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    VR Rhythm Game 'Beat Saber' Sells over 1 Million Copies

    Yeah I think I would have died half way though this playing that Dragon Force song. :dead:
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    Future Windows 10 Builds Will Reserve Storage and Tabulate It

    They did upgrade MBR. It is called UEFI. Not all system can just be upgraded as it will require to much work, overhead or it is just not possible and a newer system built from the ground up is your only option.
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    Future Windows 10 Builds Will Reserve Storage and Tabulate It

    Yeah so it is SATA and running in CSM mode. So you are not booting to UEFI and are using CSM compatible BIOS to boot. That is why you don't have the 100MB partition as you OS was not installed using UEFI. Also means you probably don't have secure boot enabled either.
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    Future Windows 10 Builds Will Reserve Storage and Tabulate It

    I am guessing you used a installation disk provided by your Laptops manufacture. Those are not fresh install media and have customizations built into the OS from the OEM. This is my guess as to why you have that 4th 900MB partition. As with a true fresh install of Windows (using the media...
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    Full Scale HyperloopTT Passenger Pod is Revealed

    Well 1 year isn't that bad for the first one built considering it takes 10 months to build a 787 from start to finish (not including time to get certified for flight) and I am sure Boeing has a lot more resources/workers than these guys do. Since this was the first unit built, I am pretty sure...
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    T-Mobile Suffers Security Breach That May Affect Millions

    They all still require credit checks.
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    Sling TV is Losing Steam

    On PS Vue they are pretty good. I have been on it for over two years now. Some on Syfy and sometimes on FreeForm have the sound issue but it has been awhile since I have had a "bleeding from my ear drums" Issue with a commercial popping on loud as hell. Most of the time I only watch DVR stuff so...
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    Tesla Troll and Short Doxed as Heavily Invested in Oil Industry

    You do realize tax incentives, exemptions, rebates and credits are not money or any type of loan right? It is just guaranteed tax breaks at the end of the year or for however long it is agreed upon. You are not given any kind of money in hand. This is not special to Tesla either. Every large...
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    Bitcoin Prices Were Manipulated

    The big issue is the banks and financial institutes are not the ones making the money off the price manipulation so they are crying about it. Banks are scared of crypto and how it is making them lose the strangle hold on the worlds finances. This is also is why most block or charge heavy fees...
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    Bitcoin Prices Were Manipulated

    Fixed all the your and you're mistakes for you. You can stop twitching now. ;)
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    Bitcoin Prices Were Manipulated

    Places to find info.... One that comes to mind quickly is to follow Jonh McAffee on twitter and anything he starts talking up on his feed. That is a pump and dump or straight up scam. "Hate that guy" Other thing is do some TA (Technical Analysis) on the markets and you can read what is a good...
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    Folding Andromeda Device Could be Microsoft’s iPhone Moment

    Actually the latest version of Win10 on ARM does support 64-bit arch and true 64-bit ARM compile. So you can take you Win10 x86-64 app, recompile it to ARM64 and it will work without any emulation. No not WinStore app, A full fledged app running natively on ARM64 arch. Catch is, as of now it...
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    Bitcoin Prices Were Manipulated

    It is no different than the price manipulation that occurs in the Stock Market despite all the "Regulation" that is in place. It is par for the course for any type of investments and if you're a good investor. You learn to read this type of asshatery and either run from it or jump in while you...
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    Thermaltake Level 20 Case Unveiled

    I really like the look of the TT Level 20 though I wish I had the room for a larger tower these days in my office. I miss having all the room and being able to fit whatever the hell hardware I want in it. Unfortunately I have been forced to down size with each new build to save space for other...
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    ASUS Releasing New 20 GPU Cryptocurrency Mining Motherboard

    Well there are a lot of reason having one system with many GPU's is better and preferred by most miners. 1. Space saving: Having only one rack that can hold 19 GPU's uses a lot less space than having 4 racks that hold 6 GPU's. Space is always an issue for miners as you can only fit so much in...
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    Microsoft Edge Now Available on iOS and Android

    I have had it on my iPhone for a few months now trying it out. It works really well and is actually faster on some sites than Safari or Chrome. Unfortunately there is really no pull for anyone to move to it. Unless it can get on par or surpass Chrome on sync features and extension parity. No one...
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    Microsoft Building “Modern” Version of Windows 10 for PCs with Windows Core OS

    Yes, any application that is moved over using the Centennial bridge has been wrapped in UWP shell and will run on any version of windows 10 with little to no rework. Problem just comes down to most companies and devs don't want to move there apps for whatever reason. I have had three projects...
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    Crytocurrency and Taxes in the US

    But the problem with this is that you can't directly compare crypto with modern stocks/properties practices which the SEC did and did in such a fucking spectacular, retarded way. The biggest issue with the current law is the fact that every transfer is now a taxable event which is complete...
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    Crytocurrency and Taxes in the US

    Nope, review the new 2018 tax laws regards to crypto or watch the video I posted above that goes over it in plan English. The IRS has change what it views as taxable events in regards to crypto. It sounds loony and it is, but it is the reality of the world we live in now.
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    Crytocurrency and Taxes in the US

    Yes it is complete bullshit but it is the reality we now have to deal with. good news there are a lot of CPA's and Finance lawyers now trying to get this shit storm turned around due to the fact it is almost impossible to track properly but I can't see it happening within this year. This guy...
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    Crytocurrency and Taxes in the US

    Wrong, as of the first of the year crypto is now considered property and now you pay tax on it for every gain and transaction you make whether or not you cash it out.
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    50 Cent Forgot He Accepted Bitcoin For Album, Finds $7 Million

