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    Are there any good solid exchanges left?

    I just reopened an old LTC wallet and found that I have ~31.4 LTC that I was unaware of, and I would like to exchange for BTC. I've been out of the game for awhile, are there any good trustworthy exchanges left? I see good and bad things about all of them, and I know it's still kind of the Wild...
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    Which RAID card should I get?

    I am building a NAS box with 4 Hitachi 3TB 7K3000 drives and thinking of using FreeNAS for RAIDZ2. This is for home/media storage use, not mission-critical production or anything. I've been doing research on which RAID card to use and I'm kind of stuck: do I get an LSI 9260-4i, an IBM M1015, or...
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    i7 870, Xeon E5-1607/V2, 4/8GB unbuffered DDR3 DIMMs

    buzzbomb187 | eBay
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    Anyone ever have any luck with Chinese/eBay "AMD-only" RAM? (xposted from Memory sub)

    Crossposted from Memory sub - Legacy RAM question - 512Mx64 "AMD-only" RAM If crossposting/reposting from one subforum to another is verboten, I do apologize - but I wondered if maybe this sub would be better suited for the question at hand. If one thread or the other needs to be deleted I...
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    Legacy RAM question - 512Mx64 "AMD-only" RAM

    I'm trying to upgrade my garage PC to 8GB of memory, so I decided to give this a shot. The PC is an ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe motherboard with a Phenom II X6 1035T CPU and a Gigabyte 7970. ASUS says the board's four DIMM slots can take up to 16GB of RAM so it has to support 4GB individual sticks, and...
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    NVidia Quadro GPUs, RAM of varying vintage/speeds, OCZ PCI-E SSD

    My auctions, ending next week. Cleaning out some shelf space of unneeded hardware. Take a look! :D
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    FX-8300 OC performance

    Posting this in the AMD processors section and not the general Overclocking section to avoid Intel cranks. :D Currently have the top OC for the FX-8300 on, H100i on CPU as noted in the comments. I got into Windows at this speed and it would POST at 5.0GHz but BSOD before I could...
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    Copper cold plates - where did they go?

    FrozenCPU used to have 40mm x 40mm x 6.3mm (1.5x1.5x0.25") copper plates for TEC/water cooling setups but they stopped carrying them. Ordering just one from is going to be cost-prohibitive; if I order ten of them, is there sufficient interest to sell the rest at $7 shipped...
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    1045T @ 4GHz, stable - but ArmA2 crashes?

    With my H100i I can get a stable overclock of 4GHz out of my Phenom II x6 1045T - 50% overclock, I'll take it. Reminds me of the 300a days. :D Only problem I have is that ArmA2 crashes...I play DayZ mod quite a bit and it is more than frustrating to gear up and have my PC crap out on me, and...
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    BIOS flash issues with 5770 - help?

    I was attempting to raise the OC threshold on my HIS 5770 and the flash worked but now I only get a black screen off that card. The card was stable @ 960MHz so I used RBE to extract/edit the stock ROM and changed the upper limit to 1100MHz - the only change I made - and successfully flashed the...
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    Proof-of-concept project - DIY PWM-controlled TEC on air

    Forgive me if this would qualify as extreme cooling, if it belongs there feel free to move it. So I was throwing some spare parts into a case the other day and had an idea: I've always wanted to play around with a TEC, plus everyone says they are a bad idea (challenge accepted!). I've tried...
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    What makes a PCI-express slot stop working?

    Might seem like a dumb question, but I've looked closely at both sides of the board (Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe) and I see no popped/missing surface-mount components, bulged capacitors, or scorch marks anywhere. The upper PCI-express slot doesn't work at all, in fact the board will not even POST...
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    Is bitcoin frowned upon here?

    Well, if it is it's no loss for me - my slow mining rig (linked for image size): Phenom 9850 and two 5770s with anemic overclocks. Just felt like sharing. :D
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    Low-profile cooler upgrade for 5770s in CF?

    I'm running two HIS 5770s in a midtower case, and as such I've got a heat problem coupled with a space problem in the vertical dimension. If I put the cards close enough to use a regular CF bridge, the top card's fan is pulling hot air right off the back of the lower card. I do have a 100mm CF...