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    Easy Pump Question

    Can i use a controller like the Lamptron CW611 to control voltage to a D5 VARIO pump? Or do i need the fixed version. i.e. will the Vario function interfere or conflict with the Lamptron control? thx mal
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    Bang for Buck legacy socket?

    What do you guys think... if you only had a couple, few hundred bucks to build a budget gaming rig... what socket would you choose and why? Let's assume parts will be purchased used from the forum.
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    Anybody seen a 4x120 rad grill besides the one on Petra's

    Looking for some options.... They are hard to find.... I've been out of the game for while.... Nice to see reasonable prices on 4x120 rads and the 140mm rads are awsome too... Going to eventually put a 4x120 internally in the top of my rocketfish thanks for the LINKS MAL
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    easy question - what's the difference between these two radgrillz templates - A3vsA4?
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    Does anybody know if you can disable the led in a zalman HSFs?

    like a 9700 cpu cooler?
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    Project MyLi

    [/B][/COLOR] About a week ago I saw a Lian Li Rocketfish on Ebay for $63 bucks. What a bargain for a Lian Li full tower! I named her MyLi since it's my first Lian Li case. I'm borrowing a lot of my mods from excellent Rocktfish projects like ELITE and Dark Desire. Here's what...
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    are scythe fans really worth $47 more than yate loons?

    here's the deal slipstream case fans and s-flex rad fans................ $67.78 yate loons case fans and yate loon rad fans ...........$20.40 think the scythes are worth $47 more?
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    does ram and fsb speed really make that big of difference?

    my plan is to get an e5200 since they're cheap and can overclock like crazy I have this memory laying around: will i see a huge improvement in performance by going to a 800 or 1000 ram? if so please suggest a good value set - prefer no...
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    Quik Poll: Do you have a floppy installed to flash your mobo?

    wondering if i need to include one in my build....
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    makes cuts and drill holes after powder coating?

    how does the coating take being cut.... does it chip up or no worries? I'm going to try to make as many cuts as i can before powder but i can't rule out wanting to cut something after it gets coated..
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    yate loon 140mm high speed - no where to be found - can't buy it anywhere?

    the low speeds and mediums are at all the usual places but has anybody seen the 140mm 2800rpm for sale?
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    quick poll: smoke or clear window? (bonus inside)

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    cpu vs. gpu - have you guys seen this video?

    sorry if it's old news
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    hidden value cards - unlocks and overclocks

    back in the day i bought a 6600 vanilla and was able to unlock the other pipes and make it a 6600gt ... are there any cards like that today in the 8800 8600 9600 range? thanks mal
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    $50 board (prob used) for easy e5200 overclock?

    i want to play fallen empire legions because i'm a old timer tribes guy..... the only question mark i have is the mobo.... don't want to spend a whole lot since i'm really only building this pc to play one game... thanks mal
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    Scythe Kaze Master - does it control fan speed based on temps?

    i must have read 5 reviews and still can't answer this question.... if it doesn't what is a good controller that does change rpm based on temps?
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    250mm fan in the side - pros/cons?

    is it worth it? really that quiet? really that much better cooling? i'm torn
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    VX450W - enough for run at 4ghz w/ E5200?

    or do i need the VX550W? single gpu - probably 4850 single HDD single cdrom 2x1gb ram no water pump
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    best looking motherboard of all time?

    anybody got a favorite? I might be building a new rig soon and it seem like most motherboards suffer from general but ugliness and no attention is paid to colors etc.... the gigabytes are the worst IMO
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    Sythe Zipang - 29.99 MIR - talk about bang for the buck - great cooler / 140mm I think this is a great value.
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    case skin

    does anybody know where I could get a case skin?
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    best MCE keyboard w/ built in pointer?

    looking for RF not IR crap
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    back in the game build - newegg screen cap inside

    Can anybody say something about this? $500ish budget
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    recommend a HDD media playing enclosure

    i'm looking for somthing like the vantec AVOX that lets you go through music folders on the tv screen BUT accepts a 3.5inch drive... Hi-Fidelity is a major plus... any ideas?
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    Tribes scared me

    I just can't fill the void with anything that has come out since the freedom of movement in large outdoor worlds is the key and i miss it so much PLEASE make Legions I'll buy 3 copies guess it's a dumb thread but i'm just sick of nothing at all like tribes available and don't say...
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    Easiest way to get music from my desktop drive to play through my home theater + tv

    first time i've posted in HTPC... My buddy gave me a pretty nice sony reciever when he upgraded to Mclintosh or whatever... I'm thinking about buying a set of Klipsch floor standing speakers to go with it = RF-82 model I've got about 100gb on an external drive that i use with my PC -...
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    Ok you guys call it - P965 or 650i

    chip will be E4300 to start i've gone back and forth between the two chipsets a dozen or more times thanks for voting edit: this is budget build so the P965 would probably be an Abit IB9 ($89 shipped from the egg (tax in TN)) and the 650i would probably be EVGA 650i ($99 shipped from...
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    FREE Case After Rebate
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    is this the best switch style baybus you can buy - the frozen cpu one? anybody know of a better switch style one no rhoebus's please
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    Found a review on Abit's new IB9 - Budget P965 board w/ solid caps

    LINK Newegg has this board for like 75 bucks after rebate hope you know Chinese (if that's even what it is).. could be Japanese for all i know. :D I tried dropping the URL in to a translator but it didn't do anything :( Is this board sexy or what - black connectors and everything mal
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    E4300 for $106 no rebate - Ewiz

    LINK pretty good deal i think
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    Final check w/ you guys before i pull the trigger on my first intel rig

    comin to the dark side baby E4300 DFI P965-S FIRESTIX 2X512MB Any reason why i couldn't run 7x500 for 3.5 on the cpu and 1:1 on the ram? thanks guys
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    Higher temps after IHS removal?

    finally grew an pair an poped lid of my charished CAB1E 144 to see if i could sqeeze another 50mhz out of her - poor girl the ihs removal went fine but my temps went up maybe 3-5C for sure (speedfan) on both temp2 and core i remounted it twice and both times the contact was good according...
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    x1950xt 256mb - 169 free ship on the egg (open box) hot?
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    can someone tell me where to buy this NB block in the u.s. (EK-NF4 rev1.1)

    anybody? it's their high flow one that will fit my ultra-d
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    Directron NEC 90gx2 (glossy) - $169 AR

    $50 MIR from NEC This is for the two tone version $183 shipped to my door (AR) can't wait .. i'll post some pics :D sorry if this is a repost
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    funny newegg review

    I actually laughed pretty hard at this :D don't trustem :D :D
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    8800GTX w/ Lian Li PC7B - Fits?

    Did a search and didn't come up with anything conclusive. thanks, mal
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    which mobo for pc5300 ddr2

    sorry been out of the game for a while and have never owned ddr2 before need to know which mobo is good and which cpu also will be used for gaming and i will overclocking thanks, mal oh, i'm also on a bit of a budget - bang for you buck type buyer thanks
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    Easy help a member thread - which mobo and cpu for budget build - got 2gb pc5300/gpu

    i'm helping my friend build a budget gaming pc with some pc5300 ddr2 and a pci-e gpu he bought any roccommendations for mobo or cpu i'm thinking e4300 right? but which mobo? oh and what's a good quality sufficient psu? thanks, mal p.s. i think pc5300 is ddr2 667 thanks