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    Memory Upgrade For Threadripper 3970X Build?

    Look up Ryzen Dram calculator with google. There's instructions how to do what Ramspeed said step by step. If you get the two programs thaipoon burner and ryzen ddr calculator you'll figure it out. You could have corsair 3200 b die and get it up to 3600. If not try slower till it works. If...
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    T-Force OC 4166 16-18-18-42 final tweaks?

    Wanting an upgrade from 3200mhz I bought a 16GB set of TeamGroup T-force nighthawk last month. But once I installed it I wasn't happy how it looked. I've spent hundreds on corsair fans, LED's and controllers plus h150 capellix AIO. And when I couldn't control the LED's in them through the...