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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    If you go in a store and really want one ask a salesman if they have any up front on "hold". When I got mine it was actually sitting up front with someone else's name on it. That person did not buy it after an hour or so and I was able to get it. It is a gamble as to what they will have in the...
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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    That was before taxes.
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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    This is long but I am so excited! I decided to start getting parts for a new build today. Ordered a LL lancool II mesh performance and a 850 watt Seasonic psu. Called up my friend to see if he wanted to make the run to the MN Micro Center. We got there around 3:30 pm. I went right to the...
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    Broken Aorus GTX 1080ti. Seeking help diagnose problem and to replace broken module.

    RazorWind I have read many of his fix a video card threads. Very knowledgeable and informative with things like this. Hopefully he can pop in here and help you out.
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    Micro Center in St. Louis Park, MN is showing 10+ of the 5800X, at the time of this post.
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    Fried my PS/2 ports, can't boot because of "Keyboard/Interface Error"

    Have you tried clearing CMOS? Maybe your motherboard's (not listed?) default is to ignore keyboard errors and keep booting?
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    Gamers are ditching Radeon graphics cards over driver issues

    Everyone with this problem do an internet search for "Nvidia 9600 gt black screen" and see if you can find a solution. This was around 10 or so years ago. There are a lot of hits from a quick search. I had a 9600 gt that had a black screen problem and I remember lowering the memory and gpu...
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    NVIDIA® DGX-2™

    Don't feel bad erek, I think it means this news excites them, in a good way.
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    Case suggestion - one that fits on a desk not under it
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    Thoughts before I RMA board?

    Try under clocking the cpu? Or disable smt or even some of the cores?
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    Thoughts before I RMA board?

    Is the bios listing the cpu correctly? If you changed boards, tried 1 stick of ram at a time and a different gpu then you may be looking at a bad cpu.
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    Thoughts before I RMA board?

    Unplug the power supply from the motherboard, pull the battery and clear cmos for a few minutes? Also I see the MB throwing a bunch of codes? Is that normal when it is trying to boot?
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    Marvel's Avengers

    Looks like Kate Mulgrew/Captain Janeway.
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    Scott Herkelman and Robert Hallock on Full Nerd

    I did enjoy. Good stuff. So looking forward to the launch's on 7/7.
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    Graphics Card Necromancy: Resurrecting a Dead GTX 690

    L19, eR33 marking. C229 looks like it went from wet to dry too. Hard to tell if q15 and q16 were wet and now dry. That may just be "over spray" from the other parts.
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    Graphics Card Necromancy: Resurrecting a Dead GTX 690

    Sorry, I never got into debugging much. My best guess is internal damage, possibly a broken or fused trace. I've seen internal board damage from things shorting, ran the board through X RAY and there it was. We have a nice X Ray machine that allows us to "go around" the board to see just...
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    Graphics Card Necromancy: Resurrecting a Dead GTX 690

    Even though you haven't had the success you wanted with these cards, this thread has been a great read. I was truly looking forward too every update. Here's to finding another dead card and bringing it back to life. I did have an advantage with finding the differences between the two boards...
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    Graphics Card Necromancy: Resurrecting a Dead GTX 690

    Card C has a capacitor that card B does not have and card B has a resistor that card C does not have.
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    AMD store-mi? I haven't used this but I find the article and discussion to be very informative.
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    George Lucas Is Reportedly Fixing Luke Skywalker for "Star Wars: Episode IX"

    Maybe they will Force Vision (dream sequence) TLJ and this movie can continue where TFA left off. It is our only hope.
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    "Door Handles Wouldn't Work": Tesla Driver Dies in Burning Car after Crash

    I agree about the batteries being potentially more dangerous and prone to starting a fire. But the news story had hysterical people freaking out about the door not opening, when that can be a common thing in car accidents. Speeding can lead to crashing. Crashing can lead to catastrophic...
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    "Door Handles Wouldn't Work": Tesla Driver Dies in Burning Car after Crash

    Not relevant to this story. The driver was not "locked" in his car on a hot day in a parking lot sweating and slowly dying from the heat. He was most likely speeding and crashed, causing complete failure in the door and door opening mechanisms. Damaged doors may not open, even if the handle...
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    "Door Handles Wouldn't Work": Tesla Driver Dies in Burning Car after Crash

