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    MoBo/Chipset/CPU PCIe lanes - clarification is needed

    Cryptocurrency mining. Generally needs very little bandwidth to/from the GPUs, but the cards still have physical x16 connectors on them and want the power associated with an x16 slot. There seems to be a whole cottage industry of adapters for cryptocurrency mining, often based on abusing USB3...
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    What do ISP "Middle Men" do?

    It makes perfect sense. A regular router (not a NAT) does not put it's own IP (or one of it's own IPs, most routers will have more than one) into the data packets it forwards. So blocking it's IP will not effect regular data traffic. Even a NAT only puts it's own IP into packets on the internet...
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    What do ISP "Middle Men" do?

    Private IPs on ISP routers does not imply CGNAT, it's perfectly possible for a client to have a public IP, but the routers in between to have private ones. The IPs on a plain router (not a NAT) aren't really used for much other than deciding what the next hop should be. The only IPs in the...
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    What do ISP "Middle Men" do?

    The provider is just using private addresses to address their access network infrastructure, presumably in an attempt to reduce their consumption of public addresses. This is quite common with cable providers. Blocking them will mean you no longer receive ICMP errors from those routers, but...
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    Smallest case with a 5.25” bay?

    Be aware that the 8 in 1 or 16 in 2 converters can only take drives up to 7mm thick. Cages with fewer 2.5 inch bays per 5.25 inch bay can take thicker drives.
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    Smallest case with a 5.25” bay?

    The 6x2.5 unit I have in one of my PCs has fans on the back and it's still shallower than the optical drive.
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    X9SCM-F will 4x16GB ECC 1600 mhz work?

    At least according to supermicro that board only supports unbuffered memory. Afaict 16GB unbuffered DDR3 modules are rare and expensive even if they did work.
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    Help needed getting my m.2 to work in external case

    In my experience normally SATA only M.2 slots use the B key while SATA/PCIe hybrid slots and PCIe only slots use the M key, SATA M,2 drives normally have both the B and M notches while PCIe SSDs normally only have the M notch. The slot looks like a B key and yet the 860 EVO is supposed to be a...
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    Prime Ultra Platinum vs Prime Ultra Titanium

    Afaict the main difference between platinum and titanium is that titanium is defined at 10% load, while platinum is only defined at 20% load and higher. This matters, because many systems only consume a small fraction of their PSUs rating at idle.
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    Power supply makes "start up" noise when plugging in

    I have seen some dell machines, that when mains power is applied, seem to turn on briefly before turning off again. I presume this is a firmware thing.
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    What ya using your 1x slots for?

    I suspect the issue is that customers would complain about a 10 gigabit card that couldn't actually reach anywhere close to 10 gigabits per second. Even PCIe 3.0 maxes out at around 8 gigabits per second per lane. I suspect we will see x1 10 gigabit cards eventually, but probally only after...
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    i9-10900X or i9-9900K

    You need to read the motherboard manual carefully before buying, it should tell you somewhere (often a block diagram) what hardware is connected to the PCIe lanes on the chipset and what is connected directly to the CPU.
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    AC side wiring, replacing copper with aluminum

    A silvery appearance does not mean wire is aluminium. Hookup wire is commonly tinned copper.
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    Intel Intros new PSU standard ATX12VO

    Unfortunately in addition to getting rid of the 5V and 3.3V rails they also changed the standby rail from 5V to 12V. So you can't just use a passive adapter on an existing PSU for this. That ship sailed years ago. Modern electronics needs a whole bunch of voltages, most of them very low, some...
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    Cheap Branded PCs still Proprietary?

    My experiance is that big brand desktops sometimes (not always) use weired form factors so you can't replace the motherboard with anything but the one the case was designed for. Afaict this is actually more of an issue with the slightly more expensive ranges like "optiplex" than with the bottom...
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    Vote your favorite aspect ratio

    If the choice was with the same pixel count in each case i'd probablly chose 4:3 for screens up to 1920000 pixels and then widen out above that. but that is never the choice. You get a choice of standard resoloutions and pricepoints with wildly varying prices per pixel. I have a pair of...
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    ddr3 only had 4g but now have 8g available

    From what I can gather LGA1156 (P55 etc) is not officially supported with 8GB sticks. I've only seen one report of someone who tried it and they claimed it didn't work. Desktop LGA1366 (X58) is not officially supported with 8GB sticks but apparently they do work in practice. This is not too...
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    DVI to VGA questions

    From a quick check it seems that for 1080p monitors there is no longer any real price difference between VGA only and VGA+DVI but there are sill plenty of VGA only monitors on the market, so it pays to check when buying. .
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    IPC fanatics: a nice reference

