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    External hard drive taken on directory structure of another drive. Help

    I don't know how I've done it but between swapping discs in my external caddy one of my disks has taken on the file structure of another. Space used is still showing as correct. What do I do? The disk was coming up with unreadable or corrupt when trying to access so I run chkdsk /f g: and...
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    GTX 1060 which one?

    My last card was an EVGA SC (660Ti). Is there any point getting the factory overclocked cards? I don't want any frills/led lights etc. just something that will drive GTA V on a 1080p 60Hz TV.
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    M.2 PCI-E NVMe drives. Where are they?

    All I'm seeing is Samsung drives for sale. I don't want the 256GB 950 Pro as I don't need all that space and as such is too expensive. And I don't want an OEM drive like the SM951 or PM951 due to lack of support, firmware upgrades, warranty etc. Will somebody make a retail 128gb M.2 PCI-E NVMe...
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    NVMe M.2 drives. Where are they?

    I've been waiting 12 months to get one and still nothing :/
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    How long did it take you to like Windows 8?

    About a week for me. Horrified at first, then I learnt how good it was.
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    Best disk monitoring software?

    For HDD mainly but SSD also handy. Would like to be able to monitor the disks in my server remotely from my main rig if that is possible? Paid or free doesn't matter. What do you recommend [H]ard?
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    Seagate 6TBs incoming Do want
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    SONY STRDN1030 HDMI AV Receiver Under 'Specification' and 'Connections' it says PC Input - Can a computer be plugged in? - No Really? Not through HDMI?
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    Best software to make regular backups of 1x HDD to another (data not system)

    Any suggestions for best software (free) to make regular backups of the contents of 1 HDD to another? The content is data, it is not a system drive. Thanks Running Windows 8 Pro btw