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    1440p Monitor Recommendation

    All, I'm looking to purchase a new 1440p monitor for my daughter's gaming PC. She uses it primarily for games (Minecraft, Genshin Impact, etc.). Im hoping to get something in the 27"-32" range around 250-350 dollars. Her video card is currently a Radeon 580, but I am looking to upgrade this...
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    Memory Recommendation for 10700 Gaming Build

    All, I am planning out a holiday gaming PC overhaul and was hoping I could get your advice on a memory upgrade. My current plan is to use the following parts: Intel 10700 Processor with Stock Cooler ASUS Z490-Plus TUF Gaming Motherboard 2TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus v-NAND SSD I intend to reuse...
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    Build Advice 4 Gaming - Thanks !

    Howdy folks! It's been many years since I did a PC overhaul (still using an I7-4770K), so I am seeking advice from you to make sure I don't make any bad choices. I am looking to purchase a motherboard, memory (16 GB Minimum), NVMe SSD (at least 1TB), and CPU/Cooler (Intel preferred). I...
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    Assistance with Monitor Selection

    Howdy folks. I was hoping you experts could help me figure out what to do to resolve a monitor issue I'm having. I currently use 2x Dell S2716DG (27", 1440p, 144hz) monitors and one of them is getting progressively worse (blurry text and intermittent flickering, needs to be replaced). Dell is...
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    Santa Needs Assistance Selecting Monitor

    All, I recently picked up a new GPU (EVGA GTX 1070) for my son's gaming rig (was a birthday present from me and his grandparents). Here is a link to the card we purchased: He uses one of my old 27" 1080p...