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    So what's your nostalgia game?

    Warcraft II I've been playing that game since before I could read.
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    Um... yeah... Here's why your Phone has Locked Bootloaders...

    I sure wish I didn't live in the middle of nowhere, and my choices were more than Verizon or a phone without coverage.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    My Fractal Design Define XL R2
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    Same-Scree/Multilayer games for TV at LAN Party

    Nidhogg Samurai Gunn TowerFall Ascension STARWHAL: Just The Tip Speedrunners Gang Beasts Crawl Those are a few I can think of.
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    RAM for Haswell build - is 2400 worth it?

    I would say if you are willing to spend the extra twenty moneys, go for it. It's not like you are going to be worse off getting 2400mhz over 1600.
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    Free Dota Keys

    I have 3 keys, pm me
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    Frozen Synapse

    Copy is gone
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    Not much, but free 15 days gameplay of Aion: Empyrean Calling

    heres another key NA Game Serial Code: 4H2M-GDET-DHRY-W7LA-CHZQ EU Game Serial Code: QLPS-HPDV-TL7S-35HY-H5S7
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    xfx has the best customer support, and thats why I should get a card
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    A Survey on Nvidia and ATI Graphics Cards

    1.Both 2.Both 3.Yes 4.Yes
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    The Official HardCraft Thread

    could you whitelist me username derekdrees
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    Should I keep a Dead Toshiba Lap Top?

    I think its that thing that makes you peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
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    Rebuilding Dell, help please

    I assume your going to reuse the optical drive, and hard-drive?
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    lachesis vs sidewinder x8 vs g9

    I have a lachesis, the shape took me about a month to get used to, but another thing that took a while to get used to is the speed if you use it at the full 4000 dps. But i love the mouse
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    What do you do with your old PC Games?

    If its a bad game I just shoot it
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    Sleeving power supply

    try the various wraps at this page
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    What's your current mp3 player?

    ipod nano 3g
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    Need Ram For a New Build - Out of the Loop

    I use the corsair ram and am very satisfied with it
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    IGN predicts BF3 will be announce this years

    thats good, I got sick of bf2 after about 70 hours of it
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    Reverse ATX cases...

    Theres some apevia case that is reversa atx, its a matx tower Thre dremel 300 is pretty good for only $62.18 on sale on amazon right now, its got 10 speeds and alot of stuff
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    Project: Lego Skeleton [56K GO AWAY]

    that is awesome
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    Things needed before case switch...

    well i can think of off the top of my head a screwdriver and if your taking the heatsink off the motherboard some thermal goop
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    Will my 2nd PC play WoW or am I in for grief??

    Yeah, it will run I played wow on a 1.7p4 with a crappy 32meg ati card
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    Anyone want in the battleforge beta

    All my keys are gone
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    pci graphics card

    i would go with the 2400
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    Anyone want in the battleforge beta

    Does anyone want in the battleforge beta, I got three keys just pm me if you want one If you don't know what battleforge is heres the main site
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    COD5 or WOTLK?

    Call of duty 5, just because my clan will end up playing it, and i don't play wow.
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    Two great keyboards on the way

    pretty slick, but i'll stick with my g15
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    Stalker Clear Sky.

    yeah i can play single player, but I cant play multiplayer
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    Stalker Clear Sky.

    I really enjoy this came, im gonna have to pick up shadow of cherenobyl after this one one question tho I installed this game but my computer got shut off before I could enter the serial, is there a way I can enter the serial without having to reinstall the game?
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    Tyrantula worth the money?

    Thanks for the help guys, I think im gonna buy a g11 instead of a razer keyboard tho.
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    Tyrantula worth the money?

    So I got some cash fer my birthday and im wondering if the Razer Tyrantula is worth the money, If it isn't ill save myself some cash and go with the lycosa instead, which i hear is a pretty good keyboard too.
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    Gaming mouse advice?

    I agree, i used the habu before I got my razer lachesis (a very good mouse, but you probly wouldn't like it because it is symetrical) and I loved it.
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    Need agp video card for win2k that plays wow

    This would work with wow, wouldn't play it at max settings but it would work Heres the w2k drivers
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    Alineware Paint Job

    Ebay, they cost about 170 bucks, I am pretty glad im not the only person who has wondered this I cant wait to see how this turns out