    Driver dies in crash because he was speeding. That's what I get out of this. People get trapped in car crashes all the time and some even die from the car catching fire and no one being able to get them out of the car in time. It most certainly is not the fault of the car. Depending on how...
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    Got a Spare $43,000? You Could Spend It All on This Monster Gaming PC

    Definitely will want to keep the receipt for this.
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    Alphacool GPX Eisblock Unboxing and Experiences @ [H]

    That water loop in/out adapter looks interesting. Looking forward to more information on its effectiveness, and hopefully another video showing it in both configurations.
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    FYI on HardOCP Radeon VII Review

    OUTRAGE! Why you no canned benchmarks! /S Seriously though, don't be sorry for being honest. Things happen in the real world (testing). Plus you can't rush or half ass quality. Maybe a preview to hold us over?
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    Was Nvidia’s June NDA strong-arm an attempt to stop negative reviews of the 20 series of cards?

    GPP, the out of the ordinary NDA, the release of "space invaders", Stocks imploding. Karma, when it hits you like a ton of bricks. It really isn't about stopping a negative review, it's more the looking into why the space invaders showed up. If Kyle had signed the NDA he could have told of his...
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    RTX Space Invaders Wanted

    Very possible it could be a board issue. A few years ago when I was an X Ray inspector I discovered an odd image in one of our boards. Looking into it further it appeared that one of the layers was misaligned with the layers above and below. This had the potential to cause electrical clearance...
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    RTX Titan Won't Install?

    From Nvidia's main page select from the drop down menu at the top: drivers> all nvidia drivers. Then on the page that loads: Under product type select titan and go from there. You may need to select geforce then reselect titan. I just noticed this behavior.
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    Apple Dismisses over 200 Employees from Project Titan, Its Autonomous Vehicle Group

    Dear Apple: You're going to have a bad time trying to make healthcare devices because they have to be function over form.
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    ASUS ROG THOR 1200W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Nice first showing from Asus. It is a good choice to go with a Seasonic built psu. But that price, you really need to be all in on the ROG brand to want this over a comparable psu. That built in display is an interesting addition though. The geek in me thinks its kinda neat but my logical...
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2060 Performance @ [H]

    The Bottom Line really does sum up RTX 2060 and even RTX 2070. What is the point of buying a card for a feature that it can't even make usable. Nvidia really should have found a better game to show off RTX, like a story driven adventure game where things could be slower paced and where you...
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    Looks like Kyle has company now (NVIDIA related)

    Read the UPDATE on the bottom of the conclusion page of the MSI 2070 review (read the whole thing if you haven't already). That right there is why I look to [H] for the non BS real world performance...
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    MSI X399 Creation Threadripper Build - Start to Finish

    Great informative video. That using the power supply on the desk to be your ground was interesting. Working in the electronics manufacturing world I have always used a ground strap/cord. I have never done a prebuild outside of the case to test components to see if they are working or not, and...
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    Online Shopping Returns Fuel Growth in the Warehouse Sector

    Or people should research the things they buy and not return so much. I haven't returned an item to a store or online, unless it was defective, ever. I think people don't think and think it is something you are supposed to do to be "normal". Companies should just start charging bigger restock...
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    Half Life and Portal Writer is Back at Valve

    I was thinking the same thing. I am to slow this morning, need more caffeine.
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2080 Performance @ [H]

    I really like this article. Very informative. Can't wait for the 2080 ti article to tie this all together. I agree with the above comment that Nvidia maybe should have just left this to a titan type card to get everyone excited about it, then on the next series make it more available to...
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    Titan RTX in-stock...

    I really like that they are sitting on the carpeted floor, you should walk back and forth a few times to get them that extra fps static charge. /s Seriously, why would anyone put exposed electronics on carpet?
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    Looking forward to a follow up article/update on this issue. I look at this as the longer the article takes to be published the more thorough it will be. I have never seen [H] or Kyle ever go half assed on tech issues/stories that he writes about. So we must be patient and wait a little longer...