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    Forum Notifications

    Is there anything you can do about the forum notifications? Going to the forums where you aren't signed in leaves the entire page filled with notifications.
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    AMD Black Box 5000+

    If you didn't get the email... Just your standard 5000+ with an unlocked multi. I wonder if it will overclock. MSRP was $157 I think. So this concludes the BIG secret.
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    3400+ Socket 939 for sale on da Egg

    Socket 939 3400+ appears on da Egg. Seems to be a surprise becuause no roadmap mentioned this. It cant be an error because the laser engravings on the lid says it's a 939 part. Link on the Egg. It goes for $288.
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    Try my tool for decoding heatspreader codes on Athlon 64's. Plz try it.

    This web based tool determines the type, voltage, speed and other information of an Athlon 64 (including FX and Mobiles) processor. Please try my tool located here: ID Me It includes animations and is somewhat idiot proof and more acurate when compared to the one at OCInside. I would...
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    HELP: System constantly looses video or does VPU recover.

    I just upgraded my system and ever since I always have to reboot or my VPU recovers because the graphics lock up (mostly during gameplay in any game. My system specs are in my sig and I upgraded from a Gigabyte mobo and Intel P4. Does anyone have an idea what the problem may be. It seems to...
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    Low voltage Mobile chips desguised as true Newcastle chips?

    ok guys. i have pondered this for some time. if you look at the difference between the 1.2volt "Mobile" A64 chips and compare it to the same DTR chip, notice the difference in core size. This makes me think that the low voltage mobile chips are true newcastles. If you up the vCore to...
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    Help with decision to get an Athlon 64 setup.

    I am pondering the idea of getting an Athlon 64 rig going and attempting to get some decent OC's. I was wondering if some of you could give me the low down on what I should get or look for. Through some reading it seems I will go with an nForce 3 250 mobo with lockable PCI/AGP buses. If...
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    Where are the freggin 6800's?

    I know reports said there was a big chip shortage but where are the durn cards. This is like a major paper launch! :rolleyes: Any ideas on a release?
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    Problems with memory upgrade

    I recently bot another stick of Kreton 512MB DDR433 for a total of 1GB. It came in today. I poped it in my rig and i couldn't even get into the windows loading screen. Eventually i got to the log-on screen, i type my password and it freezes. I got random erros during this whole time like the...
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    Hard drive failing? Random reboots.

    I have a problem with my rig. I could be just doing whatever and my hard drive will "shut down" (i hear it do it) then my puter restarts (like the power is cut off, but all the components stay on), goes through POST and the drive turns back on. I dont know what the problem is. M$ Error...
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    Processor stepping help.

    What is with the stepping in the processor? C1, D1, whatever. what is it and how deos it affect performance? thanks.
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    Do I need a better PSU?

    Could my power supply affect my performance and overclocking abilities with my rig? I have a 350w PSU and it seems as if my components are not getting enough juice. particularily the CPU. i go into the bios and set my CPU vCore to 1.775v but CPU-Z and SiSandra only report it to be 1.69 -...
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    Hot CPU = Puter Shut Down?

    My system specs are below. Can the processor become unstable if it gets too warm, say 50'C on an OC? even when it runs fine and stable while cool? Just wondering because my system shut down while gaming. I forgot to crank my radiator fans up and i just wanted to know if heat was the probable...
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    Impact of increased voltages on CPU's

    I was wondering how much of an impact a voltage increase will have on a cpu? for example i am running a 3.06GHz P4 at 3.6GHz at 1.7volts (stock is 1.55volts). how will its life span be impacted? thanks guys.