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    Currently have a u2410 - would adding a u2412m be a big difference?

    Hey guys, I currently have a Dell u2410 as my main monitor but I'm looking to add a second. I can get a u2410 for 400 bucks from newegg/amazon but I was curious if the cheaper u2412m would be a dramatic difference? i.e. would the colors be so different that it would be noticeable and...
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    Need help setting up a terminal (...?) server

    Okay, here's what I want to accomplish: I want to be able to use my main pc/any pc on the network (all of which would be Windows), use a program such as Exceed to remote into a Unix/Linux box. Instead of a graphical interface though, I only want the command line. From here, I'll be able to use...
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    Need help on cooling - GPU's and CPU running too hot?

    I've finally gotten something to monitor my temps and I think I'd rather not monitor them lol I have a core i7 2600k and 2x EVGA GTX570's. During gaming sessions, the CPU will hit 50-52C and GPU1 will hit almost 84C while GPU2 stays at 65 most of the time. I have a Corsair 800D using the...
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    Need some fan recommendations

    Hey guys, I have a Corsair 800D with a Corsair H60. The fan config right now is stock (fan in the pack is exhaust, the fans in the front are intakes, the H60 is attached at the top exhausting). I was thinking about doing two things: 1. Turning the fan around on the radiator at the top (and...
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    First SLI build - want to build by end of month

    Moving to the big apple the first week of July and want to take a PC up there with me. I'll have room, so that isn't a big concern. It will be my first SLI build: CPU: Core i7 2600k Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD4-B3 ( Memory: CORSAIR...
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    Is my GTX260 running too hot?

    Playing SC2 last night, I saw my GTX260 frequently hit the 70-74C range, it normally idles in the mid 40's C area. Is this too hot? Should I consider getting an aftermarket cooler?
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    Just how slow is the WD20EADS?

    So I'm looking to buy another drive for my PC to be used only for storage - it'll have movies, videos, music, etc. I was looking at the WD20EADS (the Green 2tb hdd from WD) and it's about the highest I want to spend. Its a lot of storage, quiet and cool - all major pluses. But, it's a...
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    M-Audio AV40 or Klipsch Promedia 2.1

    I'm going to use the speakers for movies, video games and movie listening - evenly distributed for the most part. Space isn't really a concern and both are within my budget (roughly 150). Any recommendations?
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    Looking for a computer sound "solution"

    Not sure what the correct term would be, but I chose "solution" since I need almost everything. First, here's what I have: -DT770's, Shure E4c, Koss KSC-75's -custom built pc with a Gigabyte EX58-UD4P mobo (in sig) What I want: -sound card -speakers -headphone amp/dac to connect to...
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    Worth it to buy another GTX260?

    So I have one eVGA GTX260 (the 1257 model to be exact). I was wondering if it would be worth it buying another one for SLI? I dont plan on upgrading my PC for a while and would love for it to still have horsepower for games a year or two from now. I play a lot of RPGs and quite a few shooters...
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    LOL I love this bonus system

    Back when I first started folding, there was no bonus system. Now that I'm back, well, look at my monthly chart: In 5 days of March have I have doubled my best MONTHLY output in the entire time I've been folding. (To...
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    Problems with video output - is it the CPU?

    So in my sig, the HTPC has been acting up lately, with it not working at all as of late. Basically, whenever I start it up, I wont see any video, just a blank screen with a box as to where the mouse should be that looks like corrupted video. It's nothing in particular, just a bunch of lines...
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    Set up MPICH but it's not pulling SMP units?

    Did I do something wrong or does it not always have SMP units to run? I followed the guide to the T :(
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    Using C# to do Text to Column in Excel

    So I have a program that downloads financial data from Yahoo. The data downloads as a .csv and is all within one column. I.e.: 2009-12-29,61.29,61.59,61.10,61.10,3787000,61.10 What I want to do is turn that into different columns. I know there's a TextToColumn method but I can't seem to...
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    Thoughts on this box?

    Shuttle SG31G2V2 - 189.99 EVGA GTS250 - 119.99 G.Skill 2gb - 49.99 Core 2 Quad Q8300 - 149.99 Thinking about getting this box to get me back into folding. It would be a dedicated folder but it would be chilling here with me in my dorm, so I may use it occasionally for some processing of...
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    Looking for a netbook that can play 720p

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a netbook that I can (at times) hook up to a TV via HDMI to play some HD movies. The TV itself is 1080p but the movies are all 720p. I was looking at some netbooks with nVidia ION, most of these are all in my price range of < 500 dollars. I was wondering what other...
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    Audio system for a PC in a dorm room - build up or buy a package?

    So I've basically narrowed my speaker choices down to either a pair of bookshelves (most likely the Klipsch B2's) or 5 speaker set (Klipsch Quintets). The receiver hasnt been decided, but there is a small list but my question right now is: is it better to build up to a surround sound setup or...
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    Is it bad that two cores are 4 degrees warmer than the other two?

    In my i7 rig in my sig, two of the cores - specifically Core 1 and 2 are roughly 4 to 5 degrees warmer than than Cores 3 and 4. Core 3 and 4 are normally 33-34 degrees C and Core 1 and 2 are about 37-39 degrees C. Is this discrepancy okay? The temperatures also move together too - Core 1...
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    Z5500's or receiver + Kilpsch Quintets?

    I want to get something for my dorm room - a single in an apartment - I'm right now looking between the Logitech Z5500's or buying a Denon or Harmon Kardon receiver (most likely under 250) and Klipsch Quintets. If I go the Quintet route, I most likely wont get a sub right away. These primarily...
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    Power supply for Dell Dimension 4400?

