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    Cyberpunk 2077 Player Discussion Thread

    I have to say it feels a lot like old school Deus Ex. All the different ways to play are a little overwhelming but it’s a lot of fun and definitely engrossing. I lost track of time pretty hard last night.
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    Your (Apple) Computer Isn't Yours

    Run for office. I'll fundraise for you.
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    Sony LISTENS to Voice Chats to Scan for 'TOXICITY' in Latest PS4 Update?!

    I reserve the right to call 0-14 players inbred pieces of shit. Xbox it is.
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    Big Ubisoft showcase coming September 10

    I just don’t give a shit about anything Ubi makes anymore. Why spend money with a company that sells buggy micro transaction based games?
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    China Poaches Over 100 TSMC Engineers to Bolster Domestic Chip Industry

    Condemnation of China is not a full throated endorsement of the USA. The ad-hominem attacks on your fellow enthusiasts is un-called for. Please stop. Those of us in the USA are well aware of the shame of our country’s practices (operation paperclip etc.), and I don’t believe ANY of us worship...
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    AMD's best Big Navi GPU may only be a match for Nvidia Ampere's second tier

    I don’t disagree with much of what you wrote, but it seems like the issues with Halo Infinite are not hardware based. There is a lot of chatter coming out that 343i is totally fucked up and the source code/tech is a scrambled mess. Rich at ReviewTech USA did a nice little piece on it a day or...
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    Senate passes spying bill without search and browsing history protections

    Some moron will say “well that’s fine I have nothing to hide”; another will say “trust the plan”. hopefully this shit gets challenged in court for violating the constitution.
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    [H]ard Star Citizen's Group

    I still play when I’m not one the road for work! I think most backers are waiting for more gameplay loops.
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    ‘Copyright Troll’ Lawyer Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

    Imagine spending 2.5 years and 300k to become a lawyer only to use your JD to chase rogue mastubators across the internet in search of shekels...
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Thanks for the update I’ve been looking at these to do a similar thing.
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    The Slowing Growth of vRam in Games

    One of us, One of us, one of us...
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    Anthem Was Bioware's Second Best Launch

    Only because Apex Legends is F2P. Let’s see if they release a units sold number.
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    Halo Insider Program: Sign Up for Early Access to Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    I agree. I’m not sure why other FPS games still haven’t gotten good vehicle based gameplay into their battlegrounds. UT2k4 did it, Halo did it, Tribes did it before them all, but now the only games that even try are the Battlefield series.
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    Tesla Unveils Model Y Electric SUV with 300-Mile Range and Seven Seats

    I’ll sell my fake JPEG spaceships for the down payment...
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    Epic Games Denies Client Spying Accusations

    Very convenient explanations that I am not impressed with. No one cares why you kicked the dog, Tim. It’s not okay.
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    Alphacool Announces Eisblock GPX-A Plexi Light Cooler for AMD Radeon VII

    I just don’t see the reason to move from a Vega 64 to a Radeon VII... it’s not priced well either in my opinion. What you get for what it costs is even more embarrassing than Nvidia’s RTX launch. That being said, Alphacool makes great products and I would happily give them my money.
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    AdoredTV Reveals New AMD Leaks and Social Media Woes

    A mad hatter? Or just the standard, run-of-the-mill haberdasher?
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    Rotten Tomatoes Bans "Want to See" Score, User Comments before Films' Release

    Could it just be that the trailer is boring as fuck?
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    Disney Removes Advertising from YouTube in Response to Child Exploitation Videos

    YouTube has been a disgusting cesspit of child perversion (remember the Elsa/Spider-Man videos that featured sexualized behavior targeted towards young children?) for a long time. Google seems incapable of accountability across many of its platforms.
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    Apex Legends Hits 1 Million Players, But Replaced Titanfall 3

    LOVE Respawn. Enough that I would play this game despite me EA embargo. That’s saying something, as you’ll find me in every thread asking people to not give EA money.
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    Bioware Supposedly Tried to Make a KOTOR Sequel

    Don’t buy EA products, even when on sale. Let their disgusting, disrespectful conglomerate come to the ignominious end it deserves.
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    Slightly Mad Studios Reveals the Final Design of the Mad Box

    If a star citizen backer like myself can tell this is doomed, you’re gonna have a bad time.
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    BioWare Shows Off Anthem at CES

    Still not gonna buy any game affiliated with EA.
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    Panel Makers to Shift Focus to 8K LCD in 2019

    Is there any content for this yet?
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    Star Citizen Developers Valued at About $460 Million

    Insert generic for/against Star Citizen comment here
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    The Next AAA Publisher Crash May Already be Here

    I watch the quartering a fair bit... it’s a nice easy way to hear about gaming stuff outside my bread and butter while I am driving... Not sure why the knee jerk reactions to you tube content in general. It’s not like any magazines are producing quality, timely content.
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    Japan OLED Shows Off Upcoming Monitors

    No prices are high because their manufacturing process is expensive and the yields are ~50%. You are absolutely right that the tech has room to grow and HDMI 2.xx will hopefully be a part of that.
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    Japan OLED Shows Off Upcoming Monitors

    I have read it’s a mix of volume and color degradation issues, especially with white over a long period of time. Though you and I might pay $1,500 to $3000 for an OLED monitor, that puts us solidly into an enthusiast/prosumer group whose limited volume purchasing makes margins unappealing.
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    Japan OLED Shows Off Upcoming Monitors

    Please, please make a 29-34 inch OLED gaming monitor with a decent refresh rate. I promise I will give you all of my money!
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    Anthem Alpha Streamer Loses Entire EA Origin Library after Breaking NDA

    Why are people still playing EA games? Fuck that company. Let it go bankrupt and a better publisher will fill the void.
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    Star Citizen Discounts Game Packages after Making Over $7,000,000 in Nine Days

    I think its hilarious u kids talking shit about Chris Roberts. u wouldnt say this stuff to him at lan, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol
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    Rift hanging hooks

    Does a 4th sensor make a big difference?
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    Anthem Closed Alpha Sign-Ups Begin

    More micro transaction funded bullshit from EA.
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    Bioware Teases December Dragon Age Announcement

    I’m not interested in the products of any EA affiliated studio.
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    Deepcool Captain 240 EX All-In-One CPU Cooler @ [H]

    Damn not sure how that made it through QC... thanks for continuing to investigate.
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    "God of War" Creator Slams AAA Games and Their Repetitiveness

    Bethesda is not exempt from that list.
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    Sapphire Vega 64 Newegg ebay $399.99

    Got mine and subbing it in tonight!