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    Western Digital Infuses Consumer HDDs with HGST HelioSeal Tech - Increases Capacity to 8TB

    Looks like a slew of new 8TB WD products have hit the market or will hit the market in about a month. Shop High Capacity 8TB Hard Drives | Western Digital (WD) $299 MSRP which seems nice and exactly double the current normal price of the 4TB WD Red. Except these new disks are double the...
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    Seagate launches 8TB Archive HDD Looks like Seagate's SHR drives are here to actually be able to purchase soon.
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    understand mpt2sas kernel messages?

    Does anyone have experience understanding these messages that I get in my kernel log from time-to-time? mpt2sas0: log_info(0x31110d01): originator(PL), code(0x11), sub_code(0x0d01) It happens only under heavy write loads like when I dd /dev/zero to my zpool so all disks write at once as fast...
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    Supermicro X10SL7-F SAS2 (SATA connectors) to SAS Expander possible?

    Does anyone have experience or know if the LSI 2308 controller on the Supermicro X10SL7-F is compatible with a SAS expander such as this: Via a reverse breakout...
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    Solaris 11.2 Beta and ZFS improvements.

    Some nice improvements to ZFS it seems coming in Solaris 11.2. Data Management Progress Reporting with ZFS Send Streams You can include a progress report and estimated size of...
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    Question on buying an IBM m1015.

    Do you think it matters whether I try to find one with a 2012 date sticker on it vs a 2010? Do you think the 2012 one would last longer because it's newer and likely used less? I'll be flashing it to pass-through mode anyways. Just curious about your thoughts.
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    Tips for creating and maintaining offline backup?

    Hey guys I finally decided to create a real backup of my ZFS array and I have opted for an offline backup for a few reasons. By offline I mean individual hard drives sitting in a drawer. It's "cheap". They will be powered off nearly all the time so they will last longer. I will keep them at...
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    Backup of Linux OS Disk

    This is loosely related to Data Storage, but I don't think ill get a better answer in any other sub-forums. I'm looking for a good way to regularly back up my Linux server's OS disk. The primary intention is to have a backup of it in case the disk dies so that I can get a replacement drive...
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    Avago to Acquire LSI Pretty big news for the storage crowd. Just though I'd post it up in case anyone hasn't heard yet. No real details about it yet though.
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    HDD failing in ZFS, couple questions

    So I seem to have a HDD failing but have a couple questions about it. Here is the SMART log of the dying drive: ID# ATTRIBUTE_NAME FLAG VALUE WORST THRESH TYPE UPDATED WHEN_FAILED RAW_VALUE 1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0x000f 083 083 006 Pre-fail Always -...
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    Western Digital hoping for 5x larger hard drives with HAMR And Seagate says 60TB by 2016. Personally I'm a bit skeptical but I would certainly love more storage space :) I would certainly be worried about the URE rates and throughput speeds. I wouldn't...
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    SATA port HDD distribution for maximum performance

    Hey guys. So I finished migrating to my new ZFS machine a few days ago and I was thinking about how to maximize my SATA performance with where I plug in my disks. So I am using this board: Which has a total of 14 SATA...
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    New ZFS pool degraded need advice

    Hey guys, I just finished setting up my new ZFS pool recently and have a question about the best course of action I should take. Here is my pool output. root@nick-server:~# zpool status pool: nickarray state: DEGRADED status: One or more devices could not be used because the label is...
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    Couple "noob" questions on ZFS.

    I'm about to create a ZFS server and apparently in this day and age with multi-TB disks you need to use ashift=12 to properly support modern 4K drives. I have been reading that some people have problems with wasted space with ashift=12. First off, I will always follow the power of 2 rule. I...
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    Question about moving to ZFS

    Hey guys, so I’ve decided to re-work my home media server and want to move to ZFS. I’ve been reading up on it and I’m trying to figure out the best way to set up my server to do what I want. I’m just a bit overwhelmed with all the ways in which to run ZFS and I’m...
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    tRAID RC1 - Transparent RAID (by FlexRAID developer) is out.,2319.0.html Been waiting for this and really interested in trying this one out and migrating my RAID-F FlexRAID arary to it in the future possibly. Here is an older comparison about the differences between FlexRAID RAID-F which a lot of you are...
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    HDD / Buffering / Network Performance Issues?

    Has anyone ever run into this problem or has anyone found a way to mitigate it? Let me set up the a scenario. A file server with Windows 2008 R2 and several hard drives. All the drives are 5400RPM 2TB drives and formatted standard NTFS. Copying files between the drives on the...
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    HDD / Buffering / Network Performance Issues?

    Has anyone ever run into this problem or has anyone found a way to mitigate it? Let me set up the a scenario. A file server with Windows 2008 R2 and several hard drives. All the drives are 5400RPM 2TB drives and formatted standard NTFS. Copying files between the drives on the...
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    BF3 Beta Caspian Border, full 21 minute round gameplay

    So I got to play some BF3 Beta last night and thought I would share with you the epic gameplay I recorded for everyone. This is gameplay from Caspian Border, so I know all of you want to see what the real game is going to be like and not just OP Metro. Enjoy...
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    New BF3 footage. Multiplayer, 64-player map, jets, etc, 1080p 60FPS 20mbit Enjoy!
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    SirMaster's Apartment Home Theater.

    I saw a few other people posting their theaters and lots of nice discussions so I figured I would post mine and maybe it would help some people see what can be done in an apartment. Here is an overview of the main system to get some scale. The screen itself is custom made by me. Corner to...
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    Best $100 Passive bookshelves for near-field.

    I'm looking for recommendations for the best $100 passive bookshelves speakers for near-field listening. These are going to be used on my (large) computer desk at a listening distance of about 2-3 feet. I will be using them with a subwoofer as well. Her is what I have found so far...
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    Watch out for the new 25nm OCZ Vertex 2 drives.

    The OCZ Vertex 2 Conspiracy: Lost Space, Lost Speed? Apparently the new 25nm OCZ Vertex 2 drives that have replaced the 34nm using the same SKUs have some problems that users should know about. Some bullet points from the article are that they have less capacity (so they are incompatible...