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    Facebook Outage Caused by BGP Routing Error

    Bleeping Computer updated their article and retracted that it was a BGP error. HardOCP, please update your post with the correction. :-) "7:43 PM EST: We were previously told that NETSCOUT felt a BGP routing issue was the cause of this outage. We are now being told that this BGP Routing issues...
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    Lexar Launches 1TB SD Card

    Great! More people storing more photos on their camera to lose! o_O
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    New Yorkers Are Unhappy With Amazon's New Headquarters

    I'm not a fan of unions, but union the fk out of that company.
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    Google Trends Releases the Biggest Search Topics of 2018

    Can we replace the YouTube 2018 Rewind video with this one?
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    Waymo to Launch the World's First Autonomous Car Service in December

    I'll drop this little nugget here:
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    Web Creator Wants to Implement a "Contract" for the Internet

    5 minutes playing around with Solid and said fk this, I'm out. Sorry Timmy-boy. I don't think this one will stick. Nice try.
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    Apple Stops Reporting Unit Sales Amid Strong Earnings

    People are so embedded to the iCloud ecosystem, it's incredibly difficult to leave it. That is where they're making their money. If somebody came up with a tool to help exit the iCloud environment, they'd be ludicrously rich.
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    Starship Technologies Robots are Delivering Packages

    it's called BoxLock. Boom... no robots needed.
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    IBM to Acquire Red Hat in Deal Valued at $34 Billion

    The impending death to open source?
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    China to Launch an Artificial Moon

    Call it Goldeneye and we got issues.
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    Aquaman Official Trailer

    Essentially this is Thor: Under the Sea.
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    SpaceX Nabs $130 Million to Launch an Air Force Satellite With Falcon Heavy

    As long as their satellite gets into outer space, I don't think the Air Force doesn't care if the boosters land or crash.
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    Bitcoin's Growing Energy Problems

    Okay, admit it. Who here said "jiggawatts" while reading the article. :stop:
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    Netflix Is Focusing on Sci-Fi, Fantasy Shows to Meet Increasing Demand

    I was rather impressed by the CGI for Lost In Space. For a split second, I thought I was watching a feature length movie. I welcome this move.
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    IBM May Have Violated Age Discrimination Laws

    So, older employees usually mean they've been there longer and paid more. So they pile on the same amount of work on a kid fresh out of college for difference of 2/3 the salary. Not surprising.
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    Mazda Leaking Your Private Information

    It's not that hard honestly. Hook up a USB to Ethernet cable to the USB port and a router that hands out DHCP. Then SSH to the car, then with the default password which is publicly available and you can log in to a linux based kernel. From that point on, you can do lots of goodies. Enable the...
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    Kodak Announces KODAKCoin and Stock Doubles

    I believe this is a great idea. KODAKOne will a platform that will scrape the internet looking for images registered through the platform. It will scrape based on what ever magic applications they have developed. Kodak will then act as the representative in collecting the dues for properly...
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    Introducing Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

    Sold them for $850 each. Came out to $200 on top (each) after the ebay/paypal fees.
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    Home-Built Rocket Launches Over Ghost Town on Saturday

    Stupid is as stupid does.
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    Classic Arcade Game 'Rampage' Made Into a Movie

    Some of us have not forgotten that he did DOOM. smh.
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    $370,000 Worth Of iPhone X Units Stolen From UPS Truck Outside Apple Store

    That is far too coordinated for a typical smash n' grab. Those iPhones are off to Eastern Europe.
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    Former Equifax CEO Blames a Single Employee Not Working on Breach

    As one that works in security, patch management is one of the toughest jobs out there. When you're a company that has so many inputs and outputs, keeping track of systems that are vulnerable is tough. I don't envy the guys in the trenches that spend their entire day patching systems, especially...
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    20TB Hard Drives May Be Made of Glass

    Out of curiosity, what would be the data degradation lifecyle on a medium like that?
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    Introducing Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

    You're absolutely correct. The beauty of capitalism. Take on the risk and benefit the rewards or suffer the consequences.
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    Introducing Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

    People will pay it. I was offered as much as $1,000 for my Xbox 360 walking out the door of GameStop when it first released. I took the offer and the guy paid.
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    Introducing Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

    To add, people are posting screenshots of their confirmed pre-orders on eBay with promises to ship when they receive it. Average right now is about $750. With an outlier of $1,200.
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    Introducing Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

    Not double retail price, I'd say close to $850 - $900 on release day. Still beats paying full price. Related Link:
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    Introducing Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

    Pre-ordered two of them. One off BestBuy and the other off Amazon. Planning to sell one on eBay on release day with free overnight shipping to pay for the one I plan to keep! :)
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    Backblaze Increases Upload and Restore Speeds, Adds File Sharing and More

    $5 per month. Sacrifice eating out for lunch for one day per month and it pays for it. Seriously, if you don't have it, get it. Side note: it took me 2 straight weeks of uploading 4TB of data. 150 Mbps Down, 20 Mbps Up.
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    First Human Embryos Edited in US

    Didn't Hitler try to experiment with stuff like this? Just Saying...
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    Samsung 850 Pro SSD Endures 9100TB of Writes

    Under-promise, over-deliver. Secret sauce to winning.
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    Amazon Prime Wardrobe Lets You Try on and Return Clothes for Free

    So how does this prevent people from buying clothing for a weekend for, say for a wedding, then returning it that following Monday?
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    First Footage of Larry Page’s "Flying Car"

    People can't even fly a remote controlled drone the size of a basketball, let alone attempt to ride one. People are far too stupid to have such technology.
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    WiTricity Working With GM To Test Wireless EV Charging System

    Does a stripper come out at the press of a button as well?
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    WiTricity Working With GM To Test Wireless EV Charging System

    I think it's actually brilliant. How many have destroyed their input driving off without unplugging their car....
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    Reddit For Sale: Viral Fake News For $200

    Not surprised. Silicon Valley beat them to it.
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    20% Of Americans Suffer From 'Information Overload'

    Depends on what the information is on. My problem is I feel like I'm addicted to information. If I don't have some bit of information pop up on my screen, I'll go nuts. The first few days of camping trips or cruises are the toughest.
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    Tim Cook Disputes 71% Apple Watch Sales Decline Report

    Prices have come down enough to compete with companies flagship models. For example: Fitbit Blaze: $199.99 Fossil Q: $219.99 Series 1 Apple Watch 38mm: $269.99 Series 1 Apple Watch 42mm: $299.99 Given it's an "Apple" the spread isn't all that much. Coworkers have asked me quite a bit about...
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    Reddit To Crack Down On Abuse

    Where is Skankhunt42 when we need him the most.