    I know Dell has the proprietary PSU's...anyone know where I could get a new one for said Dell pc? I have an older one that is broken - anytime I press the power button, it doesn't turn on and the LED on the mobo that lights up when there is power is off.
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    How are these temps for a Noctua UH12P-SE1366 and a i7 920?

    At idle, the cores are anywhere from 30-34 degrees celsius and at load, they instantly jump up to the 50-53 degrees celsius range. Ambient is around 23-25 degrees. I reseated the HSF this morning using the proper TIM application technique (small pea amount in the middle). After about a...
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    i920 and GTX 260?

    Been a damn long time since I folded - but I just built this PC and was wondering what I should exepct PPD wise?
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    Noctua and paste spreading

    I have a NHU12P-1366 HSF that I put on my mobo last night. I haven't turned it on yet but I was wondering - the directions said to put a small amount of the included thermal paste in the middle, it didn't say anything about spreading it around. The paste was rather viscous so it could be that it...
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    Do people still play W:ET?

    Such a solid game that was, what are the servers like right now? Can you normally find decently filled servers or is the game essentially out of commission now?
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    Asus VH236H or Samsung P2350?

    Both are within my budget. I'm mainly using this monitor for gaming and watching HD movies. (New rig on order, none of hte rigs in my sig will be connected to it). Main concern is VESA mounting as I will be using a desk mount to mount it (I hear the 2350 has it but no definitive conclusions)...
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    Just got back from microcenter - thoughts after the fact?

    Here's what I got: Core i7 920 - 199.99 Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 Noctua U12P-1266 Antec 300 Aside from the 920, the rst were the same prices as newegg almost to the cent. Walked outta there spending approx 730 with all that. Still need an HDD, PSU, etc but overall...
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    2009WFP or money spent better somewhere else?

    Did a search and only found threads from a couple months back, don't know how much has changed. I want to get a monitor for the pc I've ordered. I've had really good luck with Dells and love their quality. I have the 2001fp from quite a ways back and it's been solid, so naturally, I'd look...
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    Building a new computer at the end of the month - recommendations?

    So after school lets out and finals are all said and done, I plan on building a desktop - something I've been meaning to do for almost 5 years but never had the opportunity as it was always the case of this-lead-to-that or okay-but-not-now. First the questions: 1) What will you be doing with...
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    My WD book is saying to format it?

    My roommate decided to be a dick and unplugged my external HDD while in use. Now, everytime I try and access it, it keeps telling me that I need to format it, thus deleting all the data on it - though there is nothing critical on there (everything that needs to be backed up has been), is...
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    Anyone have a problem with updating their PS3 to 2.60?

    I haven't yet, but my PS3 bricked after I updated to 2.52 - I sent it to Sony, got it back, I really don't want to go through it again. So, to anyone who had their PS3 brick during the update to 2.52 or 2.53, got it fixed, have you upgraded to 2.60 successfuly?
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    Samsung LN22A450 vs LN22A650?

    Anyone know what the difference is? I've been trying to figure out if they're different panels but can't seem to find that anywhere. Newegg says the 650 has better Vertical viewing angles (which is what I need since my TV will be on a shelf next to my desk, I'll be looking up at it). Anyone...
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    Recommend PS3 game to pick up today?

    I'm leaning towards CoD:WaW but I also like the Prince of Persia - never played the previous ones though. Any recommendations? I already played MGS4 and GTA4. No specific genre, just looking for a good/great game.
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    Bottom of PS3 disk looks kinda "warped"

    So my brother left my MGS4 disk in the PS3 while it was on for like 4 hours. I take the disk out and it looks "warped" on the bottom, almost as though it is melted. Rather than reflecting light straight back, its all just wavy (and taking a picture cannot show exactly whats wrong). On top...
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    PS3 doesn't read games after updating to 2.52

    Has this happened to anyone? I updated firmware to 2.52, then created a PS3 online account, now it cannot read any gamedisks (will play DVD's though). Is there a way to fix it? I did a full default system restore (after backing up my game saves to a USB thumbdrive) and no dice - hell it...
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    Recommendations on a case for iPhone?

    Looking for something solid with a screen protector and preferably not too bulky. Any ideas? I was thinking about one of the Griffin cases
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    VM in WHS?

    Is it possible? I was thinking about getting a WHS box and then using a VM for a linux or XP distro for torrents - rather then getting a dedicated torrent box. I'd then port-forward that to the router, but I'm getting ahead of myself here. Knowing how WHS views storage, would...
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    Any benefit for adding a video card?

    Here's my current HD HTPC setup: Athlon64 X2 4400+ Biostar TF7050PV-M2 2GB DDR2-800 I'm running onboard video and audio from the SPDIF header to a receiver. My tv can play 1080p content (current refresh rate is 60hz, does not support 1080p24). I was wondering, would I have any added...
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    Any upcoming 1920x1200 22" LCD's?

    I have a Dell 2001fp and wanted to continue using it when I get a new monitor. However, I wanted it to match up both in size and resolution of the new monitor. Size-wise, I think a 22" would have the exact same screen height. But, every 22" I find is 1680x1050. I did a google and didn't...
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    Downgrading from Vista x64 to Vista x86?

    So, I found out that Vista x64 can't seamlessly integrate HD movies into VMC. I was wondering, do I have to reformat to downgrade to x86 or can I just reinstall and keep all of my files, etc already on the HDD?
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    Running into an error when loading Linux

    I keep getting a "ACPI: Unable to Load the system description tables" error when I try and install Xubuntu onto an old Abit BP6. I've found a few things online, most of which say I should try a new disk (I did, twice, and they all gave the same error). Then I found this...