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    Wireless Router Recommendation !

    Moving to a new house and most of it is wired. I need something that would cover a 3 story house + front/backyard if possible. I thought of this...
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    Navi vs Vega... Must see comparison.
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    Pointing a dns to a dynamic ip ?

    I'd like to point a dns from a domain name to a linux box which would be running a web server at home. Problem is I don't have a static ip. Would something like this be the best option or are there better ways of doing this for free. I may have this completely wrong ,so any...
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    Corsair RMA

    My 4x4 Gb 2800 DDR4 kit started bluescreening my machine. Corsair accepted the warranty , but wants to send me a 2x8 Gb kit or a refund of $119.99. I need 4 sticks so my X99 Asus Rampage runs in Quad Channel config. Your thoughts....?
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    To the person helping a friend find a GPU for 1080 P gameplay...

    About 2-3 weeks ago someone had mentioned in a post they are trying to help a friend who is playing low res because of problems with vision. If you are that person and have not found the cheap card yet please pm me. I have something that I can donate and cover the shipping cost as well.
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    Resident Evil Biohazard Steam Question

    CDKeys has it on sale for $9.99 which seems like a good deal. Its a steam title and at checkout it says Europe only. Im in U.S will it work or Im out of luck on this ?
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    AMD 17.12.2 drivers
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    New to linux.

    I'm a complete noob , but would like to try Linux. Would appreciate links, tips and pointers. I know this forum is used by well versed Linux users, so I'm asking at the right place. I would like something that will have a multi GPU support for mining. Thanks in advance !
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    Quake Champions Pack

    Free Code. :) Quake Champions Pack To redeem, go to enter the following code: 7HH59N3CQYHRZMF
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    AMD 16.7.1 Drivers

    Graphics, Processors and Immersive VR Solutions | AMD
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    Intel 980X

    Do you guys know how does the intel warranty works. I have a 980X that has been fed a little too much voltage. How long is intel's warranty >? Should I try or just grab a 5670 from ebay.>?