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    Should I take off the waterblock ?

    Going to get a 2070 Super and don't plan to watercool it at this time and possibly never will. Currently have 1070 Strix 08G model witih a EK waterblock on it. Should I leave the block on and see if someone wants it that way or put the fan assembly back on and let them install themselves ...
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    Soundcard or external USB

    Currently have a pair of Sennheiser 598SE that I use with a Fiio DAC. and my Samson MIC, sound level are very good with either of these. If I plug my cans into the motherboard directly ( Aorus X570 Elite ) I probably get about half the volume of the DAC or by using the Samson mic headphone...
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    Best Router for Gaming / Streaming

    Currently have a Asus 68u which was provided by Tmobile for use as a mobile hotspot since signal was terrible in my house. The wifi calling has a lot to be desired so the gave me a actual cellspot and I need to return the router. What is the best router in the 200 dollar range which provides...
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    2080 vs 2080 Super

    I'll start off by saying I won't buy the Ti, way over my budget. I'm down to these two cards. I'm between the 2080 and the Super, I'll be running at 1440p @ 144/ 165 hz. What has been everyone's experiences with these cards at those settings ? Processor is a 3600 on x570, might got to to...
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    Want to upgrade video card

    Currently have a 1070 and I'm considering a 5700XT. Only thing holding me back is my monitor, a Asus 165 hz 2560x1440 GSync. Would I be a fool for going AMD or should I just get a 2070 Super ?
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    Loop not draining

    Having a issue where my loop isn't draining. I ran a similar setup on my P5 case and the drain was lower than the radiator and res and it drained almost completely ( had drain port on bottom of rad ). The new setup has both inlet and outlet on top of rad. Am I not draining because my drain...
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    Is my Ryzen running hot ?

    Now I'm coming for a 6700k which seemed to run a lot cooler, but maybe my expectations are off or something else is going on. R5 3600 not overclocked, at idle 40c or so, bounces around quite a bit. Under load playing a game, I've hit 73c. This is all on custom loop. My radiator is smaller...
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    Real world scenario

    Currently running a 950 Pro NVME drive for my operating system and commonly used programs. Would I see any real world difference upgrading to one of the new PCI-E 4.0 drives ? I know benchmarks show it, jsut don't know if I should invest in something else first
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    Cryix 133 mhz

    Did anyone ever have one of these ? I ( upgraded ) from a AMD DX4 100 mhz and it felt like I went backwards, what a miserable piece of hardware. I do believe it dropped straight into my motherboad though, maybe.
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    Upgrade from onboard

    My board currently has Realtek ALC1200 and would like to know if I will see any appreciable difference going to a dedicated soundcard ? I really only play games and listen to some music encoded in flac. If there is something that woudl be a upgrade for my scenario, which card would you recommend ?
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    Next logical upgrade

    Currently have 1070 Strix and it has been faithful, but I'm not sure it can handle some of the newer games when pushing higher settings. I game at 1440p at 144 hz OC'ed to 165 ( no interest in 4k ). with G Sync. What would be the best upgrade for me at the current time, 2070 Super ? Ryzen...
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    Fans compatible with RGB Fusion 2.0 ?

    Would like to be able to run 9 rgb fans directly from the motherboard and skip using controllers all together. Need 120 mm and will be running them off a Aorus X570 Elite, don't mind some breakout boxes, just no software control except from the fusion software. # of them will go on the...
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    I'm over colored coolants

    In the process of redoing my build ( Ryzen 3000 from a 6700K ) and will be draining the loop. Was running Mayhem Pastel blue, but need a change. I want to run straight distilled and need to know what biocides I need. The loop currently has a Alphacool radiator ( copper ) and EK waterblocks...
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    Which memory kit

    Have the 3600 and Aorus Elite X570 sitting inthe cart, now need memory. What is going to give me the best bang for the buck. 16 GB, prefer something with RGB, but not mandatory.
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    Best x570 under 300

