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    Convert chromebook to linux rig? (if you hate angry avoid me)

    You can enable developer mode in Chromebooks and then install a Linux distro running alongside Chrome OS, using crouton or similar. It is also possible to modify the firmware to dual boot arbitrary Linux distros ("RW_LEGACY"), and even turn the Chromebook into a generic laptop ("Full ROM")...
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    Arctic MX-5 Thermal Compound Listed Ahead of Launch

    IgorsLab indeed warned against using any of these long-term, but said there can be a specific scenario where one makes sense. He tested the lubricant for up to a work day (8 hours) and it was fine. Mind that it is electrically conductive and take precautions. The gearbox oil has been tested for...
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    5800X performance for $50 less?! Intel Rocket lake i7 11700K Review

    Case in point, here is Puget Systems' comparison of AMD and Intel CPUs in productivity: The 5800X beats the 10900K in the vast majority of benchmarks, and loses only in a few highly parallel rendering tests...
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    I there any AM4 or LGA1200 motherboard that is uATX and supports dual x8 mode on two x16 slots?

    Presumably because the target group for x8/x8 is ready to buy an ATX case.
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    I there any AM4 or LGA1200 motherboard that is uATX and supports dual x8 mode on two x16 slots?

    Yes, ASRock Rack X570D4U and X570D4U-2L2T. There are also some TR4 and LGA2066 µATX mobos that support x16/x16 even.
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    Why Sometimes I Can't Access Some Websites Through Cable Modem?

    This can sometimes be caused by broken ICMP Path MTU Discovery. Either the cable modem or some other node is overzealous when filtering ICMP traffic. Other explanation is broken IPv6. Generally you should contact your ISP customer support and let them know of the issue and which websites are...
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    why is dual NVMe adapter so expensive?

    The ASM2812 is mentioned right there in the Newegg product description. Also it allows to arbitrate PCIe bandwidth between SSDs, rather than a fixed PCIe lane split. In addition, if your use case includes virtualization, they may have limitations regarding PCIe atomics and IOMMU groups.
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    Arctic MX-5 Thermal Compound Listed Ahead of Launch

    There are even other materials besides thermal paste that you can use and will give ok results... Arctic is originally from Switzerland I think, and...
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    why is dual NVMe adapter so expensive?

    Those dual NVMe add-in cards that have a PCIe switch are expensive. Your linked one contains an ASMedia ASM2812. The simple ones which do not have the switch are cheap. But they require host support for PCIe bifurcation.
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    AnandTech are under NDA for all the information they got through the Intel briefing, and that includes the Gear 1 and Gear 2 mode. Also they are under NDA for the mobo, so cannot disclose anything about it. AT chief editor said it again in the Reddit thread...
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    Cooler Master 212 LED with extra fan on a 10850K - how much thermal throttling can I expect?

    Compared to a Noctua NH-U12S the CPU will run a few degrees hotter and 200 MHz or thereabouts slower with the Cooler Master 212. The Noctua NH-U12S is already enough to not throttle even with all power limits removed (see chart at 7:12) Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo, best cooler under $50 by...
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    Best X570 motherboard for 5900X?

    If you want µATX and X570, then your choice is basically the ASRock X570M Pro4. It will run the 5950X ok at stock. In case B550 is ok, the Gigabyte B550M Aorus Pro-P and the MSI B550M Mortar are good mobos for the 5950X even when overclocking. Both B550 and X570 will operate the first PCIe x16...
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    Reviewers will not tell you even when pressed for it, because of the NDA. But they are aware of the default 2933 MHz limit for Gear 1 on 11700K and they know how to override the default...
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    kirbyrj Reviewers are aware of Gear 1 vs. Gear 2 mode. It is configurable. But they cannot yet talk about it due to NDA. Source
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    That would mean you need to limit the total size of your game assets to the minimum RAM spec, ie. have pretty low quality assets. In any other case you would need a strategy how to preload assets and/or discard unused ones like today. The fast SSDs in the consoles and the DirectStorage API make...
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    wandplus You can buy the Ryzen 4300G, 4600G, and 4800G at OEM parts resellers, but the prices are quite high. The Ryzen Pro 4350G, 4650G, and 4750G are OEM+SI and you can buy them in many shops here like normal tray CPUs. If they are not sold in your region, AliExpress has them for reasonable...
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    Is Secure Erase for SSD similar to zeroing a HDD?

    As I wrote, this is not necessarily true due to drive defect management. There can be parts of the drive which are mapped out of OS control but which can still contain easily recoverable data if you gain access to the drive firmware. This is why only physical destruction ensures complete...
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    Best bang for the buck x570 MB (Gaming and basic use)

    Don't buy the MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon.
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    Not entirely, I wrote "like PCIe 4.0". PCIe 4.0 is part of the modern featureset. Also both new consoles use PCIe 4.0 SSDs and it is normal that console hardware will become the baseline once game developers stop making cross-generation games. On PC, fast SSDs will leverage the DirectStorage API...
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    The 10700K is not a modern CPU. It lacks features like PCIe 4.0. Also it performs worse in applications than the 11700K (CB20 1T: ~500 vs ~600, CB20 nT: ~5000 vs ~5700). That is what I meant, you now have the option of Intel again at a roughly comparable price (at Mindfactory it as 439 EUR for...
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    Rocket Lake has been compared to Bulldozer a lot, but I don't think this is the best analogy. I think it is more akin to Vega64 launch, and Kyle's and Brent's conclusion from back then transfers surprisingly well to the 11700K: With Rocket Lake, Intel is finally competitive again in the $500...
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    Is Secure Erase for SSD similar to zeroing a HDD?

