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    Overscan issue with RX480 and TCL 50S425 Windows 10

    So helping a family member out with their new computer and at 4k on this tv it overscans. Normally I would just flip a setting in the tv or the radeon driver suite but it seems the hdmi slider is missing. Does anyone have an idea on how to correct overscan on this particular tv or where they...
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    PC General us speaker setup

    So I am sick of my old logitech 5.1 system that I have had well over a decade. I have been around some nice systems but I feel it is time to finally upgrade the PC since this system won't die. I took a look at Kyle's thread with the audio setup he put together and I want to do something...
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    SFF options for a developer

    I am a developer that mainly works in C/C++/GoLang/Python/x86 Assembly. I more recently have gotten involved in a Java based android application. Android studio absolutely chugs on my thinkpad T440s and my power bill cries from my dual socket workstation. I want to get a power efficient but...
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    Developer curious about macbooks

    I have been a Thinkpad user for about 2 decades now mainly running windows/linux. I have a friend who swears by macbooks and really wants me to give one a try for a developer machine. I am fully aware I can use vm's for anything windows specific I need. I wanted to hear what are some good...
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    T440s or x240

    I have recently gone back to school for a 2nd degree in software engineering and I currently have a thinkpad P50. I love the P50 but it is a tank to haul around all of the time so I am looking for a used light laptop with good battery life. I mainly use thinkpads although I am open to other...
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    Gigabyte Aorus EGPU

    I use a thinkpad P50 laptop with a 6700hq cpu and I am looking into egpusas my quadro m1000m is quite anemic for gaming/opencv work. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the GTX 1080 version of the aorus egpu and if it would be worth grabbing now or will it be refreshed soon with the...
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    Evaluating AMD options for high multithread uses

    I currently have two dual socket lga 2011 boards running x4 e5-2670 intel chips. Now these systems have fairly weak single thread performance but that isn't a huge deal. My gripe with these systems is the amount of heat output and power usage. I am evaluating ryzen 2700x or threadripper systems...
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    Creality Ender 3

    So I just ordered my first 3d printer a Ender 3 after doing some research and I was wondering if anyone here already owned one? I am curious on any gotchas or things to look out for when using it to get the most out of it. My only experience with 3d printing has been a mini select from monoprice...
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    Second Monitor Advice

    So I currently have a HP omen 32 monitor as my main and I was using a 43" 4k tv as a side monitor. I have come to the situation that the 4k was too big for my desk and my girlfriend needed a new tv for her office so I am giving it to her. I am torn between just getting another HP omen 32 or...
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    What to do with old working monitors?

    I have 3 qh270 achieva shimian monitors that work along with the usual color uniformity issues etc that come with korean monitors. I got a 43" 4k screen about a year ago and no matter what I do trying to work them into setups even only using 2 of them in portrait with the 4k I find myself not...
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    LGA 1356 QPI links vs LGA 2011

    So a local company is liquidating some dual socket LGA 1356 boards for very cheap.(sub $100) I can source cpus fairly cheap as well it seems from online sources. Is the LGA 1356 platform that much worse than LGA 2011? It looks to basically be the same cpus as the very popular 2670 builds going...
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    A possible monitor setup

    So right now I use 3 2560x1440 27" monitors as my main setup. I still have 2 Dell 2209wa monitors from my original eyefinity setup back when it first came out. I have been looking into cheap 4k monitors to supplement my setup as I mainly do software development and a little gaming. I found a...
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    Dell 2209wa CCFL to LED mod?

    So I have 2 old 2209wa monitors from Dell that I still very much enjoy. The issue I have with them stems from the CCFL backlighting as it burns a lot more power along with produces a lot more heat. In the summer time this isn't all that desirable as I already have more equipment running than I...
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    W520 thinkpad still worth it?

    So I am at a tough point with my home setup. I have a desktop that is a G3258, 8gb ram,r9 290. I am thinking about getting rid of the desktop for a used w520 thinkpad. I can get a fairly good deal on one about 300 all said and done. My main use scenarios are web browsing,movies,visual...
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    Cheap dual 1366 boards

    So I came into possession of 10 x5670 chips for $250 from a local company that shutdown. I would like to put together some workstations that would have at least one full size high powered graphics cards(r9 290) sorta cards. Taking a look a lot of the really cheap ones take odd ball power...
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    Looking at intel options for new rig

    So right now I have a x99 5820k setup and a friend is buying it from me more than i paid for the parts. So the question is what do I build now? I'm wanting to pocket some money as the system was more than I needed after using it for a while. I have been looking at maybe doing a dual socket...
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    USB to DVI-D adapters and korean monitors

    So I was wondering if anyone has gotten a USB to DVI-D adapter to work with any of the korean monitors such as the Achieva shimian or catleaps etc?
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    Imac arm @frys 4.99 each 35 bucks or more for free shipping. They use the apple proprietary mount but I got tons of ideas on modding it to make it vesa. So for 40 bucks I get 8 of them as a project. This was from another deal site but I figured...
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    Using multiple PSU's on x99 platform

    So I have an Asrock x99 extreme 3 with a antec 750w. I also have a 520w corsair laying around and looking to add some more graphics cards. I have seen the product add2psu and also know the pin trick. My question is on this board after 1 graphics card it has you connect a molex to the board...
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    Video cards with 3 DVI Dual Links

