight.
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    GeForce NOW Open for All

    I feel like trying it! Sounds like a Stadia Killer.
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    CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Free On YouTube 'For a Limited Time'

    Seems to be a trend where ep01 or Pilot episodes are free, but the rest you have to pay for.
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    Linus from Linus Tech to Possibly Retire

    To hate on Linus feels like hating on one of us, or part of oneself. Way to go Linus! Wish you the best.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to September 17, 2020

    Initially I was mad, I pre-ordered day1 on gog, and have always been a big cyberpunk fan, since reading Neuromancer back in Jr high. But then I realized, 2-3 times I week I go check if Outer Worlds or Disco Elysium have added 21:9 support. Two games I own but haven't played as I hate playing...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to September 17, 2020

    So bummed. That seems like a really long delay just to play test.
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    Building a Quantum Computer From Off-the-Shelf Parts

    So, Even if we do get quantum computers to be a thing, how long till the Unreal engine runs on em? Seems like Quantum computers "work" completely different than the computers we're used to running.
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    The G-Man speaks for the first time in 12 years

    Yeah as soon as they announced it, I ordered the Index Controllers, now Alyx shows up in my library. Since then they've been sold out. I assume they're manufacturing as much Index stuff as they can for the launch of the game.
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    AMD CPUs pass 20 per cent share milestone in Steam survey

    Only reason I dump big $ on a PC revolves around gaming, Intel is still king in that arena.
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    Nvidia study finds gamers have better K/D ratios at higher framerates

    Concerning Network Latency,All things being equal, probably. But in real life I think the servers do things to try and normalize all the players. For instance, with the new CoD, I find my best games are about 35-40ms latency, if I get below that, I have terrible games. People with about 80 are...
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    Archivists Are Trying to Make Sure a ‘Pirate Bay of Science’ Never Goes Down

    Work for free? Isn't much of the research publicly funded? If so shouldn't that be free? Yeah if it's funded, even in part, by public money, then yes it should be free.
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    Valve confirms Half-Life: Alyx

    My Controllers came in. Build quality is really high. Checked during this last holiday sale and they seem to be sold out, I guess many of us jumped at buying the controllers sooner rather than later. Gonna be a VR night tonight!
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    RDR2 $48 @ EGS

    Shows up as $44 for me. I have it in Ps4 and found myself not playing it much. not for me....
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    Valve confirms Half-Life: Alyx

    They are including the game for "Free" if you buy just the controllers also, so I guess I might as well get my order in.....
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    Valve confirms Half-Life: Alyx

    As mad as I am over the whole HL2:ep2 cliffhanger ending and never getting ep3, I must admit that I will be pre-ordering as soon as it's available. Will hold off buying Knuckle controllers till closer to release. VivePro user here. I feel ashamed for how little self control I have on such...
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    Doom creator John Romero on what's wrong with modern shooter games

    Yup it does, but most people stick to just a few guns and level those. 90% of guns in that game quickly get disassembled and are basically trash. Recently in the new dungeon 92% of players used the Recluse SMG, and their isn't much reason to use anything else in that slot.
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    Intel Core i9-9900KS Review: The Fastest Gaming CPU Bar None

    Isn't the Comet lake, 10th gen out soon?
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    WTB: Outer Worlds - EPIC game code.

    Bought an AMD, don't care for boring RPGs? Hook me up! $40, PM me! Thanks!
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    Fry's Electronics: 20% Off In-Store on Saturdays

    I have been keeping a sharp eye on what might be their last promo emails, waiting for Steam cards to go on sale ($50 card for $40, or $100 card for $80). But nothing yet. Anyone else know of a source for discount Steam cards?
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    Epic paid $10.5 million upfront for Control exclusivity

    Yeah I've pretty much stopped caring anymore. And while it's nice to see the "Games Owned" in Steam keep rising, I try to buy from GoG if possible. I have no problem with Epic really, as they seem to be doing a pretty good job, and raining down free games. I also think it's probably a good idea...
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    Fry's Electronics: 20% Off In-Store on Saturdays

    I laugh at their isp page still being up.
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    Fry's Electronics: 20% Off In-Store on Saturdays

    Grew up in your area (Kinda, Santa Cruz) so know the stores your talking about. Now I live in SoCal. The stores I frequent are Anaheim and Fountain Valley and both have about 20% of the stock they would normally have. Reading up on various forums (ie, etc) it sounds like they may...
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    Fry's Electronics: 20% Off In-Store on Saturdays

    What city are you in? My two local stores don't have a single hard drive on the shelf, no Logitech products, almost no networking products, and 1/5th the staff they used to have. I don't think Fry's is long for this world anymore....
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    Fry's Electronics: 20% Off In-Store on Saturdays

    Have you been in a Fry's lately? Fry's might be over.....
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    Apple Will Pay You $1 Million for Hacking the iPhone

    Hacks get sold for more than that. Remember when the feds paid $1mil to license the hack from an Israeli firm to get into the San Bernardino shooters phone.
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    Logitech G903 $68 Shipped @Google Express from Best Buy

    On sale at Amazon again.
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    Logitech G903 $68 Shipped @Google Express from Best Buy

    If this was the HERO version I'd be all over it, but as it stands it seems like they're just clearing out the old model lacking the improvements. On sale for $69 at a few places at the moment.
  35. A $20/year includes VPN

    Link? Going to the website I still see $92/year
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    *REFURBISHED* ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti - $439.99 + tax & S&H

    90 days it a little rough, what happened to cards having life time warranties?!
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    Borderlands: Handsome Collection $6.01 @ fanatical

    :(:banghead: I was able to pick up 2 copies.
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    Borderlands: Handsome Collection $6.01 @ fanatical Greenman, $3 and activates on Steam.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 — Official E3 2019 Cinematic Trailer

    GoG pre-ordered. "100% of your money goes to CD Projekt Group"