    As the title says, best x570 under 300 bucks, ATX. Plan on putting a 3700x in it, possible upgrading to something later down the road if compatible. I have no particular brand preference, currently looking at the Aorus Pro. Any recommendations and why ?
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    Moving on to Zen 2

    6700k going to my brother and I'm going to start a new build. I will transplant my existing nvme, ssd's and 1070 to the new build. I do the occasional streaming, dabbling in video editing and mostly game. I do game in 1440p and plan to stay that way, don't see a need for 4k. Was planning on...
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    Is it worth going from 6700k to Ryzen 3000 ?

    Mostly game but do some light streaming also. The 6700k does most everything well, but does struggle here and there. What kind of improvement could I see moving to the 3000 series ? Gamers Nexus loves the 3600, but seems underwhelmed by the 3700x which was going to be my choice. If I go AMD...
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    Updating BIOS

    Will be upgrading to Ryzen 3000 from my 6700k Z170 build next month when the new AMD parts release Will most likely go with the following 3700x Aorus X470 Gaming 7 Question is, can this board BIOS be flashed without a CPU ? I can't find a definitive answer if this is the case. I know I...
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    Enough radiator ?

    Currently have a 6700k and 1070 strix being cooled by a Ocool 420mm crossflow radiator. 6700k overclocked to 4.4 ghz. Both gpu and cpu have ek blocks and res is a photon 270 with d5 pump. Temps stay pretty low Looking to change case to define s2 meshify so ill have to ditch the 420 rad and...
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    Currently use a CS70 but want to go back to my Sennheiser HD598, they sound so much better. I have the second gen modmic, but really hate the extra wires, usb sound card to power it and don't want a wireless one. What desktop one has good quality and minimal pickup of keyboard sounds ? Would...
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    Most significant upgrade you ever made ?

    Was thinking today that all of our upgrades are incremental, what upgrade really made you go holy $hit !! Mine was going from a Intel 486SX 25 Mhz to a AMD 486 DX4 100 Mhz. ( 1993 ) Mybenchmarkt showed this was how fast the plasma gun spewed out its rounds in Doom II. I know for a lot of the...
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    How long can I run straight distilled water

    Leaving the world of Mayhem pastel and going distilled. The biocides won't be here until Monday but I'd like to get a start on flushing. Once I flush the system, how long can I leave the distilled in with additives ? Will I be safe until Monday evening ? Still need to use the system.
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    Coolant separating

    Hello, Ran pastel blue for about 2 years with no issues whatsoever, however when I moved to pastel purple it was fine for a couple days then I noticed colors starting to change in my reservoir. Before adding the new coolant, I flushed with hot distilled water, figured I didn't need to use...
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    Time to clean the loop

    I've been running the current Loop for 2 years now it's time to change out the Mayhem pastel. Curious to see what kind of build up there is and if it will affect temperatures I'll do it before and after test to see the difference. Couple of questions, what size are the screws for ekwb 1070...
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    Slow speeds

    My gaming pc is cruising right along with and downloading at speeds which are consistent with my connections, 100 down. Now when I download with my other PC, it is downloading very slow ...early DSL slow. Both are on a gigabit network fed from my main router, a ASUS 68u to a switch in my...
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    Booting issues

    Been having the issue for a while and have just deakt with it, bib figured i would look for some input. From a cold boot my system will turn on then power off immediately. I will immediately turn back on and complete the boot process. I'm not overclocking, temps are stable, ran memory tests...
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    What color guys ?