    SSDs usually store data encrypted. If the Secure Erase function makes the SSD controller forget the encryption key then that is considered good enough. Do note that overwriting HDDs and SSDs with zeroes is not a secure way to completely erase them. Drive defect management may have mapped bad...
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    Weaponized Spectre Exploit Spotted

    Spectre can also be exploited in a Web browser via JavaScript. Which is not suprising given that other hardware vulnerabilities (Rowhammer, Meltdown, Zombieload, etc.) are similarly exploitable via the browser. Most browsers have mitigations now, but these mostly rely on making clocks less...
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    I'd argue that OEMs are the mass market, and DIY is the niche one. Back on topic, the 11700K is now delisted from Mindfactory. Google cache says they sold a grand total of "more than 260" since they first became available on 26 February, or about 30 units per day. For comparison, the similarly...
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    B550A is actually the B350/B450 with the PCIe 4.0 inhibitor removed. That was B550A already. B550 also went PCIe 2.0 -> 3.0 on the chipset PCIe lanes. Other B350/B450 shortcomings like the IOMMU groups weren't fixed.
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    Use ddWRT or OpenWRT for increased security?

    Simply flashing OpenWrt (not "OpenWRT") or DD-WRT on your router will not increase security per se against someone spying on you. It is true that wifi broadband routers stop receiving firmware security updates after a while. Once that happens, if you flash OpenWrt etc. and make the effort to...
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    Make Intel great again? Intel Rocket lake i7-11700 processor review!

    DIY market agrees that the 5800X isn't good value, it is the only Ryzen 5000 CPU which you can already buy below MSRP here in Europe. The 5600X price seems to be chosen based on the 3700X price, which is the only "real" competition to that CPU. Let's see if the Rocket Lake pricing leaks turn out...
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    Youtube forcing ads on uBlock

    It has been reported to the developers, but they don't see this on their systems (yet?) so they do not know what is going on. Some things you can try are suggested here:
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    I7 10700 build

    If you don't overclock the CPU, you can get a B560 mobo for less money, and those allow unlocked memory frequency (and presumably also unlocked power limits).
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    Make Intel great again? Intel Rocket lake i7-11700 processor review!

    Nice review, thanks! Does FreeSync/Adaptive Sync work with the iGPU? Does Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) boot and work normally?
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    PCIE Bifurcation

    x0 means 0 PCIe lanes connected to the second slot. This is because the splitter will route lanes 0-7 to the first slot, and 8-15 to the second slot. But in a mechanical x16 / electrical x8 slot, only lanes 0-7 are connected. To achieve what the previous poster wants, an x8 to dual x4 splitter...
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    How is it possible that TLC gets more endurance than MLC

    Endurance ratings are not hard limits when the flash chips stop working. Usually when you reach specified TBW it means that the data retention time (time during which the SSD keeps your data while unpowered, while still meeting specified uncorrectable error rates) dropped to the rated amount...
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    Which cases should I be looking at for triple radiators?

    Maybe look at cases that support two 420 mm radiators. Two 420 will have almost as much area as three 360.
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    System shuts down suddenly while gaming - board issue?

    If you suspect that it is the PSU, rather than removing overclocks try disabling low power states of your CPU. When PSUs go bad, it is often the worsening transient response to load changes which trips the system. It could also be the electric wiring in your home which is lacking, or you have...
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    How many fans are needed?

    You can stay with the stock fans for now, although they are only mediocre. If things turns out to run too loud and/or too hot, you can add more fans or replace them. 140mm fans generally run quieter than 120mm ones at the same airflow. Good and cost-effective is a 5-pack of Arctic P14 PWM PST.
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    ASUS - use M.2 PCIe and disable x8 slot... why?

    Sometimes they reach bifurcation limits of the CPU. Sometimes it is easier to route PCIe slot lanes 0-3 to the M.2 slot rather than lanes 4-7. Probably they didn't think that anyone could ever need to use that much PCIe connectivity, and thus didn't care.
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    Displayport - more than one.

    I don't think DisplayPort as a proper noun can be pluralized. Like with Prius and Mercedes cars, there is only a singular form. I would suggest DisplayPort inputs/outputs/interfaces/connectors. HDMI could be pluralized to "High Definition Multimedia Interfaces" but I think nobody uses that.
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    The [H]ardforum video card all time power ranking poll nomination thread.

    Luckily I didn't have a Hercules card, mine was from VideoLogic.
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    Best VPN for Netflix

    There is nothing wrong with using NordVPN for Netflix. My post was in response to your question immediately above: And the reason to not trust them is that NordVPN were getting YouTube shills onboard while they knew they were hacked and still investigating the hack, but rather not inform their...
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    Best VPN for Netflix