    One thing I notice is that according to that chart (as always take vendor charts with a pinch of salt) the earlier generations had a big gain on the tock and little to no gain on the tick while with more recent generations the improvement has been spread between tick and tock. Also the massive...
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    DDR4 dimm size

    The only current DDR4 platforms are quad channel so it makes sense that current kits typically contain four modules. It seems that right now the main choices are 4x4GB and 4x8GB. The former do seem to be more common than the latter but that's probablly just because 16GB is enough for most people...
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    Intel in Talks to Buy Altera

    Phones are mass-market and power-constrained so they use custom silicon not programable logic. I can think of a couple of reasons why intel would be interested in altera. 1: they want to bring atom to the "FPGA-Soc" market (that is chips which have a FPGA for custom logic and also a processor...
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    Intel in Talks to Buy Altera

    They are a manufacturer of programable logic devices. I know some high end networking gear uses FPGAs and they offer automotive variants of their devices so presumablly there must be some automotive applicaitons but still "maker of chips for networks and cars" is a very strange way to describe them.
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    Intel Pentium N3540 quad or Core i5-4200U

    So it appears intel is now marketing atom-derived parts under the pentium brand?! Will the marketing madness ever stop getting worse?!
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    Old Power Supply Reusable For New Build?

    Looking at that review linked it seems that PSU is fine connectors wise. As for "haswell compatible" haswell introduced some new very low power sleep states that some PSUs didn't like but it's usually possible to turn said sleep states off.
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    Couple i7 questions...

    The most noticable difference is that the 970 has 6 cores while the 960 only has 4. How much difference this makes will depend massively on the application, some applications will show a 50% speedup from this, others will show barely any difference at all. The 970 is made on a smaller process...
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    I had finally decided to go 4790k until...

    Intel memory controllers are generally very good at using whatever you give them. Picking a random X99 motherboard manual indicates that this is still the case. Clearly using only two channels rather than four will cut your memory bandwidth in half. Will that be significant to overall...
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    where can I find replacement modular pci-e cables for a Antec TPQ 1000?

    If push comes to shove you can get the connectors from a place like frozencpu, use a multimeter to work out the pinouts and build your own cables.
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    questions regarding intel S5520SC

    The techical product specification ( ) has the line "Non-ECC memory is not supported and has not been validated in a server environment" Given the second part of that line I would interpret "not...
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    32GB, Quad Channel, 8 DIMM slots - 4x8GB or 8x4GB

    Given that the price is about the same I'd always prefer one larger module per channel over two small modules per channel for a few reasons 1: it means you can ugprade later without throwing your current memory away. 2: it means that if and when you part out the rig in question years down the...
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    WoW! are dual cpu systems THAT uncommon?

    The thing is for most people dual socket desktops/workstations* are neither practical or fun. If something is not practical and not fun why would an enthusiast buy it? Intel took the fun out when they clamped down on overclocking. Their release schedule with over a year between the first...
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    RAM Upgrade Question

    Looks fine to me.
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    Internal SATA to USB

    Not seen an adaptor that way round. I have my doubts that one exists and if it does exist I would expect it to be pricey. What is your motivation here? space? cost? something else?
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    USB 3 hard drives very sensitive to cable disturbance

    Because i'm doing something else in the vicinity and either need to move the cable out of the way or brush it accidently.
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    Need a new primary

    Honestly if I had that little money to spend i'd be looking at refurb/ex-lease/outlet options. I don't think it makes sense to build at that end of the market.
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    PSU causing damage to PCI-E pins ?

    Usually burnt connections are the result of bad connections. I wonder if your motherboard vendor got a bad batch of PCIe sockets.
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    USB 3 hard drives very sensitive to cable disturbance

    I've found that the slightest touch on the USB 3 cable is enough to make a USB 3 hard drive plugged into a USB 3 port drop out. it comes back almost immediately but it's not good if there is an operation in progress at the time. Is this a normal thing or is it something about the hardware I have.
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    Windows 10 Is A Free Upgrade For All 7 And 8.1 Users

    Of course maybe they want to see how mad the internet gets at the idea of windows becoming a subscription before deciding whether to go through with it.
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    6/8 port Sata PCI-E Raid/Controller Card Recommendations

    I've seen a lot of reccomendations round here for LSI based SAS cards.
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    Will my MB MSI (P67A-C43) support ddr3 1866 ram?

    The highest speed gauranteed by intel on those processors is 1333, anything over that is an overclock.
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    Upgrade path for 1366 Owners?

    A 6-core haswell-e system will be out of your budget. I just took a quick look on newegg and you would be looking at spending $580 on the CPU, $180+ on the motherboard and $200+ on the ram. You could fit a 4-core haswell-e system in your budget but unless you have an unusual use case that...