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    MOVE TO OVERCLOCKING PLEASE. Underclock or under volt 9600k?

    This should be in overclocking. Sorry! I am not a big overclocking guru by any stretch of the imagination (I think most BIOSes have an "auto" option that I may check from time to time) but I definitely have never lowered clocks or voltages before. Having zero experience, I figured I would...
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    Woot: 3D Printer SainSmart Ender 3 Pro - $180 and Creality CR-10 V2 $390.

    Woot! has the E3 Pro at $179.99 today. It's a really good price point if you don't own a 3D printer. If you need bigger, the CR-10 V2 is a good choice too.
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    Ideas wanted - Lian Li PC-V358

    I have an old Lian Li mATX cube case that I am thinking about dusting off and putting to use again. I had it running an ESXi server with an ITX industrial motherboard but I moved that to another case so this has been sitting around. I bought it second-hand and apparently it had been used in...
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    RTX 2070 or should I upgrade - going under water

    I want to add my GPU to my water loop but I am not sure if the effort and cost are worth it. I am running an MSI Ventus 2070 right now and performance is fine for my setup. However, the water block is $120+ but I am not sure if it's worth the effort and cost considering it is now a couple of...
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    Removing sharpie form PETG?

    I used a sharpie to mark some bends on my tubing when I assembled this a few months ago (I may have been drinking and overly confident). Having read several articles, I was confident I could remove the sharpie with a dry-erase marker, more sharpie, acetone, or magic eraser. I was wrong. I...
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    Samsung Evo 840 not recognized in BIOS but USB is fine

    I have had this a long time (and it would be one of my contenders for my oldest SSDs in that other thread) and it finally crapped out - sort of. It was in use in a kids PC and stopped booting. It is not recognized int he BIOS at all. I tried it in 3 PCs (2 different x79s and 1 x399 mobo) and...
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    PCI-e voltage on Gigabyte X399

    I am trying to find how to bump up the voltage on my Gigabyte Aurora X399 Xtreme. I have an HBA that drops out intermittently if I don;t have the extra PCI-e power plugged into the motherboard. I would rather not do this if I can bump up voltage on the slot itself. I recall seeing a few...
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    Ender 3 GCode help

    I am looking on where to go to get some help on tweaking my GCode before I being printing. I bought a used Ender 3 with some mods including a touch leveler. It all works pretty well except I have to nudge the bed back when it does the leveling process otherwise it misses the bed when it does...
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    Problem: 12v RGB headers only blue

    I haven't built a new system in quite some time and gave up on led lighting years ago so I am totally new to RGB. I have been fiddling with my setup for a few weeks trying to get this to work. I'm not obsessed but I am getting a little annoyed that my fans and CPU block will only light up...
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    Finally done - custom CPU loop in Corsair 760T

    I finally finished my first custom loop build. I had to 3D print some brackets for the reservoir straps as well as a plate to hold the pump. I went straight (no pun intended) for bending the tubing rather than doing 90 degree bends and couplers. It was a fun experience and I appreciate the...
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    Newegg Samsung 500 GB 970 EVO $146 shipped w/Coupon

    You need the savings code AND have subscribed to their daily newsletter. $179.99 - $40 code (EMCXPXRW2) +5.99 shipping Prices seem to be dipping down to $150 occasionally so this seems pretty good (some may not have tax to pay). I have no need currently, so I am waiting for the drop on bigger...