    I am going to help everyone out here on the new Crypto tax laws because I see too many people misunderstanding what has changed in crypto as the 1st of the year. With new tax laws every transaction in crypto is a taxable event and the IRS now recognizes crypto as property. The moment you take...
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    Now That's a Crypto Crash

    Not worried. This is a patterned that has happened for the past 5 years. Hits the ground around the first of the year and then slowly recovers over the year which finally ends at a higher level than the year before. Just look on and compare 2015-2018. You will see the same...
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    Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update Strategy Is Showing Strains

    That again puts the blame on the IT Directors for not doing what they know they need to do and listening to a glorified sales/marketing person from the manufacture. LTSB is very common in enterprise for OS, platforms and inline business apps and any CIO, IT Director or IT Manager that is worth a...
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    Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update Strategy Is Showing Strains

    You beat me to it. Enterprise costumers and any OVL or OVS licensed users of Windows 10 Enterprise have access to and should be using the LTSB version if they require longer deployment and support terms. This is why it was made just like with Red Hat and Ubuntu Server. If there is a company or...
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    Panos Panay: The Surface Line Isn’t Going Anywhere

    I have personally owned a Surface Pro 3, Pro 4 and now a Surface Laptop as well support multiple clients that are either using now or soon to be migrating to Surface products. While each version has had it own quirks/bugs to work out when released, I can honestly say that they are some of the...
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    Permanent Bans Are Coming to Overwatch

    I too have run into a few of those types, but I personally over the past 6 seasons have had far more issues with youngsters than any other causing chaos in comp games. The Team captain dicks, I just ignore and play my roll how it should be played and it usually works out in the end.
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    Permanent Bans Are Coming to Overwatch

    It's not so much the entire community is toxic as it is the young, dumb kids that just have no concept of "Working as a Team" or proper social skills that cause problems. Not saying it is all the young kids faults as I have run into a few old timers that need some social reeducation playing OW...
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    The iPhone X Needs a $25 USB Type-C Cable to Fast Charge

    As long as Apple is following the USB power delivery standard for USB-C. All you will need to do to QC your new iPhone is get the USB -C cable and you can use any QC certified charger. But this is Apple we are talking about so more than likely they monkeyed around with the standard and in doing...
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    Cutting the Cable Cord? Savings Aren't What They Were

    There are a lot of different options available for those who want to ditch cable/Sat and do it for a cheaper price while getting a better viewing experience. Just have to do a lot research on what is available in your area and trial & error testing. Personal Example: I had Direct TV with 5...
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    Cord Cutter Reach 22 Million by End of 2017

    Killed off Direct TV about two weeks ago and made the move to PlayStation Vue. Have the Ultra pack for $75 p/m and we have access to everything we watched on Direct TV for a third of the price and don't have to deal with (or pay for) their shitty genie boxes that crap out every other day...
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    Linus Claims That Chrome Bests Microsoft Edge in New Battery Life Tests

    Actually I can conclude the same results in the hundreds of laptops and tablets from HP, Lenovo and Dell that I have sold to my clients that perform the same while using chrome. Just replaced all the executive's devices for one of my clients a month ago with the HP Spectre x360 and five of them...
  33. SGTGimpy

    Linus Claims That Chrome Bests Microsoft Edge in New Battery Life Tests

    I call bullshit on this one. My Surface Pro 3 and my new Surface Laptop just rips through battery when I have Chrome open. I not a fan of multiple tabs either, two or three is my max at once on any browser. Adblock and PureVPN are the only extensions install as well. I have learned to use...
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    You Can’t Open the Microsoft Surface Laptop without Literally Destroying It

    Surface Laptop (Cobalt Blue Core i5, 8GB RAM 256GB SSD) - $1299. Warranty - $149. I purchased a bundle at $199 that gave a discount on warranty ($129.00), new arc mouse and free $80 case. I was going to buy all this anyway so it was a good deal for me to do the bundle.
  35. SGTGimpy

    You Can’t Open the Microsoft Surface Laptop without Literally Destroying It

    I picked up my Cobalt Blue Surface Laptop on Wednesday to replace my Surface Pro 3. I loved my Surface Pro 3 but since I am becoming an old fart with aging eyes, I had to start looking for something with a larger screen. I wanted to stay close to the same size foot print as possible and after...
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    Developer Deletes Entire Production Database First Day on the Job

    If this is true and there were no backups for the production database. Then the CTO and all senior level admin should not only be fired but publicly shamed. That is just gross incompetence at every level and I have seen some dumb shit in my 20+ years in the IT industry but that level stupidity...
  37. SGTGimpy

    Google Pixel XL Phones Blacklisted as Stolen

    As someone that has a Pixel XL that was bought through Project Fi and moved to T-Mobile. I have to say this is the most likely the real issue going on. The Project Fi app and service forces a signal check every two hours to see which network has the best signal. With my phone (and the main...
  38. SGTGimpy

    Video Games Are Better without Stories

    Both Types of games have there place in the world. Personally I like both. Sometimes I want to sit down and enjoy a story rich game like Last Of Us, Mass Effects or The Witcher series. Other times I just want to jump into a brain dead FPS multiplayer and just beat people down. The problem I have...
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    OneDrive "Runs like a Dog" on Windows OS Rivals

    What Linux Distro are you running? I just tested this with my Win machine against my VM Ubuntu and Mint 18 along with my Chromebook and there was zero speed difference using IE, Edge, chrome and firefox. I have 152 Gigs of data in my personal OneDrive of photos and music and about 30Gigs...
  40. SGTGimpy

    OneDrive "Runs like a Dog" on Windows OS Rivals

    I call bullshit on this one. I have a Lenovo N22 Chromebook, two Linux VM's (Ubuntu and Mint) running chrome and Firefox and my Main Windows machine running chrome as default browser. I just tested this claim between the different systems and there was no difference in performance between them...