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    New government issued android freephones (obamaphone) comes w/ permanent backdoor installed.

    I can speak volumes related to this issue as I work at Oregon PUC and we do administer the Lifeline program here in Oregon... Yeah... I'll see what I can share...(after work most likely)
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

    O don't even have these issues. Only the cutscenes which next scene loads so I'm not too bothered by that.
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

    I'm loving the campaign story so far! 2070 S at 1440p hitting 90-120 FPS - Very Nice
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    zotac 2070s vs msi 2070s ventus

    This and I have the Ventus card - it idles w fans running at ~800rpm out of the box last I recall. I can confirm when I get back home from work.
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    AMD upgrade suggestions from an RX 570?

    My rig's quite comparable to yours and I just picked up a Nivida RTX 2070 Super yesterday along with my new 1440p monitor which arrived yesterday as well. I would say you'll be good with an AMD 5700/5700XT. In fact I know a guy who's planning to part with his 5700XT - Mr. Stryker Best of luck...
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    The Raspberry Pi 4 is here

    Lol, I'm 34 and helped set up and configured a small Beowulf cluster at a school back when I was in HS... Our teacher was fun!
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    Valves Index VR To Ship In June

    This looks interesting and I am thinking of going into VR + DCS World... So this would be perfect.
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    How China's Social Credit System Affects Its Citizens and Businesses

    You're a bit too late for that. It was banned last year.
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    How China's Social Credit System Affects Its Citizens and Businesses

    Creditocide coming to China in ten years!
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    Boeing 787-9 Twin Jet Dreamliner Hits Top Speed of 801 MPH

    There are not lot of people that could say they're breeched Mach 1. However, Mach 1 isnt a fixed speed but had a lot to do with the temperature, air pressure, and other factors. Now I wonder did the plane actually breech Mach 1 in the truest sense of the term? I don't think so when taking into...
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    Tesla Owner Credits Autopilot Feature for Saving His Life

    ... He was in the passing lane driving at a faster pace than the car on the right. It was the driver that merged into the left lane who was at fault here. I didn't like how the Tesla swerved although, most people would've just tapped on their brakes to permit the terrible lane-changer to move...
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    Blizzard Faces Hellish Backlash after BlizzCon Diablo Mobile Reveal

    So you're saying Half Life 3 is confirmed... Awesome! :D/s
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    DuckDuckGo Hits High of 30 Million Searches in One Day

    Ads based on keywords (non tracking) and affiliate to Amazon and others I think. If you had gone to DDG you would've found that info :-/
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    Principled Technologies Deny Bias in Recent Intel vs. AMD Testing Controversy

    While I understand what you're saying but to merely put these two differences in the same camp is delirious at best. The "situations" are nowhere near being the same thing. GPP & Nvidia NDA v. Paid Third Party Reviewer [Eval] != Same Issue
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    Senate Passes Bill That Allows Drones to be Shot Down

    True - it's just a personal gripe of mine is all. She did kill the target so there's that.
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    Senate Passes Bill That Allows Drones to be Shot Down

    Fair enough - I'm not going to be a target either :D
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    Senate Passes Bill That Allows Drones to be Shot Down

    She did not even shoulder the shotgun properly... :-/
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    Valve Is "Very Aware" of Half-Life 3 Jokes, Hints at "More Things" Coming

    Updated Source Engine w/ Raytracing - in 2019-20 And it will be HL3 (2020) or HL2: Ep 3 (2019+) Mark my words.
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    NVIDIA Controls AIB Launch and Driver Distribution @ [H]

    Since I do not know the exact number of registered members on this site, let us assume that [H] has one million registered members... At this time the total tally of the Yes and No is at; Yes - 414 ~33% No - 848 ~66% Total Votes - 1262 Assuming a confidence level of 95% the Margin Error would...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Game Play Demo Is Being Streamed on Twitch

    Wait... I'm on 1060 and I'll still say wait...
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    How does this NDA compares to the previous launch NDAs? Only thing I don't like is the Multi-Year NDA, that seem pretty odd I think for a product-line up launch. At this moment, I'll say NO only to the Multi-Year and based on Principal of how nVidia treated you. If you feel that this NDA fell...
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    NVIDIA RTX: Cinematic Real-Time Ray Tracing

    Whoa there... Don't think 30 FPS, think 24 FPS...
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    AMD vs NVIDIA Drivers....FIGHT!

    Mine's at 398.36 (Release date -06/26/2018) and I run ARMA 3 just fine... And it's the current drivers, I checked. What's your nVidia driver revision?
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    Chinese AI Beats 15 Doctors in Tumor Diagnosis Competition

    Anything to help or doctors perform their jobs more accurately and efficiently is good in my book. Medical fields are tough and very complicated or shall I say, humans are one complicated beings.
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    AMD: Native 4K Resolution at 30fps with PS4 Image Quality Requires 7.4 TFLOPS GPU

    Looks like you've solved the Flint's water disaster.
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    Can Mobile Hardware Really Run a Cutting-Edge Shooter?

    The only appropriate test would be Crysis...
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    Tabletop Tablets Are Putting Waiters’ Jobs at Risk

    Anyways - it's interesting to read about this and I know that anything less than perfect isn't perfect score which is a really good way to screw up employees' advancements and whatnot. My ex-wife was a hostess and then she became a server for couple of years. She would make some good bucks for...
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    New Alienware 7.1 Surround Wireless Gaming Headset - AW988

    I'm waiting for my SONY MDR-7506 to come in tomorrow. For those who knows me - I'm deaf and before you go wut?!... It helps me in gaming in particular to at least directing me where the sounds are coming from and whether if I'm being shot at... I don't hear everything and yes, I usually crank...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

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    Nissan's Following Tesla Into Solar Power and Home Batteries

    Mind my asking but how much did all that cost you? And whether if you've come ahead with any savings over traditional power plant fuels.
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    Bethesda Almost Confirms RAGE 2 With New Tweets

    Imagine Rage^2... That'll be an explosive sequel!
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    70 More Rick and Morty Episodes Ordered

    YES! I love this show!
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    I don't think it's a torture - it's just a balance between determining whether if you're a contributing member of the community here in addition to the external factors such as heatware, ebay feedback... Reputation matters here sometimes more than ebay feedback, heatware, etc... Be a...