    So basically right now I am running a radeon 5870, geforce 9600gt, and a usb displaylink adapter to power 6 monitors. The active display port adapter I use for the bottom 3 korean 1440p monitors works for the most part, however I have never been able to make eyefinity work with this card...
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    Hex monitor stands

    So on a whim(drunk), I ordered 3 27 inch korean monitors. I already have 3x Dell 2209wa and also a 28" Hannsg monitor along with a 46 inch TV. I am basically trying to figure out how to setup my screens now layout wise. I am figuring I will go with something like a traditional Hex setup but I...
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    A possible monitor setup

    So with a LG 29" 2560x1080 monitor, 30" 2560x1600, and either 4 20" 1600x1200 or 3 30" 2560x1600 monitors you can make a physical size and resolution matching setup. A good example: It could also be done several other ways but size,ppi, and resolution all match very closely as in you can...
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    Certifications for entry level IT/Web Dev

    I am curious what certifications if any are worth getting for breaking into IT/Web Dev for someone without a college degree.
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    VRM cooling m5a97 le r2.0

    I have this board with an amd FX 8100 and it doesn't have a VRM heatsink. I ordered a pack of the enzotech mos-c1 heatsinks. I am just unsure where of the vrms need to be covered by the cpu socket. So if anyone could do a pic I would be very happy. I am also planning to use the excess...
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    1155 cheap board for Pentium G620

    I am looking for a board that fits the title and the only requirement is the ability to use the graphics on the G620 through the board. So what are some alright cheap boards?
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    Cheap board for FX 8320

    I am in need of the cheapest board possible for a FX 8320. My only requirement is 1 full pci-e slot and 1 pci-e x1 slot. if slight overclocking is possible that would be great so ready to hear suggestions.
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    A new sub forum

    I am curious if you guys have considered adding a sub forum about security whether it be actual unpatched exploits or just covering breach news like the ordeal with blizzard today?
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    AMD FX-8100

    So I have seen a few of these chips on ebay but can't really find them anywhere else. I am wondering why these 8 core chips are so uncommon as they seem to fit the bill for some work I am doing. I run a bot farm(nothing illegal) among other heavily multithreaded applications and a ton of...
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    i3 2100 boards for family rebuilds

    It has come time to update everyone's comps in my family and the current ones range from p4's to Athlon 64 to core 2 duo. I am planning to use i3 2100 chips in the builds as they are decently fast for web browsing, low price, and light gaming. I plan to use the on chip video so that means H67...
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    Remove AG coating on small screen

    So I have seen lots of threads about removing AG coating well I found a new technique! Step 1: Get One Of these: Step 2: Forget about it in garage in las vegas heat for 7 years. Step 3: Flip over and AG falls right off and bonus batteries still work. I figure someone might get a laugh. :D
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    EGPU technology

    I am just curious how well these diy vidocks etc have held up over the last few years for people? I am looking at getting into this so I can still game a bit while keeping a nice cool long battery life laptop.
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    LUA + C + x86 asm possible?

    I have a previous project that was done in autoit + C + inline x86 asm. I would like to remove autoit out of the equation and switch to LUA. I am wondering if anyone knows any good references on LUA + asm? I have found a decent bit on mixing with C and libraries even but next to nothing for asm...
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    core 2 duo still viable?

    I am curious how many are still holding onto their c2d laptops and do you think an upgrade is worth doing soon? I have two c2d laptops and a core duo which I use them all still daily but I was starting to think would it be good to dump them while they still have some value and upgrade to the Ix...
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    Old systems laying around need opinions

    I have: Pentium 4 3.06ghz with HT, 6gb ram, geforce 9600gt Sempron 3100 socket 754 with 1-2gb's of ram not sure and some various older radeon cards athlon xp 2400+ 1gb ram some older radeon cards like radeon 8500 I have the pieces to build all these systems but I am wondering if it would...
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    adult website help(no not what your thinkin sorta)

    So my brother in law wants a website made and specifically an adult toy website. The issue is this guy has absolutely no idea what it takes to run an ecommerce site. He thinks since I won't just sign on for the "easy" money for 500 bucks one time payment that I don't understand his genius. So...
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    Wondering about some websites

    So am in my fourth year of Computer Engineering and I have always heard about these "rent a coder" sort of websites. So my question is how many of these sites are legit if any? I could use some extra cash and I figure it would be good experience.
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    Thinkpad T60

    I was wondering if you guys would still think it would be worth buying one of these systems? I think I could get one for 200 dollars or less with the IPS screen along with my own parts max it out. The main use would be coding using visual studio 2010,GDB,NASM,quartus 2,and various other...
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    CPU upgrade T4310

    So I have a Fujitsu T4310 with a T6600 CPU. I was looking at the fujitsu site and noticed the most powerful CPU this tablet came with was the T9600. I am wondering if I could drop in a P9700 to get a few more years out of it? I am by no means saying it is lagging in anything I do right now...
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    Transition from Desktop/laptop to Laptop only?

    So I am getting a good bit near being finished with college and I don't play games near as much as I use too. I do still have a fairly decent desktop PC running quad monitors and lately I've been feeling as though it would be nice to fully ditch the Desktop for laptop only. My current Vaio...
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    Linux quad monitors

    So I have 4 monitors which are 3 Dell 2209wa's and 1 hannsg HG281D. I can run this all as one big desktop under windows 7 fine using a radeon 5870 for the 3 and a geforce 9600GT. My question is would this same setup be possible under linux as I have never done multimonitor setups for it? The big...