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    LG 43UD79 Information?

    Amazon just pushed my ship date back to the end of June. I might have to cancel and order through Adorama, but I need to make sure of the return policy first. I'm pretty busy with work this week and next week anyways so I might just wait it out and see if it ships early.
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    LG 43UD79 Information?

    I pre-ordered one of these on a few weeks ago. When ( if? ) it arrives I can take some video of a few tests if there isn't already anything out by then.
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    MBP how hot?

    Heat doesn't bother me, my house is so cold its nice. BTW sup felix88.
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    imacs get Core Duo 2 and a new 24" screen

    My 9800xt can run HL2 perfectly smoothly at 1680x1050 with my FX-51 and 1GB of reg ecc PC2100 with everything set to highest but no AA or AF. If the 9800xt can, more modern cards shouldn't even break a sweat.
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    Got 2405FWP. Holy *bleeeep!*

    I wouldnt worry about the backlight thing unless it affects the actual use of the monitor.
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    quick question about a connector on a 2005fpw

    which connector do you mean?
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    Best Overclocking Core Ever Made

    durable? Those cracked WAY easier than bartons.
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    will Analog be around in 5 years?

    My 15" sony LCD has DVI and I've been using it for over 3 years now...
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    2005fpw Issues?

    Apparently people are still having issues, but if you get a bad one, just call them and they send another.
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    3 ghz 630 to 4 ghz P4 EE in a Dell !!!

    I would like to note that it is in fact still just a Pentium 4 6XX chip, and not an EE chip. Even though the specs seem to line up, there is a difference between the 2MB prescotts and the 90nm EE chips. IIRC its cache latencies or something.
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    Anyway To Overclock A Gateway?

    Most OEM motherboards are locked to prevent you from overclocking them. Its likely that it is impossible.
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    My Storm build.

    I'm sure its 176F with the AC on. ;) Nice looking setup there man. How much did that iwaki set you back?
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    All-In-Wonder X800XT cooling block?

    from looking at that picture, I would say it will fit. The reason the All-in-wonder cards are listed as incompatible, is because they traditionally have large silver casings for the coaxial input which interferes with the heatsink and would require modification to the waterblock. The x800xt AIW...
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    2005FPW Question

    that has a mobility radeon 9000, which should have support for monitors up to 2048*1650 or whatever the max is, at least thats what the thinkpad my buddy has with a mobility 9000 supports.. maybe dell did something to them :confused:
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    All-In-Wonder X800XT cooling block?

    its entirely possible that they are talking about all-in-wonder 9800 and down cards. From what I've seen, the AIW x8xt has the same hsf as the normal x800? Take a picture of the card with the heatsink off, showing the mounting holes and I can tell you if a block will fit.
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    Dell Home 2405fpw $756+tax 2005fpw $407+tax 5:59CT 7/15

    just ordered one for $434.34 + tax :D I hope I dont have any issues with it.
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    [H]ard on the eyes...

    try and bring that refresh up to 75, or to 85 if possible. I notice a difference between 85 and 75, but not as much as the difference between 60 and 75.
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    Dell’s UltraSharp 2005FPW widescreen 20-inch LCD monitor.

    Jeez, I wish my biggest problem in life was a slightly bleedy backlight.
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    2.53 at 3volts!

    inaccurate readings are so amusing
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    Fan for AMD Mobile 2400+ XP

    The sandstorm is really good sounding, but it hurts if you get it in your eyes.
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    So close to a stable 3.0c w/ 30 caps

    $200-300? mine cost a total of under $100... Maze4 Mag3 Tubing Heatercore ( well, kinda ) Fan
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    wELL GUYS WISH ME LUCK fX-53/Asus 939 setup putting it together right now!

    I sure hope you guys get past 25K, cause I got 24K with a CPU that costed half that much... :rolleyes: , and a 9800pro...
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    post your OC

    who really cares if its prime stable? unless you caculate prime numbers all day it really doesn matter. If its stable for what he does, and he's happy with it, its stable enough. anyhow my oc, Athlon XP-M 2500+ 2.6GHz 215 x 12 @ 1.95v air or water, I have both, didnt make a diff.
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    Is a blower better than a fan??

    it depends upon the blower fan. Axial fans have a dead spot in the middle, which is bad for heatsinks, but they work just fine for other applications. The coolermaster blower fan is incredibly weak, but it all just depends upon the one you get.
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    Dual Watercooling (cpu and gpu)

    one setup with higher flow should be better.
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    Hard Drive Water Block? Any available and cheap?

    the raptors arent as hot as the 7K rpm ones. I have both and the raptor is much cooler.
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    My new toy just arrived v2

    this man knows his work
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    Water cooling Kit or Case?

    thats a decent kit, but would not perform as well as a dangerden kit.
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    Help Choosing Pump

    I put in a vote for either the eheim 1048 or the Mag3. I own both.
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    9800 pro to 9800xt

    you just need to get a good card thats capable. Just make sure its not an r360 core 9800pro, and you'll be allright.
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    amd SLOT A cooler?

    you could prolly find a maze1 or maze2 to go with one from someone.
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    Free amd64/mobo combo!!!

    farcry ran just fine on my old PC with a 9800pro and a A64. I could run 1280x960x32 at max everything.
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    Can you say dissappointed?

    the r360s dont really go that high. And your OC is quite sad considering my 9700TX with a VGA silencer gets 415 Mhz without any mods. But only gettin like 410 out of the R360 98pros is quite common.
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    My new toy just arrived v2

    You really arent getting what I'm saying. 1) silver is better than copper for this application 2) the copper RBX/Cascade is better than the copper Maze1 3) a silver RBX/Cascade block would be better than a silver Maze1. Doesnt it seem silly to go through all the trouble and expense of...
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    Dual Watercooling (cpu and gpu)

    so, are you trying to run two seperate watercooling setups, or do you just want to cool both the GPU and the CPU?
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    Water cooling Kit or Case?

    dont get koolance. From what I've seen, their kits work, but not well. Buy a kit from somewhere like dangerden where they'll give you good parts. Otherwise you'd be better off with a good thermalright heatsink.
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    Running a Danner sideways

    same with my mag3
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    Overclocking Help

    Nah, most cars use r14. but really, I'm not trying to mess with you. Its just so googleable.
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    My new toy just arrived v2

    I understand that style is nice, but if in fact silver is better, then why dont they make it out of silver, and a good design like the RBX, rather than a decent design. like the maze1