    Time for a coolant change...... want to stay with Mayhems. was thinking of UV Blue. Was thinking of white pastel but the res does have a led in it that the pastel kills. Open to some color suggestions 34068400_10156334423443744_2475129909689712640_n by Iconic Photogrpahy, on Flickr...
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    What color coolant

    Currently running Mayhem pastel blue in the rig and it's time for a color change. I'm open to about any other color and leaning towards white right now. I'm willing to go with a clearer color if it will fit the scheme. Obviously I'm not changing the PSU wires and the lighting which is blue...
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    Need suggestion for external sound card

    Currently have a Core P5 so I need to go external since I can't mount a pci card in it easily. Current chipset is ALC892 I have some Cloud 2 headphones that I'm going to sell since I want a pair of open cans. I'm looking at the Sennheiser PC360's. I know my onboard audio will probably drive...
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    What amp for modmic?

    I purchased a modmic 4.0 and ad700x headphones. I knew there was a chance my motherboard wouldn't be able to handle the mic properly (realtek alc892 ). I'm actually happy with the headphone loudness from the on board sound, but mic input is very low and background hiss is bad with gain up...
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    My ass is killing me

    I have this cheap old Office Depot special and need something new, stat ! I'm about 5'10" 210 lbs. The current width of the chair I'm in is 19" and fits pretty good, just everything else about it sucks. I've looked at the DXRacer Racing series, but the width probably is not wide enough and...
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    I'm in need of a new motherboard ... . confusion among lanes

    will I run into issues with the following for Z170x One m.2 Samsung 950 Pro nvme drive Two GTX 1070 SLI One Samsung EVO SSD One WD Black HDD Will I get full speed on everything ? I'm deciding between GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-UD3 Ultra (rev. 1.0) LGA 1151 Intel Z170 HDMI...
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    Hopefully I can get through this before it locks up

    I'm about at the end of my leash. Recently moved all my hardware over to a a new case with custom loop. Pretty uneventful and temps are good, actually about -5c less than before. I have a Asus Z170 S which has drove me crazy since day 1, won't overclock, won't show bios screen on boot...
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    Core P5, it's done !! .... for now. My first custom loop

    Got it finished today for the most part. Couple little minor things I want to fix and will do that after first coolant change. Mainly the line going from res to cpu block. It's not running parallel with the res and that is driving me insane. Also need to find some blue memory and paint mine...
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    How much force to pull hard line out of fitting ?

    Title says it all. I have petg tubing and compression fittings. I can feel the tube seat fully in the fitting, but I can remove it with little effort. This seems wrong to me, but may be their nature. Anything to worry about ? Using xspc tube and fittings the 10/14. Chamfer edges and sanded.
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    Running D5 without coolant

    I assume this isn't a issue since it wasn't prolonged, just want to verify. I receeived a Photon 270 w/ D5 Vario and wanted to check it before everything is set up. I plugged it in briefly.....maybe a second if that. The pump works but just made a hell of a noise, squealing sound. I'm...
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    How much coolant ?

    How much ( estimated ) do I need ? Photon 270mm Reservoir ( 690ml ) AlphaCool XT45 420mm Radiator X-Flow ( guestimating 400ml ) EVO Supremecy Mayhem's Pastel Blue Not doing video cards right now....that will be down the line. I'm sure I need 2 bottles right now, just want to verify.
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    Is my water cooling list good ?

    Attached is my list. I've never done a custom loops so I'm hoping I picked out the right parts. One thing I'm not sure of a drain valve. I assume I want a 14mm valve to match my tubing OD, but not seeing that on the site. I already have fans, heat gun and I will use some type of pastel...
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    Fan configuration help

    Here's the hardware I7 930 Evga x58 sli Mb Gtx 1060 g1 P400 case Water 3.0 250mm rgb 3x 120 mm riing fan 2x 120 mm sp120 This is my brothers setup and I'm trying to figure out best fan configuration The case requires the radiator to be mounted in the front. It will be push/pull. Will I be...
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    Swiftech and Mayhem Pastels

    I currently have a Swiftech H220 X2 with Mayhem red UV dye. I'm growing bored of it and wanted to know if I can replace the fluid with pastels or is it not recommended. I emailed swiftech but haven't gotten a response yet. I'm thinking or going hard line PVC in the future, but have to weigh...